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The need for

three, dumbbell breast

2, right foot support, right hand holding the left after lifting, chest, head, upper body stretch, about 5 times the exchange.

a, OL chair chest exercise

2, upright, legs close together, hands on both sides, in the lower chest breath, pressed on both sides of the breast, and then the two arm up, repeat the exercise 10 times.

2 kilogram dumbbell training

1, knee to the ground, the palm of the hand to the front of the ground, the fingers inward, the body upright decline, and then push up, repeat the practice 6-8 times. read more

What kind of breast is too big ‘s health network

normal perfect breast: 240-300 cubic centimeters, mild breast hypertrophy: 400-600 cm, moderate hypertrophy breast: 600-800 cm, severe breast hypertrophy: 800-1000 cubic centimeters, volume of more than 1500 cubic centimeters for macromastia.

There are two

so, what kind of breast is called breast hypertrophy?

The shape and size of the

measurement of breast volume can be used in two ways:

second, with the volume of the breast as the standard. From the shape, the breast is divided into disc type, hemisphere type, cone type and drooping type, from the point of view of the beauty of the hemisphere or the most beautiful breasts. Each breast size and body weight should be proportional to her. When a breast than the "normal" or "perfect" breast volume increased by 50%, indicating that breast hypertrophy. According to the size of the breast can be divided into 5 breast size: read more

Why do you have to wear a bra ‘s health network

why do you have to wear a bra?

bra can not only reflect the unique beauty of the curve, but also good for human health. But improper use can also affect human health, therefore, it is necessary to scientifically choose to wear a bra. At present, there are many kinds of bras on the market, which can be selected according to their own shape, fat and thin, season and breast development. The length of the bra straps should be appropriate and should be wider (not narrower than 2 – 3cm).

generally speaking, women in the breast development has been basically completed when wearing a bra is more appropriate. If you just entered puberty girls wearing a bra, will affect the normal development of the breast. When should I start wearing a bra? read more

Breast cancer patients can keep breast early treatment of the most important ‘s health ne

patients with breast conserving surgery must be combined with local radiotherapy to ensure the treatment effect, but more than a month after radiotherapy and related radiation damage to patients with a lot of physical and mental burden. In order to solve this problem, the introduction of radiotherapy technology China-Japan Friendship Hospital breast oncology center recently, simultaneous radiotherapy in surgery, some patients do not have to accept radiotherapy, provides a new treatment option for patients. They were the first to carry out the method of sentinel lymph node biopsy with fluorescent tracer method. Compared with the traditional method, the method has the advantages of high speed and high detection rate. read more

The research confirmed that Avastin for breast cancer patients is female health network

(Editor: Jiang Rong)

The chemical name

‘s research report has been published in the medical journal, the Karen library.

researchers from the United States and other countries analyzed 7 randomized controlled trials of more than 4000 patients with metastatic breast cancer. The results showed that Avastin could not prolong the survival time of patients. An investigation of the patient’s physical condition and satisfaction with daily life also showed that the patient had not improved after taking avastin. read more

Born four perfect breast respiratory health network female arch rival

free breast before bedtime.

2, the incidence of breast disease to a minimum. With the numbers above clinical statistics.

to breast health, please also let freedom is what breast breast breast not free? As we added many women charm since Needless to say, let us also breast torture the undeniable fact. Unlike other organs, we have a high demand for breasts. She wants her to tall, plump, CLEAVAGE, beautiful teardrop shape…… When the breast disease repeatedly captured our health fortress women remembered ask yourself a question on our breast is not too harsh? read more

Answer the 5 sensitive issues about breast health net

breast pain is not a disease? The breast that does not ache must be healthy?

experts answer questions:

breastfeeding not only does not affect the mother’s body shape, but also consume energy accumulated during pregnancy, promote maternal postpartum body recovery. Cause changes in the breast, not breast-feeding, but pregnancy itself. Women’s hormones during pregnancy make breasts more plump than before, the skin stretched taut. Breast feeding newborns, and did not change the physiological structure of the breast tissue, but only a reflection of the role of some of the breast regulation, on the contrary, breast-feeding will make the breast more plump. read more

Healthy breast six effective action can be ‘s health network

the day, a lot of people think of weight loss diet pills, motionless when it comes to breast augmentation liposuction, which is not the correct attitude, but there are a lot of health, such as sports, health care products always match to healthy, athletic women often encounter to a fat reduction in. Found even smaller breasts, sagging phenomenon. Beijing Bally fitness coach said after exercise to do some appropriate and effective action, can increase the toughness and elasticity of breast, breast to become strong and full motion to shoot two hawks with one arrow. read more

Summer cup big thorn speed practice proud breast health net

setp3  the use of fingertips in the chest to do the details of the kneading action to stimulate the thymus and lymph glands, to be careful to do the whole of the kneading action oh.

key: to let the chest up up, may wish to stimulate the thymus by massage, promote female hormone secretion, so that the fat around the chest.

setp1  press in the armpit and nipple with high day valley point, about 3 times each, press this acupuncture can promote breast lymph gland smooth.

setp4  hand from the armpit to the chest, about 10 times the left and right sides, the armpit excess fat back to the chest. read more

Breast deformation The culprit is a bad posture and health network female underwear


is about nine to thirteen years old little girl began to develop, a high concentration of estrogen, so breast feel mild pain, until menstruation came after the pain will disappear naturally.

girls in certain periods of time, breast pain is normal

Since There are many reasons for

breast pain, most of which are related to the swelling of the breast tissue during the menstrual cycle. Because the menstrual cycle hormonal changes, a large number of estrogen and progesterone into the breast, so that the breast tissue becomes larger, at this time the nerve fibers on the breast will be caused by pulling pain. Most of the swelling of the breast tissue is uncomfortable, and does not require too much treatment. Next, we enumerate the women in their lives, each period may encounter breast pain during the period of reference. read more