Fenghua city to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation to promote economic transformatio

in modern society, entrepreneurship and innovation are two interrelated vocabulary at the same time, entrepreneurship and innovation is an essential element in the whole society, now in many city also vigorously promote innovation and Entrepreneurship such a slogan.

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Do business to be able to send warm heart

communication between people, often because of a warm heart and bring different effects. In the business field, a suitable warm heart will be able to play an unexpected role. Those who call warm heart, will give the customer a deep impression, so that they will get a lot of psychological satisfaction and enjoyment.

but to do that, we have to retail customers with "I speak, do not bother, to never yield in spite of reverses" attitude, mouth, heart, hands to. The mouth, is to speak in place, speak thorough; heart to heart is to think, think of the real needs of customers, rather than to meet their own interests; to the hand, is to take the service work done, let the customer happy and satisfied. read more

2015 most fire project recommendation

entrepreneurship is not easy, the competition is too fierce, in order to invincible, we must first look for a more competitive and good projects. What are the hottest events of 2015? 2015 which entrepreneurial projects good? You have been looking for so long, you must have some of their own ideas. Let’s take a look at what entrepreneurship projects in 2015.

2015 fire project recommended: save money class

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Top ten brands of solid wood flooring

under the power of modern science and technology, the floor has more and more classification, which, solid wood flooring has become a representative of the floor of the environment, has been recognized by many people. In fact, the so-called solid wood floor is the floor decoration materials of natural wood dried, processed form, have a natural, soft, rich affinity texture, cool in summer and warm in winter, is an ideal material for the bedroom, living room, room decoration. In promoting environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is more precious. So now a lot of people in the decoration of the house will be the choice of solid wood flooring, and the face of the market a wide range of solid wood flooring, what brand of solid wood flooring is better? Here we talk about today’s more well-known solid wood flooring ten brands list. read more

Success is by no means accidental entrepreneurial vision thinking and action

if you have the idea of starting a business, it’s hard to succeed only by imagination, and put it into action. You know, success is not accidental, entrepreneurial vision, thinking and action. Today, we interviewed the characters are successful entrepreneurs after 80 – Liu Zihan, together to listen to how he started a successful business.

from the establishment of the company in 2004 so far, for eight years, he said with a smile, eight years have been the end of the war. He has always insisted on walking on the road of entrepreneurship, he is a successful entrepreneur 80 – Liu Zihan. read more

How to open the theme of the restaurant can make money

children’s theme restaurant how to make money? Now open the children’s theme catering entrepreneurs more and more, pay attention to children’s health problems, always do parents really pay attention to things, especially eating problems, especially important, KEY youmi children theme restaurant to imitate the foreign mature mode of operation, the entertainment and restaurant space combination, children’s theme restaurant how good let! All children love to KEY theme restaurant to eat, youmi children birthday party, read more

How to manage the supply of online shop

is different from the store, in the end what kind of goods, consumers can contact directly, in the end is good or bad, at a glance. If the quality of the product is not good enough, the selling price will be a little lower. But online shop for consumers to see the picture, which will undoubtedly put forward higher requirements on the supply. Not only need to find a good source, but also need to have a scientific management of these management. So, how to manage the supply of online shop?

sometimes, even higher than the online store shop on the supply requirements, because the online shop, not the facade of the foil, almost more than is the price, to ensure adequate supply of online shop is a very important step. Only perfect purchase channels, in order to ensure the normal operation of online shop. Otherwise, online shop will become empty talk. So, how to manage the supply of online shop? Specifically, you have to clear the following questions: read more

College students to do a few strokes to teach you how to invest in venture loans and specific detail

is now a lot of college students after graduation to choose the path of independent entrepreneurship, but because of the very limited funds in the hands of just graduated, the state has given them a lot of help. Under the encouragement of the national policy, more and more flexible forms of employment of college graduates, graduates can start their own business is a good form of employment. For college graduates to start their own businesses also provide a preferential loan policy, below to tell you about the details of the graduates and their own business loans. read more

A street vendor will learn practical sentence doggerel

many of my friends have had a stall the idea, but also feel unable to start, do not know their own suitable for stall business. In fact, back down the jingle, I believe you will soon learn to stall!

1, the director has to go out, less than a point can not sell.

2, ten dollars is not much, can not go to Hongkong singapore.

3, ten dollars is not too expensive, can not buy refrigerators and freezers.

4, two dollars drizzle, who can afford.

5, a penny goods, spend money bought goods, not to buy it is you! read more

dentify opportunities to seize the opportunity to earn college students to sell Egg Tart million

more and more college students now, no one can ensure that students will be able to find a good job, become the person of the society, no mind, no money will be washed out by the society, will never gain a foothold in the society. So now most college students are aware of this cruel reality, want to have to start, all should be far sighted, look far ahead from a high plane to be successful. College student Wang Yan by selling Egg Tart month can earn thousands of dollars, what else can not do.

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Dry pot to join the ten brands recommended


project has been selected as the restaurant investors is a very troublesome problem, of course, I hope a lot of food and beverage brands for their comparison with Xiaobian recommend a variety of well-known brands to you before the restaurant to join the project, today alone dry pot this brand to do simple brand recommendation.

dry pot, Kawana Nouchi, originated in Sichuan, Mianyang, belongs to the North Sichuan dish, spicy and delicious taste. Has now moved to the country, but also the formation of a large number of joining the brand, the following small series to give you a brief introduction of the current market is relatively well-known brand of dry pot. read more

mproving store image will improve store management

a shop if you do not change the image, a long time, customers are not willing to enter the door, which will undoubtedly have a very negative impact on the development of the store business. So, if you want to improve the store’s business, in fact, enhance the image of the store will also have a very important role.

unknowingly, I shop has been more than and 20 years. When I shop, the store is a sales points under the supply and marketing cooperatives, no other nearby shops, it is full of customers, Business Flourishes. But with the expansion of the city, I shop even to the edge of the city, around the shops, shops and supermarkets such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance. I shop because of dilapidated housing, store conditions and other reasons behind, business has plummeted, as one day. read more

Children’s wear shop should pay attention to avoid these mistakes

you know, any affiliate program is not a smooth road, there are many mistakes in the middle, there are many twists and turns, you want to join in the investment projects to earn more money to learn accurate judgment to the industry what errors. The following to the children’s clothing store to join, for example, about the children’s clothing store to join the process of misunderstanding.

any franchise is not one hundred percent success, then the success of industry may also have the possibility of failure, if there is to join can make money, no experience can make money, then you joined on a handful of successful means said, according to the chain of children’s clothing to join the successful experience, we should put aside three the chain of children’s clothing to join the misunderstanding, and the matters needing attention. read more

Even the store needs to pay attention to the store environment

a store environment will have a very big influence on the operation of the store? Many shopkeepers are afraid that they do not attach importance to this aspect, in fact, so that customers can decide to buy cigarettes in your store a lot of factors, on the contrary, to allow customers to decide not to consume more factors in your store.

in particular, high-grade tobacco consumer groups. The success of this group is the most basic feature is that there is a certain economic strength, their environmental requirements are very high, because you can see from the shop retail customer’s attitude toward the customer and the degree of attention to the business. read more

Shanxi in the first half of the original carbon yield significantly decreased capacity to effect pre

natural resources as non renewable resources, with the vigorous development of science and technology, many places need to use. In the past period of time, the use of a large amount of natural resources and the environment have caused great damage. Under the guidance of the new policy, the exploitation of natural resources is gradually reduced, and effective. Shanxi Provincial Bureau of statistics released the day before the data show that the first half of Shanxi province above scale coal production was 389 million 320 thousand tons, a decrease of 14.4% over last year, capacity to effect previews. read more

Swordsman reunion starring lead users recall ten years ago joy

This is the famous

sitcom "swordsman" launched the ten anniversary of the "Wulin" starring more than a reunion, to put on the costume photo. Not the scene of Chen Yao drying out photo in micro-blog.

1 the morning of 12 August, Chen Yao drying out a "swordsman" starring together in the photo, micro-blog pictures, Yan Ni, Sha Yi, Xiao Jian, Ni Hongjie and others have been wearing costumes. Although Chen Yao and Yu Entai did not appear in the photo, but she drew herself "Guo" and "Scholar", and wrote: "I had not at heart, with you!" read more