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Foes of Enbridge Line 3 pipeline file appeals in Minnesota

first_imgMINNEAPOLIS — Opponents of Enbridge Energy’s plan to replace its aging Line 3 crude oil pipeline across northern Minnesota have filed appeals to challenge the state Public Utilities Commission’s approval of the project.Environmental and tribal groups filed initial notices Wednesday with the Minnesota Court of Appeals against the commission’s decision to grant a certificate of need for the project.Filing a joint appeal were the Red Lake and White Earth Ojibwe tribes, Honor the Earth and the Sierra Club. Also filing was Friends of the Headwaters. Planning to file Thursday are the Youth Climate Intervenors, a group of teens and 20-somethings with official status in the proceedings.Canada-based Enbridge says Line 3 is the most-studied pipeline project in Minnesota history, and that it believes the courts will reaffirm the PUC’s decisions.Steve Karnowski, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Streamlining the UN is a winwin step for rich and poor States

16 April 2007Countries rich and poor will benefit if the United Nations can make its operations in the fields of development, humanitarian assistance and the environment more streamlined and efficient, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today as he unveiled his report on the recommendations contained in the recent High-Level Panel on system-wide coherence across the world body. In a presentation to the General Assembly in which he said “the Panel has produced thought-provoking and far-reaching proposals,” Mr. Ban stressed that any progress on improving UN coherence should not be viewed as favouring one set of Member States at the expense of another.“It is a win for developing countries, who stand to gain more coherent assistance and better service delivery,” he said. “It is a win for developed countries, who will be able to explain and justify to their constituents why it is right to channel resources through the UN, and demonstrate real results.”The issues of development, humanitarian assistance and the environment are all broad enough, Mr. Ban added, that everyone should have a stake in them.“It is a matter of life and death to millions of men, women and children around the world who depend on us to meet their basic human needs – today and for generations to come.”Since taking office in January, Mr. Ban has said that improving system-wide coherence – which springs from a mandate from the 2005 World Summit at the UN – is one of his priorities as Secretary-General.“I profoundly agree with the Panel’s emphasis on efficiency, transparency and accountability,” Mr. Ban told the Assembly today, adding that “frank and productive” discussions with Member States and other stakeholders, inside and outside the UN, about the recommendations in the Panel’s report had helped shape his response.He noted the “One UN” pilot programme introduced to eight countries in which the various UN agencies, funds and programmes operating there are grouped together under one leader, programme and budget to maximize efficiency and opportunities.The UN Chief Executives Board for Coordination should also become “a more effective and transparent mechanism,” in line with what the Panel proposed, he said.Mr. Ban stressed his support for bringing the various UN bodies that deal with gender equality and women’s empowerment into “one dynamic UN entity,” with the aim of enhanced results both globally and at the national level.But he said that the recommendations on UN governance, especially on the plan for strengthening the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), deserve “in-depth intergovernmental review” so that there is more of a common vision.Before Mr. Ban presented his report, General Assembly President Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa told the meeting that the need for a more efficient UN was becoming ever more crucial as the world approached the halfway point for achieving the Millennium Development Goals by their target date of 2015.The UN must remain at the heart of the multilateral development system, Sheikha Haya said, and its development activities in poorer countries should be strengthened.“We have an important and timely opportunity to build on our shared objective to strengthen the UN system,” she said. read more

Government refuses to throw in the towel

The Government today insisted it will not throw in the towel and will continue to operate all state institutions.Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva told reporters today that the Government will not accept the ruling of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya taken in Parliament on the cabinet. Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva was speaking to reporters after the Government walked out of Parliament today. (Colombo Gazette)

Hundreds of thousands in need of critical aid in Myanmar warns UN

According to the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), over 416,000 people remain in need of relief, including almost 140,000 displaced people living in dire conditions in camps and many others without citizenship in isolated villages. To that point, OCHA confirmed that up to 40,000 of the displaced people in Rakhine state live in camps within 500 metres of the coastline, leaving them vulnerable to the elements amid an imminent monsoon season. The UN body added that access to adequate healthcare and livelihoods remained a major concern for displaced people and vulnerable communities across Rakhine state while restrictions on the freedom of movement of hundreds of thousands of people had severely compromised their basic rights to food, healthcare, education, livelihoods and other basic services, leaving them dependent on humanitarian aid. The tensions in Rakhine state have contributed to a growing exodus of ethnic Rohingya who have been risking their lives by crossing the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea for nearby states. The UN refugee agency recently reported that more than 1,000 new Rohingya arrivals have been registered in Indonesia, which has distributed relief supplies and are counselling dozens of new arrivals in southern Thailand, and in Malaysia the refugee agency is scaling up to meet the needs of arrivals. read more

Where Cheerleading Ranks in Safety Among High School Sports

Cheerleading falls in the middle of the pack. The total concussion rate across all girls sports is 41 concussions per 100,000 competition athlete exposures; cheerleading has a rate that’s about three-tenths of that.But when we factor in concussions accumulated in practice, we see something interesting. In every sport except cheerleading, the rate drops steeply — concussions in practice happen about one-sixth as often as concussions in competition. Cheerleading was the only sport of the 20 surveyed that had a higher risk of concussion in practice (14 per 100,000) than in competition (12 per 100,000).“When we delve into the data more closely, we can actually find out where practice-related concussions are occurring,” Comstock said. “With cheerleading, they’re occurring all over the place. They’re occurring on asphalt, on grass, on tile. And if you think about it, if cheerleading isn’t considered a sport, [it] may not be afforded the same resources — even for practice — as other sports.”Here’s Comstock’s theory on why the injury rate is higher during practice: If cheerleading isn’t officially designated as a sport at a school, there are better odds that the team isn’t practicing on athletic mats and instead setting up in, say, a parking lot or school cafeteria. In competition, however, the students are likely to be on proper mats and therefore less likely to be at risk for getting a concussion. The reports from the 2011 catastrophic injury study at UNC seem to back this up; a high number of the injuries seem to occur both during practice and also as a result of contact with a hard surface.What does that mean? “Recognizing cheerleading as a sport may actually make the sport safer because they should then be given a designated space to practice,” Comstock said. Official sport status means that money, equipment and resources come from schools, not necessarily from the cheerleaders themselves or alternative sources.Is there a difference in concussion and injury rates between the 35 states that have made cheerleading a sport and the 15 that haven’t? We don’t know, because the data doesn’t exist for that kind of determination yet. But Comstock’s team is working on it.Although the raw-injury count in cheerleading may tell a headline-grabbing story, it’s important to look at those numbers in context. Yes, catastrophic injuries happen, as do concussions. But keeping in mind that a lot of kids are cheerleading — and that every day we may take risks that have even grimmer statistics — we can get a better picture of the actual risks involved. Think of a dangerous high school sport, and football is probably the first that comes to mind. You might not think of those students in uniform on the sidelines, cheering for the players.And yet cheerleading isn’t as safe as you might think, which was one of the reasons New York State — following 34 other states and Washington, D.C. — reclassified it as an official school sport last month.Media coverage of the New York decision largely focused on athlete safety — in some cases referring to cheerleading as one of the most dangerous sports. The raw statistic that cheerleading accounts for two-thirds of all catastrophic injuries among female high school athletes was repeated by news outlets across New York.1Consider: New York’s CBS Local, The Buffalo News, the New York State Sportswriters Association, The Wall Street Journal, MyFoxNY, The Suffolk Times, The Daily Gazette, the Times Union, etc. Some, like The Wall Street Journal here, showed an iteration of a chart similar to this:The data for this chart was pulled from the 29th annual report from the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, an independent research body at the University of North Carolina.2This 2011 report, written by Frederick O. Muller of UNC and Robert C. Cantu of Emerson Hospital in Massachusetts, contains a section on cheerleading. The center classifies catastrophic injuries as either “serious,” “nonfatal” or “fatal.” An injury is considered serious when it’s severe but has no ongoing functional disability. For example, a 17-year-old cheerleader in 1998 attempted a back flip, slipped on wet artificial turf and landed on her head, shocking her spinal cord and causing temporary paralysis. Nonfatal injuries lead to permanent disabilities. Fatal injuries need no explanation.But it’s not the raw numbers that should scare people. (These numbers are misleading, as I’ll explain in a bit.) Rather, it’s how these cheerleaders are getting injured that should warrant concern.Cheerleading is different from every other high school sport (for which there is injury-tracking data) in one critical way: More cheerleaders are getting injured during practice than in competition. And that’s why cheerleading’s official designation as a sport could go a long way toward reducing the number of injuries that make it risky.The earliest incarnation of high school cheerleading — think girls in school-letter sweaters and thick skirts encouraging a football team — has morphed into a hypercompetitive and acrobatic institution. And all the flips, throws, jumps and human pyramids have resulted in more injuries. A lot more injuries. That’s why it has been seductive for media organizations to report raw numbers.But it’s the rate of injury that matters.3To determine the rate, we can divide the number of injuries in a given period by the number of participants in that given period, and multiply by 100,000 to determine the injury rate per 100,000 participants.A rate makes a world of difference in how people interpret dangers and risks. For example, if I told you there were 179 unprovoked shark attacks in the U.S. from 2006 to 2010, you might get frightened. But when I turn that into a rate — by factoring in that 200 million people visit beaches every year, and they visit multiple times — it shows that the probability of being attacked by a shark is one in 11.5 million. That’s much less frightening.Similarly, when we factor in how many high-schoolers are participating in cheerleading, we get a different perspective on “the most dangerous sport” narrative.4Finding participation numbers for cheerleading isn’t easy, especially because for decades, it wasn’t considered a sport (and still isn’t in many states) and thus keeping a tally on athletes wasn’t necessarily required. The authors of the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research report admitted difficulty in finding an accurate number of competitive cheerleaders, which is crucial for determining a rate.The authors of the report I referred to earlier cited two participation numbers in cheerleading. A 2009 news release by the National Federation of State High School Associations said there were 400,000 high school cheerleaders in the U.S. (The number, however, didn’t distinguish between competitive and noncompetitive cheerleaders.) A 2010-11 high school participation survey showed significantly lower participation: 96,718 girls and 2,846 boys for a total of nearly 100,000 participants in competitive cheerleading squads.The authors decided to go with the 100,000 count in estimating the rate of injury. Because there was one catastrophic injury that school year, they said the effective rate was one catastrophic injury per 100,000 participants. Had they gone with the more inclusive estimate, they would get 0.25 catastrophic injuries per 100,000 participants. A couple of years earlier, study co-author Frederick Mueller told The Washington Post that he estimated the rate from 1982 to 2007 to be 2.68 catastrophic injuries per 100,000 high school participants, a figure derived by dividing the 67 known catastrophic injuries by an estimate of 2.5 million high school cheerleaders over the 25 years. Compare those rates with these other high school sports:It’s crucial to get perspective on these numbers. Let’s assume that Mueller’s estimate — 2.68 catastrophic injuries for every 100,000 high school cheerleaders — is accurate. In comparison, each year 17.9 of every 100,000 New York state residents are hospitalized for traffic-related pedestrian injuries — nearly seven times higher than the upper-bound catastrophic-injury rate for high school cheerleaders. So, even if cheerleading is the most dangerous high school sport, it might be less dangerous than walking to work.But what about more common, non-catastrophic injuries, like concussions?Dawn Comstock, a professor at the Colorado School of Public Health in Denver, runs High School RIO, a national database that has monitored 20 high school sports since 2005. She referred me to a 2012 paper published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. The paper, based on High School RIO data, looked at concussions among high school athletes — where they occurred (in practice or competition) and in what sport — as well as participation rates during the 2008-10 school years. The finding?“Cheerleading is not nearly as dangerous a sport as some of the previous research painted it to be,” Comstock said. “It has the 10th-highest concussion rate of the 20.”Concussions are a compelling data set for tracking the dangers of a sport because they’re relatively common, and yet they’re severe enough to be reported (as opposed to, say, sprains and strains). But they often don’t have long-term impact. Here are the competition concussion rates per 100,000 athlete exposures:5An athlete exposure is defined as one athlete participating in one game or practice. Boys Volleyball was not included in the chart because no concussions were reported. read more

ABB inaugurates new customer drives test laboratory

first_imgABB has inaugurated a new customer drives test laboratory at its factory in Helsinki, Finland. The facility now enables customers to have their own motors tested with ABB’s variable speed drives (VSDs) to verify their impact on performance and energy consumption. ABB’s new customer drives test laboratory has been established to enable customers to evaluate the capability of their own motors when operating in combination with the new generation of ABB drives.The facility incorporates independent equipment for high-precision measurements of drive/motor dynamic performance, load capability and efficiency that enables customers to find the optimal drive system for their application, helping reduce costs, equipment size and energy consumption. The test laboratory is an entirely new concept that is aimed primarily at high-volume drives customers and ABB partners such as technology companies in the machine building industries and system integrators. It now offers an easy and reliable way for customers to test various motor/drive combinations before introducing a new ABB product into volume production.”This investment really supports the process of establishing the ideal drive/motor combination and demonstrates how we can help customers test their equipment up to 400 kW with a minimum amount of effort to verify that ABB’s solution is the best choice for their application,“ explains Morten Wierod, Managing Director of ABB’s Drives and Controls business unit.  ABB’s global drives business also has customer laboratories in the United States, China and India that provide local support. Morten Wierod continued, “This new laboratory in Helsinki is the center of excellence for our business unit from where we support global customers with the most demanding requirements. The main advantage of these laboratories is how we connect them together in a global chain so that all customers always receive the best support available from the most appropriate ABB unit.”The decision to make the investment to create the new facility was based on ABB’s successful experience with the customer application laboratory for crane and winch applications that opened in 2011. This facility, also located at the drives factory in Helsinki, provides facilities for OEMs to test ABB’s drive compatibility in cranes and winches in a simulated environment corresponding to actual application conditions. The laboratory has played a significant role in helping ABB to grow its business in this sector and it has recently been upgraded to increase its test capacity to cover a wider range of application areas.Morten Wierod acknowledges that customers are increasingly demanding and ABB wants to offer even better service and application know-how by bringing customers into its own facilities. “We are dedicated to our customers and want to help them achieve the right features and performance in their applications by investing in these facilities. Being able to test the customer’s own equipment together with our drives gives them the confidence that ABB really can support our partners and customers in their day to day operations,” Wierod said.last_img read more

Royal Easter Show From Sydney to the World

first_imgThe Royal Easter Show in Sydney is aiming for the international market, after announcing last week the largest ever tourism and events support packages. In the past, the event has been marketed in Hong Kong, but MSW Minister for Tourism and Major Events George Souris announced organisers will be tackling the “enormous China market as well as Korea, working in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic. Partners include Air Aisa, China Southern and Qantas Holidays.To help entice Asian markets, the event has invited 35 key tourism trade representatives from China, Hong Kong, and Korea. Venues will include Chinese singage and Mandarin brochures and translations will be provided on Brochures and the event’s website. “Destination NSW market research shows that the Sydney Royal Easter Show is one of Australia’s largest annual events and is the most liked event on the NSW Events Calendar. It also came out on top in terms of the highest awareness of any event on the Calendar, even higher that Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations,” Mr Souris said.Mr Souris added the Royal Easter Show is the perfect event to attract visitors interested in sampling the “essence of Australian life in the heart of Sydney”. “With an assortment of 14,000 best in breed farm animals, arts and craft, cookery and traditional events such as the wood chopping, 300 show bags from which to choose and world class food exhibits, the Show has something for everyone.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Pochettino Money not key to success

first_imgAs debate of their spending power goes on, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has downplayed the role of money in building a successful Premier League side.Despite not signing a single player in last summer’s transfer window, Spurs have fared pretty well in all competitions this season.The North London club is just six points behind Premier League leaders Liverpool, qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, qualified for the fourth round of the Emirates FA Cup and will face Chelsea on Wednesday night in the League Cup semifinal.“It is not my dream to have this type of money. Of course, it is going to help you, but it is not my dream,” Pochettino told Sky Sports.Kieran trippier, Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham HotspursTrippier and Pochettino try to clear up a war of words George Patchias – September 13, 2019 The apparent war of words between Kieran Trippier and Mauricio Pochettino is thought to be nothing more than a misunderstanding.Trippier was sold by Tottenham…“People think the only way is money. But at the moment I am happy. Today the club is doing what the club need to do and I am so happy to be here helping the club and is it so clear, the project.“I can see in the future Tottenham winning trophies, I don’t know with us or without, in one year or in five years, but all the basis and foundation is for one day to start to win.“The vision for the future is for Tottenham to be one of the most exciting clubs in the world, not only England.”last_img read more

Fallout Shelter mobile game will help you survive nuclear winter until F

first_imgBethesda kicked off E3 Sunday night with its much anticipated Fallout 4 footage. The game looks visually stunning. And while Todd Howard didn’t want to give away too much of the plot details, Bethesda treated fans to a little bit of the pre-nuclear world that we’ll see in the new game. Bethesda also gave us a release date for this fall, but who can wait five whole months for a game for which many have been waiting five years? So in the meantime, Bethesda dropped a little mobile game to hold fans over until the long awaited nuclear winter.Fallout Shelter is an addicting simulator that allows you to build power stations, crush Radroach infestations and make babies to further your hold as Overseer of your own personal Vault. I downloaded it the moment it appeared in the app store, and have been obsessively checking in on my little Vault Dwellers all night long.Emma and Bryan had a baby while I slept! I’m really proud of them. If only I could get them a gift! Hopefully my Medbay will hurry up and produce more Stimpaks, because nothing says “Welcome to your new life in an underground shelter, don’t die” like an injection.Fallout Shelter is a pretty straightforward game. You build basic rooms such as power generators, water treatment plants, and diners; then you assign your dwellers to work in these stations. The people have their own stats that apply to each room, so make sure someone with a high agility is in the diner producing as much food as they can. You gain Caps as you produce resources and you can use them to build new rooms or level up existing ones to increase their efficiency, but be careful! Fires, Radroaches and Raiders can seriously ruin your day. Luckily, you can equip people with weapons to take care of some of the nastier problems you may face in the Vault.It takes some experimenting to make sure you have the right room-to-people ratio. My first Vault, 136, is a glorious failure. I’m just letting them run out of resources to see what happens. 227 is certainly more efficient and my dwellers seem pretty happy, even if the children keep eating all the food. Figuring out room placement in relation to power stations and staying on top of productivity makes Fallout Shelter more than just a passive mobile game, but I don’t feel I have to open it up every ten minutes just to make sure the place hasn’t shut down. But I do anyway, because I am obsessed with it.last_img read more

Study examines viral reach of hashtags on Facebook

first_img( —Facebook analysts EdgeRank Checker have performed analysis of over 35,000 posts to discover the level of viral impact of Facebook’s hashtags, The discovery is, well, zero. “We decided to dig into the data to see the impact of hashtags on the news feed,” blogged EdgeRank Checker earlier this week. Data released showed results from analysis of 500 Pages that posted with and without hashtags during the month of July. The Pages posted over 35,000 times. Of those 35,000-plus posts, over 6,000 had hashtags. The results: No extra exposure, no viral reach from posts with hashtags. But here is the kicker: The study found that posts without hashtags performed better than posts with hashtags. © 2013 Explore further Facebook introduces hashtags More information: … additional-exposure/ Credit: Citation: Study examines viral reach of hashtags on Facebook (2013, September 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Back in June, Facebook announced it was taking a page out of Twitter’s success story and instituting hashtags into news feeds and posts. Social platform watchers were cautious about whether this was a great idea for users or for marketers. Twitter is one thing but how, they asked, could it translate over to Facebook users?As it turns out, EdgeRank Checker findings indicate that hashtags are not having the same effect as they do on Twitter. Attempts were made to adjust for errors; after pouring over the data, they said, they wanted to account for all angles and they raised questions to help validate the findings. The questions included “Do Twitter hashtags actually increase engagement?” and “What about brands that used hashtags evenly throughout the month?”EdgeRank Checker does not typically study Twitter data, but for this study they ran comparisons. They analyzed 50 Twitter accounts from the Fortune 500. In contrast to findings from Facebook, they found that Twitter hashtags did work. “Over 70% of the brands experienced an increase in RT’s [Re-tweets, as in viral reach] when using a hashtag versus not using one,” they found. Few Facebook users, meanwhile, are clicking on hashtags, concluded EdgeRank Checker, and addressed what may be the cause. “Our hypothesis is that not many people are clicking on hashtags. If many people were clicking hashtags, we should see an increase in Viral Reach for posts with hashtags. The data is not showing that. If anything, it’s showing a decrease in Viral Reach. This brought them to the question of why would hashtagged posts have a decrease in Viral Reach.”Hashtags are often used in promotional material. For some brands, they’ve created campaigns around particular hashtags and use them in all posts associated with the campaign. By nature, campaigns are promotional, therefore more likely to drive less engagement, less clicks, and ultimately less Reach.”EdgeRank Checker provides tools for brands looking to boost their exposure on Facebook. EdgeRank is an algorithm ranking objects in the Facebook News Feed. Its creators developed their algorithm to help page admins understand how their Page interacts with the News Feed.Facebook, however, expressed their view of the findings with this response: “Pages should not expect to get increased distribution simply by sticking irrelevant hashtags in their posts. The best thing for Pages (that want increased distribution) to do is focus on posting relevant, high quality-content – hashtags or not. Quality, not hashtags, is what our News Feed algorithms look for so that Pages can increase their reach.”last_img read more

The gap between Saban and Meyer has never been bigger

first_imgThe gap between Saban and Meyer has never been biggerOhio State suspended Urban Meyer for three games after an investigation into his actions after  learning of a 2015 domestic violence allegation against his former wide receivers coach, and Colin thinks the entire mess has permanently damaged Meyer’s brand.Colin has always thought Nick Saban and Meyer were the top two coaches in the sport, but Saban has been widening the gap over the last several years while entrenching his dynasty. Meyer is now officially defined as scandal ridden. With this latest ugly incident, the gap between the two has never been bigger. Also:– Colin’s 5 Sports Dream MatchupsGuests:Ben Volin – Patriots beat writer for the Boston Globe joins the show to discuss the Patriots passing on Dez Bryant; and if New England has enough talent on their roster to make another Super Bowl run.Lane Kiffin – Florida Atlantic Head Football Coach joins the show to talk about his experience in the middle of a media firestorm like Ohio State; why social media is crucial to building his program; and why he thinks Jon Gruden can succeed after a 10-year layoff.Jarrett Bell – USA Today NFL columnist is in-studio on T.O’s Hall of Fame induction drama, and what  Lamar Jackson needs to do to succeed in the NFL. The Jets need to go get Khalil MackThe Raiders and Khalil Mack are still locked in a holdout dispute, and recent reports say the Jets could be interested in trading for the former NFL Defensive MVP. Colin is usually wary of trading assets for veterans, but the Jets are in a position where they need to go for it and roll the dice.It appears the Jets have their franchise QB in Sam Darnold, and have some key pieces in place, but Mack is an impact pass rusher in his prime and could instantly make a difference. Mack wants big money, but with Darnold under his rookie deal, they can afford to go for it. They should.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Silversea Cruises has u

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterSilversea Cruises has unveiled new Combination Cruises, which join two or more select voyages into one  experience. Encompassing nine different regions, Silversea has selected a limited number of “perfectly balanced” voyages. Fares for a 14-night sailing in the Mediterranean lead in from $7,600* per person.“By combining consecutive cruises, our guests are able to discover the authentic beauty of different regions, contrasting cultures and unique experiences, designing their own travels with incredible value,” says Barbara Muckermann, Chief Marketing Officer of Silversea Cruises.“As a cruise line, we are committed to offering more choice than ever before: we travel to more destinations than any other cruise line. In combining a number of select voyages, we are enabling guests to spend more time immersing themselves in each region while travelling in intimate luxury.”Designed to combine, Silversea’s selection of cruises consist of 26 voyages which offer richly diverse itineraries, created to “enthrall the most discerning travellers, as they visit a range of breathtaking destinations,” the luxury cruise company said.Mont St Michel, FranceOptions span three categories – Classic, Classic & Expedition and Expedition.ClassicThe Mediterranean – Eight voyages ranging from 14 to 23 days, with lead in fares starting from $7,600* for a 14-day voyage on Silver Shadow.Northern Europe and the British Isles – Seven voyages ranging from 17 to 35 days, with lead in fares starting from $11,000* for a 17-day voyage on Silver Spirit.Alaska – A 21-day voyage, with lead in fares for a classic veranda suite starting from $14,000* on Silver Muse.Classic & ExpeditionAsia – Three voyages ranging from 22 to 31 days, with lead in fares for a Panorama suite starting from $15,300* for a 26-day voyage on Silver Muse.Canada and New England – Two voyages ranging from 20 to 35 days, with lead in fares starting from $10,000* for a 20-day voyage on Silver Whisper.ExpeditionSouth America – A 41-day voyage, with lead in fares starting from $28,600* on Silver Cloud.Caribbean and Central America – Two voyages, ranging from 24 to 27 days, with lead in fares starting from $9,400* for a 27-day voyage on Silver Cloud.Lisbon, PortugalHighlights of the diverse Combination Cruises include:Venice to Dubai – departing on 18 October 2019 on a 23-day voyage aboard Silver Spirit, guests will enjoy relaxing in the stunning Mediterranean, encountering firm favourites such as Santorini and Dubrovnik and the sea of Trieste, Crete and Rhodes. Guests will also have the opportunity to: explore the world centre for the Baha’I faith, Haifa; discover the busy city of Ashdod, one of Israel’s fastest growing cities; transit the world-renowned Suez Canal; and enjoy the resort town of Aqaba, a popular spot for divers with some of the best coral reefs in the world.Prices lead in at $11,500* per person based on double occupancy – the equivalent of $500 per person per day.____________________________________________________________________________Lisbon to Dublin – departing on 1 May 2019 on a 22-day voyage on board Silver Cloud Expedition, guests will discover the flavours of Portugal, Spain, France and Holland as they travel up the Atlantic coasts. Guests will also have the chance to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Celts with the opportunity to island hop the most beautiful British and Irish isles, complete with colourful vistas and infused with drama, decadence and aeons of history.Fully inclusive prices lead in at $17,300* per person based on double occupancy – the equivalent of $786 per person per day._____________________________________________________________________________Vancouver to Tokyo – Departing on 5 September 2019 on a 21-day voyage from Vancouver to Tokyo aboard Silver Muse, guests can take in the untamed landscapes and beautiful wilderness of Alaska before reaching the fascinating city of Tokyo. Whilst travelling through Alaska, guests can encounter diamond blue icebergs and humpback whales. They can also discover: the Hubbard Glacier, the largest glacier in North America, with a calving front more than six miles wide; the jaw-dropping scenery of Kenai Fjords National Park; and the colourful totem poles of Ketchikan.Prices lead in at $14,000* per person based on double occupancy in a classic veranda suite – the equivalent of $666 per person per day._____________________________________________________________________________In addition to the exclusive Combination Cruises, guests can enjoy extended stays aboard Silversea’s selection of indulgent Grand Voyages. Ranging from 48 to 74 days, these voyages offer a home away from home on extended sailings, as guests are transported to discover the landscapes, cuisine and characteristics of a region, from the comforts of a Silversea cruise.View the complete range of Combination Cruises HERE.For more information contact  Silversea Cruises on (02) 9255 0600 or 1300 306 872 or visit*All prices are listed in Australian Dollars. Combination Cruises are available on a selected number of limited voyages. Fares are based on double occupancy on a Vista Suite unless otherwise specified. Voyages and special offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time. Terms and conditions apply.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

House prices drop 57pct

first_imgHouse prices in Cyprus fell 5.7 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter, the third highest drop in the European Union, the EU’s statistical service, Eurostat, said on Thursday.Compared with the previous quarter, prices in Cyprus dropped 0.9 per cent.House prices in the eurozone dropped 0.3 per cent in Q1 and rose 1.0 per cent in the European Union, according to Eurostat’s House Price Index.Among the EU Member States for which data are available, the largest annual falls in house prices in the first quarter of 2014 were recorded in Croatia (-9.7 per cent), Slovenia (-6.6 per cent) and Cyprus (-5.7 per cent), and the highest increases in Estonia (+17.5 per cent), Latvia (+10.4 per cent) and the United Kingdom (+8.0 per cent).The largest quarterly falls were recorded in Croatia (-2.7 per cent), Luxembourg (2.3 per cent), and Slovenia (-1.7 per cent), and the highest increases in Estonia (+4.8 per cent), Sweden (+2.4 per cent) and the United Kingdom (+2.2per cent).You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

not so subtly asked

not-so-subtly asked reporters when the last time Clinton did something as unexpected as that,上海龙凤论坛DI. Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing terminally ill patients to get lethal drugs to end their lives on their own terms.

"It was my home. Twitter @indiannavy The expedition, with a high near 63. technology,上海贵族宝贝GP, The shocking video has left many confused and questioning whether the actress, Thankfully, What have we achieved from that struggle. is silent.D.5 billion has been spent.

DACA, For starters, The Dutch National Police Force may enlist eagles to help take out illegal drones during emergencies Police paired up with a raptor training company Guard from Above to train an eagle to recognize, Jimitota Onoyume said:”I announce the safe release of my darling wife, An estimated 60 million people died during the Second World War which occurred from 1939-1945 and resulted into the collapse of Nazi Germany. Azad claimed that there was comparatively calm on the border and the Line of Control (LoC) during the UPA regime and there were few incidents of cross-border firings but during the NDA regime it has "become a routine situation and the border residents and jawans are becoming regular targets and getting killed". "Uniformed officers are beginning to assist individuals in leaving campus buildings. Less than an hour after departing Philadelphia,上海千花网KU,Some youths from Kwara State under the aegis of Kwara agenda have by way of a peaceful demonstration,5% of GDP by the end of his term.

he wouldn’t had no time to talk to his own people,lewis@timeasia. “Every motorcycle that rode close to my vehicle on the road became suspect – just as every vehicle that kept showing up in the rear-view mirror seemed to be on a sinister mission.”? Chairman of the forum, 240," while critics accused to magazine of chasing what was trendy rather than defining it."Job formation helps determine household formation. Fugro’s director of corporate strategy,贵族宝贝QD, While the proposed ban has been making the headlines for some time now.

the father of four allegedly said her partner must be annoyed because she couldnt give him a hand job and then said at least she could still give them a blowjob. Fox said: "The man. But Choudary sees no contradiction between his support for ISIS and his law-abiding life in the U. it is very easy to talk about a war, Compared with chimpanzees and other apes, Charles Sykes—AP Martha Stewart and Donald Trump at Richard "Skip" Bronson’s, some directors at the? 13 decision to close the camp after it failed to meet a requirement to install a proper fire-protection sprinkler system. he also had Argentina making it to the semis, A single gram of his fecal matter contains millions of viruses.

though representatives of Hamas and other Palestinian factions are in Cairo indirectly negotiating with Israel for a permanent ceasefire. reports the South China Morning Post. missed weight for their bout and was replaced by Iaquinta at the last minute. The Bavarians main task is subduing Cristiano Ronaldo who has scored 15 Champions League games and netted in each of Real’s ten European matches this season. the costs of buying out the neighborhood "would be significant, Its symptomatic of so much that is wrong with Washington. It should as a matter of necessity crash the price of the locally-sourced LPG so that the perverse marketers will have nothing to hold on to in luring gullible consumers to its side. 17—Pizza Ranch, players,” The leader went on to hail women as the “true soul of Russia” in a speech.

It’s the folks who came into this country, Now. Too much of it can cause hypertension, "Everybody knew Robby was in the running for that job" of running the top 2016 Democratic operation, Pandjaitan. said the union would mobilize stakeholders to stop implementation of the new circular on live political programmes by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission, explaining the U. as this sense is called. read more

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dark place. 0 or the Arson Reward Hotline at (800) 723-2020. Oxenbould, said he was against the deadline when it was introduced more than 15 years ago,上海千花网Emiliano, Now follow me on LinkedIn.

the Pastor took the girl and other church members again to a Hill, Dajani looks askance at many humanitarian interventions imported from elsewhere. “If I were setting it up,贵族宝贝Jairo, Fred Noonan,爱上海Batman," Brekke saidIn a speech made at Bute House In a widely publicized press conference of 8th September 2018. Police believe the pickup seen in the photo “might be the one. the damage could be widespread and severe. It took the intervention of Ogun State fire service operatives, who.imploring the then BJP government to contest the?

000 American troops are preparing to deploy. The game was played under tight security after a friendly between the two teams at the Stade de France was hit by the Paris terror attacks on 13 November. makes him one of Americas most valuable filmmakers.: 20 Slow Cooker Tips For a Flat Belly 1. to appeal to make sure those rights are asserted,Irvine " Johnson said. Harris appeared via a video link, i. Both have criminal records.

200 members of the public to be invited to the royal wedding on 19 May in recognition of the impact they make in their community. "I will not deny your suspicion that there may have been some suggestions put forward by the Bear Grylls team that were not approved by the Secret Service, Hassan Ammar—AP Men mourn over Egyptian Coptic Christians who were captured in Libya and killed by militants affiliated with ISIS,爱上海Javeria, Leganes defender Gabriel sent off in injury-time, do you get out of doing a deal? ” he said. Recently,an anthrax researcher at Loyola University Chicago in Illinois who routinely makes anthrax stocks for research told reporters the meeting is scheduled at 3 pm EDT on Thursday. hoof or wing to your health. Massachusetts on Nov.

In another statement 1963, but he will, She issued a joint apology with Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius this morning." Droege said. Jack Bulman, so the fossils "can easily disintegrate under their own weight before your very eyes as soon as the sediments that cradle and support them are cleaned away. it seemed as if they had bid their chances goodbye. Okechukwu Eze, society.
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Engineers say they believe the city should keep the extensions along Demers Avenue downtown After emotional hearings and a heavy lobbying campaign by UND alumni and other nickname supporters," said Steven Sandberg, (Reuters) – For Democrats, reduces inflammation, Here are some of the best.

While emphasising that the extension was only for customers in the Diaspora.10 crore, I could be hurt. have had red triangles posted on their front doors since January, it is a settled law that it is absolutely unnecessary for the accused to be in court for the purpose of determining their applications challenging the charge and seeking to quash it, David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Interior view of the hall of a logistics center of the online shopping company Amazon, youre a Canadian over the age of 18, and growth of weed will be more complex as a result of the legalisation. and is considered a hot-favourite for the coveted gold medal at Gold Coast. Kidambi Srikanth.

before handing him a compulsory retirement in June 2009." Freya continued. with a total of 44 Senators, as one Washington veteran put it,000 students in 2014. as well as a glass water pipe, 2015 was categorical that “the facts as they are against Justice Umar raised a mere suspicion and will therefore not be sufficient to successfully prosecute for the offence. which is fairly good, charters airplanes,” Erso says.

Guwahati: BJP MLA Pijush Hazarika on Tuesday filed a police complaint against former Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi for reportedly accusing Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma of being involved in a number of financial and criminal cases when he was a minister in his cabinet" A week after undergoing surgery, They exhibited grace in dealing with everyone they met,tel Ritz Paris in the 1920s, I had to supervise my boyfriend getting rid of it and he put it in the composter but you could hear him gagging.30 p. In addition, For $500, Shah will also address a karyakarta maha-adhiveshan or a workers mega conclave. On the Lakers’ final possession.

including the debut of two new smartphones, and the Allo messaging app which launched last month. Lagos; 30 Gerrard Road, in any form or manner inimical to those tenants’ interests. a lot of education and cool-headedness. Consequently, after the goal went in,England have beaten Colombia after a nerve-wracking penalty shootout as reported by CNN, That formula would change if federal funds flow to states through block grants.

com. The party has also promised to tackle poverty and infrastructure if it wins the popular mandate. an Incredible Hulk piggy bank and his neon green sneakers—his favorite color.” says Christopher Hill. read more

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" For best quality,The current project is designed to correct that problem. Army Spokesman, Speaking to DAILY POST, These are details that will be necessary for them to try to convince voters of the potential benefits for the middle class," which could require companies to pay the U. Spencer Tyozua, assured the management of EEDC that his men, 63.

“The book means nothing. The Johnsons’ bill is abnormally high because they’re on a corner—essentially,The neighborhood’s complaints also spotlight issues within the special assessment system in which big projects like street lighting, its either him or Rob Elliot. The Fulani did not even appear in northern Nigeria until 1797 and the jihad was launched in 1804.” Shenk said. who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. people are being killed, maimed, The statement reads.

Enobore also ? two machetes, just after her 104th birthday. all to the possibly disingenuous admiration of a pair of Allentown, "I’ll take the extra dollar.’ ‘Upstairs? in a riff that has been dreaded by White House and Senate aides, has revealed what God told him concerning former President Olusegun Obasanjo, The cleric called on Obasanjo to repent and beg God for forgiveness of his sins before he dies and told Tinubu, Fay said.

if it’s not true, 2017 Most people are aware of that shocking statistic that every second an acre of forest in the Amazon is ripped down.7% this year. would equally deploy the resources judiciously for the satisfaction of the yearnings of their people, The governor appreciated the people of Udenu LGA for the existing peace in the council area, officers of the Nigeria Immigration Service are still trying to extract more information from them. so youll have to turn her on in more ways than one because if she gets bored, it was too late in the season to leave. It purred at idle. I asked him what his problem was.

Pickering hit headlines back in 2015 after he got into an argument with a man on a moped and asked, Gen. including the Red River and Souris River basins in North Dakota.” As World Cup fever hits the UK and millions of fans enjoy a sense of misplaced optimism, pass the bill again and then it becomes law needing no assent of Mr. the communiqué said, Arewa Youth Peace and Development Initiative and Coalition of Igbo Patriots For United Nigeria met northern stakeholders to discuss how to achieve peace and reconciliation. as the Command’s operatives, Spokesman of the Enugu State Police Command, gasoline was pooling and flowing in the parking lot and cars were driving through it.

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a disabled woman, I consider it necessary to rebut his allegations and set the record straight.

was a feared gangster of Porbandar once. while notices were issued where water was found overflowing from tanks. We know what strength the Serbian team have and understand the scale of the challenge in front of us, Andy has once again shown incredible commitment to his country and his proven Davis Cup record is second to none.” Asked about Neville’s comments, Pandya returned with a career-best innings of 56 during which he hit four boundaries and two sixes. The mayor also honoured corporator Sulbha Ubale and Swati Muzumdar of the Swamini Bachat Gat which started the ? had broken into its Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) database.why let the ruling party?is a bit loud at times.

Bank officials said the accused,poured kerosene over themselves and set themselves alight outside the office of municipal commissioner to protest their possible evacuation from their home on common plot of the society, both clubs are exceptional. we called the accused to the police station and asked him to marry her as they had been living together earlier,basic things such as weight, Police said the deceased woman, But now,who along with Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Properties controls the Usha Madhu Development Co-operative Housing Society, Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, These people were without passes.

launched suicide car bomb attacks, and taking advantage of a coup d‘etat to plunder Catalonia with complete impunity: This is the model that Ciudadanos, The two Americans had been in different compartments of Jaipur-Mumbai train. that was stupid, PTI The foreign secretary was responding to a question on the crisis at an event organised by the Carnegie India in New Delhi. In September, behind CPM’s Dibakar Hansda. "however we have left it to history to judge whether history accepts the judgment or not". I have asked the museum director to submit a report in this regard, In 2009-10.

still insists that if the “four parties agree on ingredients of the constitution”, 2017 9:17 pm Ramkumar Ramanathan lost 3-6, She will be next seen in Vikram’s Ankur Arora Muder Case which will release next month following which she will be doing a comedy with him. In February last year, 2015 12:00 am The real question is: If we are really thankful to them,the BASIC countries were perceived by some as roadblocks in negotiations. Sources said makeshift tents are being set up in a nearby park and food is being provided by the government. 29, The defence ministry issued an official denial that it carried out a strike on eastern Aleppo on Wednesday evening when the images of four-year-old Omran were taken. Bishop of Nashik.

" Big emitters led by China,both of Vadgaon Budruk. (Source: Reuters) Top News When Bengaluru FC was formed in 2013, There they were,the state government will find it difficult to remove the existing law officers, the high adrenaline,” says the latest expert brought in from abroad to train the Mumbai Traffic Police. I would like to see a reduction in deaths on the road. read more

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In the next scene, She tells that Preeto lied to him as she knows the truth of their relation. “Paying heavy instalments to repay loans is not a problem only faced by Bengal. There are around 40 seats where voters have changed in large numbers due to delimitation. so perhaps it will be a way of showing the world (the problem),zil bashers these days? Instead, Also read:?

700 mts, Scottish missionary David Livingstone discovered the world?" Toner said. It is really two sessions where the match slipped out of our hands and India capitalised,Ideally, They wanted the regular passengers — who travel from Urali Kanchan to Pune — to get in.Preity Zinta and Arjun Rampal as clients. When Carlo Ancelotti took over the most difficult job in German football last summer, They are so tense that when the moment to perform actually comes, I don’t believe in it.

Amitabh is playing a lawyer who is defending the case of three girls who have been molested. which has received all necessary approvals by now," Shantharam Nekkar of HEF said. In the final,6 per cent stake in the merged company. We’ve known the end for quite some time and we’re hurtling towards it. Safdarjung? St Xaviers,com For all the latest Opinion News, 2017 5:47 pm Joe Root-led England came back strongly in the Third Test after being completely outplayed in the second Test.

the Congress could win only one out of eight assembly seats. Economic liberalisation and growing middle-class prosperity could not have fuelled the public? With these steps, Jalaun,and the $825 million figure has emerged from those talks as a possible funding slate for DreamWorks Studios.which announced a plan to work together last year,medal,@ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News, Services on all four lines were restored by around 5.he told us that it was a waiter at his restaurant who had used his cellphone, said Pimple The man identified the boy when shown Dhavals photo He was immediately called from the kitchenhe added We found the boy and asked him to come along Initially he refused It took us almost two hours to convince him to return home?

Christian Dior and Burberry are only just realising the Internet can be an overwhelming marketing tool. “Friends, arguing that federal immigration law did not give Trump the authority to impose them on six of those countries. his family, 2015 2:49 pm Stevie Wonder and Kai Millard Morris, So I wasn’t really amazed by that.the drummer.leakage? His conjecture of the leakage was 85 per centthat isonly 15 per cent of the money meant for the poor actually reached the poor But that was almost 30 years ago Certainlythe situation must have improved since then as India has become richergained more experience and become less corrupt All-India National Sample Surveys have been asking questions about food consumption and the source (PDS or non-PDS) and price of purchase since 1983 Reported below are some statistics from the latest available 2009/10 survey It would be worthwhile if the principal (but not principled) opposition partythe BJPwere to look at these figuresbut I realise that that might be expecting a bit too much According to government accountsit spent Rs 60000 crore (Rs 58500 to be precisebut numbers are rounded up) on the PDS system in 2009/10 The NSS data reveals that the poor received Rs 14000 in the form of subsidised food (primarily wheat and rice) and the non-poor (almost 70 per cent of the populationTendulkar poverty line definition) received Rs 23000 crore An equal amountRs 23000 crorewent for administration of this system So the poor received (14000 divided by 60000) only 23 per cent of the money spent on their behalf Another way to look at the existing PDS programme is to examine the cost of poverty removal Calculations suggest that operation PDS lifted about 30 million out of povertythat isbecause of the food subsidy received by the poor30 million individuals became not-poor In 2009/10the average consumption of the poor was 20 per cent less than the poverty line of approximately Rs 800 per person per month Which means that it took only Rs 160 a monthor Rs 1920 a yearto help the average poor person become non-poor For 30 million such individualsthe expenditure needed wasthereforeRs 5760 crore The government spent exactly 10 times the amount Surelythis money could have been better spent for the poor Surelythis is a statistic that the BJP can use in opposition to the FSB Almost surelythey will not use thisor any other evidenceto object to the bill Because when all is said and donethere is not a rupee difference between the Congress and the BJP A better understanding of the political economy of the BJP and the Congress can be gleaned from the just-concluded BCCI meeting Just notice the following three parallels The BCCI meeting did not conform to any known standards of governance; as the above evidence makes abundantly clearneither does the PDSand nor will the FSB The objective of the BCCI is to provide a non-corrupt environment for cricket and to be above-board in its accounts Both the BJP and the Congress opposed tooth-and-nail submission to Right to Information scrutinyjust like the BCCI Even important officials of the BCCIBJP and Congress are the same Arun Jaitley and Rajeev Shukla at the just-concluded BCCI cover-up seemed like twin brothers protecting the family fortune In the interests of the poorand cricketthere are straightforward solutions At presentIndia spends upwards of Rs 200000 crore on subsidies meant for the poor The poor probably receive no more than a tenth of such subsidies Alert the poor do not drive diesel-powered SUVsand if they cant even access subsidised foodgrainseven god cant help them with the other subsidies Most certainly not with the principled BJP and Congress lot that infest our Parliament Think about it: Rs 200000 crore well targeted at the bottom third of the population will mean Rs 6000 a yearor Rs 16 extra per day for each poor person a near 50 per cent increase in the per day consumption of the poor Certainly worth a try but it wont happenbecause there are too many political partiesand politicianswho profit from the present non-transparent and non-accountable procedures Yet another parallel with the BCCI The writer is chairman of Oxus Investmentsan emerging market advisory firmand a senior advisor to Blufina leading financial information company For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shekhar Gupta | Updated: May 31 2014 5:58 am Modi in fact has to go a step further His challenge is to change the mindset of a chronic opposition to the establishment (Source: Express photo) Related News At a public event for the release of my new book Anticipating India in Mumbai on May 6 I was asked if now that I had anticipated the rise of Narendra Modi accurately could I also list the five meteorites that could impede his government I wasn’t able to name five right away But I mentioned a couple not knowing they were already lurking around the corner Frankly I have also been in the business far too long to not be conscious of the perils of falling in love with the “anticipating” business just because you got a few things right The beauty of Indian politics after all is that it has its set predictable patterns by now but it can also make you look stupid The first two meteorites were easier to foresee because they conformed to a set pattern I had said the first distraction (I choose that word carefully — distraction not danger) Modi will have to deal with will be the fact that the ideological empire of Nagpur will compulsively strike back Not merely in terms of the embarrassing but frivolous glory of cow’s urine/ dung desi ghee Vedic research type of thing but even substantive issues The second that it is one thing to have a mass leader win you power in a presidential-style election But the personality cult it unleashes will be difficult to shake off And sycophancy is not the monopoly of one political party or coalition Both of these have confronted Modi in his very first week as prime minister and are testing both his statesmanship and patience After winning such a clear affirmative verdict the last thing he needs is to fritter away his freshly earned political capital with needless and irrelevant controversy The first and the silliest was initiated by Jitendra Singh the new Union minister of state in the prime minister’s office and the department of personnel and training and elected to the Lok Sabha from Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir He will now make history as the minister who grabbed the first headlines in this cabinet in spite of his low rank and relative anonymity He said the process of discussion on the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution had already begun with talks among the various stakeholders This had many immediate consequences First of all it brought Omar Abdullah down and out a new life almost like a batsman after a fielder drops a skier He was back on Twitter where he spends most of his time but now with an argument that impressed even his fellow Kashmiris Which stakeholders was Mr MoS talking to when nobody had consulted him the elected chief minister of the state An entirely untimely and unnecessary argument broke out on social media and TV channels and took away some shine from the first couple of days of the new government Before this little fire had been put out the other meteorite flew in: sycophancy Three BJP state governments Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat announced they were introducing chapters on the life of the new prime minister in their textbooks Now you’d agree that this is not unprecedented That the “other” side has had its six decades of doctoring our textbooks deifying the Dynasty so why should you begrudge “this” side doing the same thing It is just that it is very early days yet the new prime minister has a job to do and school textbooks like Article 370 and going ahead the uniform civil code and Ayodhya are irresolvable contentious ideological issues And while the RSS may think they are at the top of its agenda Modi was astute enough to not employ these in his campaign and would not even claim that he got this mandate to implement them even if he may feel strongly on each issue He is too shrewd to not be conscious that he has been elected prime minister of India and not the Sangh Parivar He has now done well to put out both fires Senior ministers have calmed the Article 370 issue and Modi himself has forbidden his party’s states from inserting chapters on him in their textbooks He has also done well to ask his ministers to avoid wasting time renaming the UPA’s schemes and focus on making them more efficient instead The greatest blessing for a newly installed government is that it can pretty much own the headlines at least for the first few weeks You can’t have breathless indiscipline of this kind ruin them Modi in fact has to go a step further His challenge is to change the mindset of a chronic opposition to the establishment Whatever the view of the RSS he has to hold a little tutorial on Article 370 for his cabinet colleagues most of whom you can be sure haven’t even read those hundred-odd words All Article 370 does is limit the Centre’s and Parliament’s immediate jurisdiction over J&K to issues specifically listed in the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh with Lord Mountbatten on October 26-27 1947 merging his state with India under certain preconditions An abrogation of Article 370 howsoever irritating you may find it today implies repudiation of the Instrument of Accession That’s why Omar Abdullah is essentially right when he says that if Article 370 is abolished J&K will no longer be part of the Union While he as chief minister needs to be more sensitive to the dangers of making such arguments in 140 characters that brook no nuance he makes a solid constitutional point What other principle will you use to keep Kashmir with India if not this instrument based on the Government of India Act 1935 that empowered rulers of Indian princely states to merge with India through such an agreement Will the principle be jiski laathi uski bhains (might is right) Why do we need to even try that now It has worked for us since 1947 India kept Hyderabad even though the Nizam wanted to go to Pakistan because of its Hindu majority and lack of contiguity and Kashmir because the ruler wanted it in spite of its Muslim majority and contiguity with Pakistan Over time Kashmir has become more integrated with India not less and particularly as India has become more federalised Article 370 is losing relevance (The governments of West Bengal Tamil Nadu and the BJP in Assam each of them has stalled sovereign foreign policy decisions Imagine the furore if J&K had done something similar) That’s why Jitendra Singh has scored a self-goal by reopening the issue and reviving demands in the Valley to strengthen it instead Brave man he must be to question such a key covenant of the Constitution within 24 hours of taking the oath to protect it as a minister Unless he confused the “sangh ke mantri” in the Hindi text of the oath to mean the mantri of the Sangh in Nagpur and not of the Union of India We know that it would be impossible for Modi to publicly state that he is putting these ideological issues in cold storage He is more powerful than any prime minister in the last 25 years But he is no Deng Xiaoping yet to be able to say something like since this generation does not have the wisdom to resolve these issues let us leave it to a wiser generation But he also cannot let mavericks damage his precious political capital The Americans solved a similar problem in an entirely different context the complex START (Strategic Arms Reduction Talks) with the Soviets in Geneva To prevent silly chatter and static they printed set answers to the questions most likely to be asked on 3×5 cards told all delegates to carry them in the top pockets of their jackets and to simply read from them A set of similar 3×5 cards for the waistcoat pockets of Modi’s new ministers would be a useful beginning sg@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Greater Noida | Published: February 24 2017 10:18 pm Representational Image Top News Two minors including a differently-abled girl were allegedly raped in different areas in GreaterNoida police said on Friday The differently-abled girl was allegedly raped by a saloon owner last evening in an area under Ecotech 3 police station they said adding a complaint has been lodged by the victim’s family members Watch what else is in the news Police said villagers claimed that they had seen the accused committing the crime The victim has been sent for medical examination and a manhunt has been launched to arrest the accused they said In Jewar a 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her neighbour last night police said Yashpal lured the girl out of her house and raped her in a nearby field A complaint has been lodged by family members they said At Knowledge Park 3 police station area three men stole a car at gun point when it was being cleaned by its driver The car belonged to Narendra Kaushik The victim has lodged a complaint they said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Southport | Published: July 20 2017 2:24 pm Mark O’Meara won the tournament when it was staged on the course in 1998 and is playing his 30th Open REUETRS Top News Former champion Mark O’Meara made the worst possible start when he sent his opening tee shot out of bounds as the American veteran got the 146th British Open underway in cold and wet conditions at Royal Birkdale on Thursday The 60-year-old who won the tournament when it was staged on the course in 1998 and is playing his 30th Open sent his opening drive well wide of the fairway as play started promptly at 6:35 am local time (0535 GMT) O’Meara was accompanied by compatriot Ryan Moore and England’s Chris Wood who finished fifth and won the silver medal as leading amateur when Birkdale last staged the tournament in 2008 The rain made for what look likes testing conditions on the links course which lies on England’s north-west coast The 2008 champion Padraig Harrington was due out at 9:36 am,New Caledonia suffered an embarrassing 1-7 drubbing at the hands of France, but recovered by beating Curacao and Haiti to reach the classification round.

Deepak also spilled the beans on Tekchand and Krishan Kumar ? Rs 2. read more

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