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setp3  the use of fingertips in the chest to do the details of the kneading action to stimulate the thymus and lymph glands, to be careful to do the whole of the kneading action oh.

key: to let the chest up up, may wish to stimulate the thymus by massage, promote female hormone secretion, so that the fat around the chest.

setp1  press in the armpit and nipple with high day valley point, about 3 times each, press this acupuncture can promote breast lymph gland smooth.

setp4  hand from the armpit to the chest, about 10 times the left and right sides, the armpit excess fat back to the chest. read more

Breast deformation The culprit is a bad posture and health network female underwear


is about nine to thirteen years old little girl began to develop, a high concentration of estrogen, so breast feel mild pain, until menstruation came after the pain will disappear naturally.

girls in certain periods of time, breast pain is normal

Since There are many reasons for

breast pain, most of which are related to the swelling of the breast tissue during the menstrual cycle. Because the menstrual cycle hormonal changes, a large number of estrogen and progesterone into the breast, so that the breast tissue becomes larger, at this time the nerve fibers on the breast will be caused by pulling pain. Most of the swelling of the breast tissue is uncomfortable, and does not require too much treatment. Next, we enumerate the women in their lives, each period may encounter breast pain during the period of reference. read more

The color of the nipple and areola and the relationship between ‘s health network

Q: postpartum how to dilute the areola color cream? How effective? Have side effect?

The topic of female

chest a lifetime never discussed, modern women not only concerned about the size of Shuangfeng, and more focused on the areola color and size.

mentioned "chest key parts" probably refers to the nipple and areola, this lovely woman part of what you do not know the secret in color

for the different female individual, areola size and color are different. Usually pale tends to pink, and darker skin tends to be brown; if that is black, dark color is dark brown or black areola will tend to. read more

The prevention of breast cancer in women’s health network healthy recipes

grapes, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, orange, fig, not only contains multiple vitamins, but also contain anti-cancer substances and prevent carcinogen nitrosamine synthesis.

The first kind of edible fungus

letinous edodes, black fungus, tremella, Hericium, Poria is a natural biological response modifiers, can enhance human immunity, enhance the body’s resistance, strong anti-cancer effect.

fourth kinds of vegetables

introduction: breast cancer has become a disease of women, a serious threat to women’s health. According to the study, about 1/3 of cancer is related to diet. Food with reasonable, both the role of cancer prevention, but also have a certain role in the treatment of disease. read more

Woman 5 symptoms indicate a problem female health network

if your vulva is red, itchy, you may suffer from genital dermatitis, which is a kind of allergic reaction, the source can be anything, from the shower gel to chemical fiber underwear.

bad smell will be especially serious in the menstrual period or after sex, if you use tampons for more than 8 hours, will also appear thick smell. Therefore, the use must follow the recommended time.

Another reason for the itching of the

5, burning

2, bad smell

can cause skin thinning in these areas, tear more easily, and sometimes cause scarring. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment is essential. As a result of the development of vulvar lichen sclerosis can cause genital deformities, sexual pain and dysuria. read more

The woman in bumps to resolve the health network

5 high fat, high protein diet, edible animals and plants containing hormones feeding.

symptoms of breast hyperplasia mainly breast pain. The first to tour the diffuse pain, tenderness to the outer side and the upper breast obviously, monthly menstrual pain, the pain after diminish or disappear. Severe cases showed persistent pain before and after treatment. Sometimes pain to the axilla, shoulders, back, upper limb and other radiation.

will be divided into breast hyperplasia of breast pain, breast adenosis and fibrocystic breast disease, these three symptoms are basically the same, only the breast pain pain is more obvious. Mastodynia actually does not belong to breast hyperplasia really, also does not increase the risk of breast cancer; "fibrocystic" refers to the breast with mass or nodular breast disease continuous, fibrocystic palpation detection does not increase the risk of breast cancer. read more

Seven small details determine your chest size ‘s health network

three, free to do a sport

method: the size of the chest depends on the number of breast tissue and fat, the age of 20 to 25 years old women, is the best period of breast development. Therefore, a moderate increase in the amount of fat in the chest, can improve the chest stiffness, is the most natural method of breast health, health. You can do some pushups and single, parallel bars movement; or a day sooner or later a few deep breaths can also promote breast development, in addition to swimming through the water pressure on the chest to massage, helps even well-developed chest, so swimming is also to breast! read more

25 year old woman after eating mung bean Lily can blemish ‘s health network

    many women after the age of 25, a good skin suddenly appeared chloasma, and many girls tend to focus only on external treatment, in fact, there is also the cause of endocrine disorders. The body of the The new supersedes the old. coupled with hot up, difficult to sleep, female endocrine disorders are more likely to occur.

has a very simple prescription from the internal conditioning, help freckle, the specific method is: mung bean, red bean, Lily 15 grams, wash, with some water for half an hour after the fire to boil, to boil until cooked beans, beans, can eat soup seasoning salt or sugar. Red bean protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, the benefits of water swelling, detoxification of pus and heat dampness, promoting blood circulation; mung bean fat, protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, lecithin, detoxification, diuresis and detumescence, freckle effect; Lily contains nutrients, such as fat, starch, protein and vitamins, can moistening lung, soothe the nerves, blood and body fluids, can be moisturizing, nourishing skin, skin. Three have the effect of removing plaque. read more