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Man asks for breath test to prove to friends hes sober police

first_imgMISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Police say a man is facing an impaired driving charge after attempting to prove to his friends that he wasn’t drunk.Peel regional police allege the man was drinking at a bar early Wednesday morning and set out to show his friends he wasn’t impaired.It’s alleged he drove to a Mississauga, Ont., police station to prove his point.Police say he asked for a breath test and officers obliged.A police spokeswoman says his blood-alcohol level was allegedly 1 1/2 times the legal limit.A 32-year-old Caledon, Ont., man is charged with over 80.last_img read more

Its what we do Famous Newfoundlanders help replace veterans stolen guitar

first_imgSTEPHENVILLE, N.L. — Two famous Newfoundlanders have stepped in to help an elderly veteran whose guitar went missing earlier this month.Eighty-two-year-old Edward Sheppard was devastated after his guitar — a gift from his late wife — was stolen from his home in Stephenville Crossing, N.L.But after his story received media attention, comedian Mark Critch sent out a tweet Friday asking if any of his musician friends had a guitar they could spare for the elderly vet.Musician Alan Doyle responded to say he had one, and Saturday morning he delivered the guitar to Sheppard, who was staying at his son’s home in St. John’s.Sheppard’s daughter Yolanda says she’s grateful for the quick responses, but she isn’t surprised that fellow Newfoundlanders stepped in to help, saying “it’s what we do.”She says she still hopes the original guitar finds its way back to her father, since her mother saved up for a long time to buy it and it holds a lot of sentimental value.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Vigyan Prasar to strengthen science outreach strategy

first_imgKolkata: In a fresh bid to popularise science among the masses, Vigyan Prasar – an autonomous body under the Department of Science and Technology, is all set to communicate with people in regional languages, a scientist said. Apart from English and Hindi, all publications and online content of Vigyan Prasar, will be available in regional languages also, the scentist said on Friday. “For greater outreach, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi languages have been selected initially,” Rintu Nath, the scientist of Vigyan Prasar said while speaking at the seminar on ‘Science communication, popularising and outreach in Bengali – the road ahead’. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari Puja “We met about some 36 organisations (government and private) enaged in promoting science and technology in West Bengal. The work done by the organisations overlap at times since they work in silos,” he said. Vigyan Prasar has decided to act as a common platform in order to create a shared ecosystem by engaging all the organisations, and give a fillip to streamline communications already taking place through these forums, for better dissemination of information.last_img read more

Princess Lalla Salma Inaugurates First Cancer Research Institute in Africa

Fez – Princess Lalla Salma, Chairwoman of the Lalla Salma Foundation for Cancer Prevention and Treatment, inaugurated, on Monday in Fez, the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), the first of its Kind in Morocco and Africa.After cutting the symbolic ribbon, Princess Lalla Salma followed a presentation on CRI and its research activities before visiting the different outbuildings of the institute, which is built at the Hassan II University Hospital in Fez with a budget of 15 million of Dirhams.This institute was carried out as part of a public interest grouping represented by the Hassan II University Hospital, Sidi Mohammed Benabdellah University in Fez and Lalla Salma Foundation. The creation of CRI is part of a series of strategic actions launched by Lalla Salma Foundation for Cancer Prevention and Treatment.This project, which is financed by Lalla Salma Foundation, aims to initiate, plan, coordinate and develop research programs related to the points of National Cancer Prevention and Control Plan (NCPCP).CRI, which is expected to become the database of the epidemiology in Morocco and Africa, aims also to develop partnerships between national and international institutions, public and private, for research on cancer.It will provide all researchers in Morocco with expertise, authentic data and resources to design their innovative research projects covering the domains of cancer research, notably basic research, clinic, epidemiology and human and social sciences.The establishment of this ambitious project is justified by the daily progression of this disease in Morocco and the deep gap between clinic practices’ evolution and research.As part of NCPCP goals, CRI targets the domains of prevention, early detection, therapeutic coverage, palliative care and patients’ follow-up conditions. The action of the institute is addressed to patients, their families and citizens.One of its kind, CRI aims to play the role of catalyst of progress in cancer research in Morocco and become a privileged destination for investments and projects to combating cancer.CRI aims also to support, enhance and promote multidisciplinary and innovative scientific research at the organizational and scientific levels. Its global approach, which includes different dimensions of combating cancer (sanitary, social and economic) and takes into consideration the various domains of intervention (research, training and care), makes of the institute a very promising project for research institutes in the region.During its first phase, CRI building is expected to welcome around 50 national and international researchers, industrial and socio-economic actors.The contribution of the Hassan II University Hospital and Sidi Mohammed Benabdellah University in Fez consists of providing important material and human resources. In addition, the project also benefits from the institutional support of Ministries of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executives’ training and Health.The projects supported by CRI will be conducted in the research laboratories of different national universities and hospital centers. read more

UN may step up mine clearance efforts in South Sudan after deadly

Eighteen civilians and two soldiers died when the bus in which they were travelling ran over the mine at about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, on the road from Mayom to Mankien in Unity state, the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) reported. Another seven people were injured, most of them seriously. UNMISS helped transport some of the injured, who were initially transferred to Malakal, to hospital.“That route was suspected to be mined but civilian traffic continued to use it because of a lack of alternate routes,” said Lance Malin, the programme manager of the UN Mine Action Coordination Centre (UNMACC), in an interview with the UN News Centre.Mr. Malin said the explosion was the deadliest ever in South Sudan, which became independent from the rest of Sudan on 9 July.He said rebels based in Unity were suspected of laying anti-tank mines and possibly anti-personnel mines as well across a number of roads in the area. Rebel militias have been involved in clashes with South Sudanese authorities throughout the year and, after years of conflict, the country has relatively little infrastructure and few working roads.Mr. Malin said UNMACC – which currently has about 15 people in Unity working on mine clearance, monitoring and verification – is now considering how to enhance its operations to deal with the recent upsurge in landmines in the area.“We are looking at how we can offer a better service given the scale of the problem,” he said. 12 October 2011United Nations mine clearance workers in South Sudan are considering expanding their operations in the country’s north in the wake of an explosion, apparently from an anti-tank mine recently laid by rebels, that has killed at least 20 people. read more

Stan Lee Marvel Comics reallife superhero dies at 95

(Kiss made it to the Marvel pages, and Lee had Simmons bleed into a vat of ink so the publisher could say those issues were printed with his blood.)The Manhattan-born Lee wrote, art-directed and edited most of Marvel’s series and newspaper strips. He also penned a monthly comics’ column, “Stan’s Soapbox,” signing off with his signature phrase, “Excelsior!”His way of doing things at Marvel was to brainstorm a story with an artist, then write a synopsis. After the artist drew the story panels, Lee filled in the word balloons and captions. The process became known as “The Marvel Method.” “I used to think what I did was not very important,” he told the Chicago Tribune in April 2014. “People are building bridges and engaging in medical research, and here I was doing stories about fictional people who do extraordinary, crazy things and wear costumes. But I suppose I have come to realize that entertainment is not easily dismissed.”Lee’s fame and influence as the face and figurehead of Marvel, even in his nonagenarian years, remained considerable.Beginning in the 1960s, the irrepressible and feisty Lee punched up his Marvel superheroes with personality, not just power. Until then, comic-book headliners like those of DC Comics were square and well-adjusted, but his heroes had human foibles and hang-ups; Peter Parker/Spider-Man, for example, fretted about his dandruff and was confused about dating. The evildoers were a mess of psychological complexity. “His stories taught me that even superheroes like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk have ego deficiencies and girl problems and do not live in their macho fantasies 24 hours a day,” Gene Simmons of Kiss said in a 1979 interview. “Through the honesty of guys like Spider-Man, I learned about the shades of gray in human nature.” He also sued his ex-business manager and filed for a restraining order against a man who had been handling his affairs. (Lee’s estate was estimated to be worth as much as $70 million.) And in June 2018, it was revealed that the Los Angeles Police Department had been investigating reports of elder abuse against him. Stan Lee, the legendary writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics whose fantabulous but flawed creations made him a real-life superhero to comic-book lovers everywhere, has died. He was 95.Lee, who began in the business in 1939 and created or co-created Black Panther, Spider-Man, X-Men, The Mighty Thor, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Ant-Man and other characters, died early Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, a source told The Hollywood Reporter. Lee’s final few years were tumultuous. After Joan, his wife of 69 years, died in July 2017, he sued executives at POW! Entertainment — a company he founded in 2001 to develop film, TV and video game properties — for $1 billion for fraud, then abruptly dropped the suit weeks later. On his own and through his work with frequent artist-writer collaborators Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and others, Lee catapulted Marvel from a tiny venture into the world’s No. 1 publisher of comic books and later a multimedia giant.In 2009, the Walt Disney Co. bought Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion, and most of the top-grossing superhero films of all time — led by The Avengers‘ $1.52 billion worldwide take in 2012 — featured Marvel characters. Lee collaborated with artist-writer Kirby on The Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Silver Surfer and X-Men. With artist-writer Ditko, he created Spider-Man and the surgeon Doctor Strange and with artist Bill Everett came up with the blind superhero Daredevil.Such collaborations sometimes led to credit disputes: Lee and Ditko reportedly engaged in bitter fights, and both receive writing credit on the Spider-Man movies and TV shows. “I don’t want anyone to think I treated Kirby or Ditko unfairly,” he told Playboy magazine in April 2014. “I think we had a wonderful relationship. Their talent was incredible. But the things they wanted weren’t in my power to give them.”Like any Marvel employee, Lee had no rights to the characters he helped create and received no royalties.In the 1970s, Lee importantly helped push the boundaries on censorship in comics, delving into serious and topical subject matter in a medium that had become mindless, kid-friendly entertainment.In 1954, the publication of psychologist Frederic Wertham’s book Seduction of the Innocent had spurred calls for the government to regulate violence, sex, drug use, questioning of public authority figures, etc. in the comics as a way to curtail “juvenile delinquency.”Wary publishers headed that off by forming the Comics Code Authority, a self-censoring body that while avoiding the heavy hand of Washington still wound up neutering adult interest in comics and stereotyping the medium as one only kids would enjoy.Lee scripted banal scenarios with characters like Nellie the Nurse and Tessie the Typist, but in 1971, he inserted an anti-drug storyline into “The Amazing Spider-Man” in which Peter Parker’s best friend Harry Osborn popped pills. Those issues, which did not carry the CCA “seal of approval” on the covers, became extremely popular, and later, the organization relaxed some of its guidelines.Born Stanley Martin Lieber on Dec. 28, 1922, he grew up poor in Washington Heights, where his father, a Romanian immigrant, was a dress-cutter. A lover of adventure books and Errol Flynn movies, he graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School, joined the WPA Federal Theatre Project, where he appeared in a few stage shows, and wrote obituaries.In 1939, Lee got a job as a gofer for $8 a week at Marvel predecessor Timely Comics. Two years later, for Kirby and Joe Simon’s “Captain America #3,” he wrote a two-page story titled “The Traitor’s Revenge!” that was used as text filler to qualify the company for the inexpensive magazine mailing rate. He used the pen name Stan Lee.He was named interim editor at 19 by publisher Martin Goodman when the previous editor quit. In 1942, he enlisted in the Army and served in the Signal Corps, where he wrote manuals and training films with a group that included Frank Capra, William Saroyan and Theodor Geisel. After the war, he returned to the publisher and was the editor for decades.Following DC Comics’ lead with the Justice League, Lee and Kirby in November 1961 launched their own superhero series, The Fantastic Four, for the newly renamed Marvel Comics, and Hulk, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Daredevil and X-Men soon followed. The Avengers launched as its own title in September 1963.Perhaps not surprisingly, Manhattan’s high-literary culture vultures did not cast its approval on how Lee was making a living. People would “avoid me like I had the plague … today, it’s so different,” he once told The Washington Post.Not everyone felt the same way, though. Lee recalled once being visiting in his New York office by Federico Fellini, who wanted to talk about nothing but Spider-Man.In 1972, Lee was named publisher and relinquished the Marvel editorial reins to spend all his time promoting the company. He moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to set up an animation studio and to build relationships in Hollywood. Lee purchased a home overlooking the Sunset Strip that was once owned by Jack Benny’s announcer, Don Wilson.Long before his Marvel characters made it to the movies, they appeared on television. An animated Spider-Man show (with a memorable theme song composed by Oscar winner Paul Francis Webster of “The Shadow of Your Smile” fame and Bob Harris) ran on ABC from 1967–70. Bill Bixby played Dr. David Banner, who turns into a green monster (Lou Ferrigno) when he gets agitated, in the 1977-82 CBS drama The Incredible Hulk. And Pamela Anderson provided the voice of Stripperella, a risque animated Spike TV series that Lee wrote for in 2003-04.Lee launched the Internet-based Stan Lee Media in 1998, and the superhero creation, production and marketing studio went public a year later. However, when investigators uncovered illegal stock manipulation by his partners, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2001. (Lee was never charged.)In 2002, Lee published an autobiography, Excelsior! The Amazing Life of Stan Lee.Survivors include a daughter J.C. and younger brother Larry Lieber, a writer and artist for Marvel. Another daughter, Jan, died in infancy. His wife Joan was a hat model whom he married in 1947.Like Alfred Hitchcock before him, the never-bashful Lee appeared in cameos in the Marvel movies, shown avoiding falling concrete, watering his lawn, delivering the mail, crashing a wedding, playing a security guard, etc.In Spider-Man 3 (2007), he chats with Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker as they stop on a Times Square street to read news that the webslinger will soon receive the key to the city. “You know,” he says, “I guess one person can make a difference … ’nuff said.” (Courtesy Hollywood Reporter) read more

UN agency distributes food to survivors of Uganda refugee camp massacre

“People are totally traumatized after what they have been through. They’ve also lost the little they had. They are sleeping under the trees. It’s a terrible situation,” Ken Davies, World Food Programme (WFP) Country Director for Uganda, said yesterday after visiting victims of the attack, one of the worst in several years, at Barlonyo camp where 4,800 people were living. Forty tons of food, enough for 5,000 people for a month, have been brought from Lira town to Ogur health centre, five kilometres from the camp, where most survivors have gathered. After the attack, WFP provided 4.6 tons of food to Lira’s hospital for the injured. Since September, WFP has regularly aided more than 81,000 displaced people, providing 740 tons of food per month. As a result of the massacre, the second major LRA attack in Lira within two weeks, the number of displaced persons in rural camps is increasing by the day. The agency warned today that the potential for continuing ethnic violence persists. Violence broke out on Wednesday, a day of mourning for massacre victims in Lira town. An unknown number of Acholi people were killed and others beaten. The LRA, which has waged an 18-year-long fight to topple President Yoweri Museveni, is largely composed of ethnic Acholi. An additional 200,000 civilians who fear for their safety are reported to have gathered in camps in rural areas of Lira district. On Monday, WFP is sending an emergency response team to register and assess their needs as well as plan a humanitarian intervention strategy. The new population movement will increase the number of internally displaced people assisted by WFP in Uganda to over 1.6 million, putting additional pressure on existing food resources. Earlier this week the Acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Bertrand Ramcharan, noted that the LRA has been accused of many atrocities, including abducting children for use as sex slaves, and he called for “the perpetrators of this appalling crime” at Barlonyo to be brought to justice in accordance with international norms. read more

Ontario biodiesel company jetisons plan for production plant in New York Harbor

Ontario biodiesel company jetisons plan for production plant in New York Harbor by The Canadian Press Posted Dec 24, 2012 8:04 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – Biox Corp. (TSX:BX) has terminated plans for a new biodiesel production facility in New York Harbor.The Toronto-area company says the market dynamics have changed significantly since it signed a land lease agreement with International-Matex Tank Terminals.As a result of the decision, IMIT will reimburse two-thirds of the US$2.1-million upfront payment made by Biox.Biox will record the remaining $700,000 as an expense in its fiscal first quarter.The Oakville-headquartered company says it believes the challenges affecting the biodiesel market in 2012 are short-term.Biox chief executive says the company remains confident in the value of its production facility in Hamilton, Ont. read more

WSP Global strengthening Ontario reach with 425M deal for MMM Group

by The Canadian Press Posted Aug 25, 2015 3:59 pm MDT Last Updated Aug 25, 2015 at 4:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WSP Global strengthening Ontario reach with $425M deal for MMM Group MONTREAL – WSP Global says it is strengthening its footprint in Ontario by buying one of Canada’s largest privately owned engineering consulting companies for $425 million.The Montreal-based firm said MMM Group has expertise in transportation, infrastructure, environment and buildings.Ontario accounted for 75 per cent of MMM Group’s $264 million in net revenues last year.With the addition of MMM Group’s 2,000 Canadian employees in seven provinces, WSP Global (TSX:WSP) said it will have about 8,500 employees in Canada, including 3,200 in Ontario, and about $1 billion in Canadian revenues.WSP Global’s global workforce will increase to 34,000 as a result of the acquisition.WSP said the transaction will especially boost its presence in Greater Toronto, where it sees opportunities to make money due to aging infrastructure and population growth.WSP has a goal of increasing its net revenues to $6 billion by 2018 and have 45,000 employees. In the second quarter, it earned $45.8 million on $1.09 billion of net revenues.The deal is being funded from a $175 million public offering, a $125 million private placement shared evenly by existing WSP shareholders Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) and the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, as well as the use of existing credit facilities.In addition to its new $62.5 million investment, Quebec’s pension fund manager said it has invested about $420 million over the past four to years to allow WSP to broaden its global reach.MMM Group chief executive Hugo Blasutta will join WSP, but David Ackert will remain CEO of WSP Canada.The transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter.Follow @RossMarowits on Twitter. read more

Hill gets 1st NHL shutout as Coyotes top Predators 30

NASHVILLE — Nick Schmaltz had a goal and an assist, Adin Hill made 29 saves for his first NHL shutout and the Arizona Coyotes beat the Nashville Predators 3-0 on Thursday night.Clayton Keller and Brad Richardson scored the other goals in Arizona’s second straight victory. Schmaltz’s two points were his first since being acquired Sunday in a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks.Nashville has lost three of four.Keller scored first at 1:40 of the second period. Schmaltz carried the puck into the Nashville zone and skated around the left faceoff circle. Near the boards, he found Keller in the slot, where he beat Predators goalie Pekka Rinne with a wrist shot low to the stick side.Schmaltz made it 2-0 with 20.9 seconds remaining in the second.With the Coyotes on a power play, he beat Rinne with a wrist shot from just above the right faceoff dot off an assist from captain Oliver Ekman-Larsson.Ekman-Larsson’s six power-play points lead the Coyotes.Richardson made it 3-0 at 11:23 of the third on a one-timer from the high slot.Rinne finished with 22 saves.NOTES: Ekman-Larsson played his 600th career game. … Arizona is 6-3-1 in its last 10 against Nashville. … The Predators are 11-4-1 when outshooting their opponent. … Nashville was shut out for the second time this season.UP NEXTCoyotes: Host the St. Louis Blues on Saturday.Predators: Host the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday.___More AP NHL: and Diamond, The Associated Press read more

College Athletics Is Selling Young Black Men a Lie

As the nation gears up for March Madness, a recent news report says college athletics is failing young Black men.The Associated Press reports that Black male student-athletes have lower graduation rates than regular Black male students. According to a study of the 2014-15 academic year by University of Pennsylvania researcher Shaun Harper, only 54 percent of Black student-athletes at Power 5 conferences achieved degrees within six years. The graduation rate for regular Black male students was 58 percent.Harper said the problem is widespread and not just localized at big schools.“It happens just about everywhere,” said Harper. “Generations of young Black men and their parents and families are repeatedly duped by a system that lies to them about what their life chances are and what their athletic outcomes are likely to be.”Black males are being recruited by big-time college programs because of their athletic prowess, not because of their academic abilities. Although they are called student-athletes, they are more athlete than student.“When coaches are looking for the best athletic talent, that’s what they’re looking for,” Harper said. “They’re not really concerned with academic talent.”And while many of the students are sold on the idea of using college as a springboard to a career in the NBA or the NFL, in reality few of them make it to the big leagues.According to data from the NCAA, only 1.2 percent of college men’s basketball players get drafted by the NBA, and only 1.6 percent of college football players are recruited by the NFL.Harry Swayne, who played for Rutgers University and in the NFL, told The AP colleges need to do a better job of telling student-athletes that most of them are not going to have careers in professional sports.“Statistically, more than likely, they won’t make it,” Swayne said. “We don’t want to talk them out of their dreams; we just want to give them some reality, too. We want to introduce them to some other possibilities for when football is over, because it is coming to an end sooner than they think and sooner than they’re ready for.”Dr. Boyce Watkins, a former business professor at Syracuse University, has been a long-time critic of college athletics. He said when you consider the billions of dollars college football and basketball generate, and how little money the players get, the system is exploitative.“The billions generated by March Madness rival the money earned from the post season of nearly every professional sports league in the world,” said Watkins in a Huffington Post article. “At $613 million, the NCAA is earning over 40 percent more ad revenue than the entire NBA playoffs and over 60 percent more ad revenue than the entire post season for Major League Baseball.”Watkins has called on schools to start paying college athletes a salary. He said by labeling players “student athletes,” the NCAA has created a system that denies them the rights of regular workers. College athletics operates, like many American businesses, on low labor costs and huge profits for corporations. The players only get scholarships, but the coaches and administrators get million-dollar and six-figure salaries.“Athletes and their families deserve labor rights,” said Watkins. “The truth is that college athletes in revenue-generating sports are treated as neither Americans nor college students. Their ability to enjoy college is stripped by the rigors of their professional sports schedules and Draconian training regimen, thrust upon them by money-hungry coaches who could care less about education. The idea that Congress has conspired with the NCAA to allow athlete labor rights to be taken away in a manner that would be illegal in nearly any other industry adds insult to injury. Keeping athletes and their families in poverty while coaches and administrators get rich is not only fundamentally un-American, it is an embarrassment to us all.” read more

RK Vardar in fifth SEHA GAZPROM League final

RK Vardar ensured the fifth SEHA GAZPROM League Final in the sixth year of regional competition. Shock therapy with Slavko Goluza as interim solution on RK PPD Zagreb bench didn’t give result as Macedonians were much better during whole match to secure – 36:28 (19:12) victory. The quarter-finalists of the EHF Champions League and two times SEHA GAZPROM champions showed classy performance in front of 1.500 spectators at Victoria hall in Brest.Only four saves of RK Vardar goalkeepers Sterbik-Milic-Angelov didn’t have influence on strong defense and well-organized attack of winning team who made 19:12 until half-time led by Vuko Borozan, who scored six goals.The only thing which Zagreb could made was come-back on 22:17 in 37th minute, but Macedonian defense stayed strong and concentration in attack on necessary level for easy finish.Both best scorers came from Croatia. Ivan Cupic and Zlatko Horvat netted eight goals each for the rivals. ← Previous Story Groups for Men’s Youth Pan American Championship in Chile Next Story → WIN AFTER PENALTY ROULET: Telekom Veszprem VS RK Vardar for SEHA title! read more

Hunt for lone gunman after shots fired at French newspaper and banking

first_imgUpdated 8.35pm POLICE IN FRANCE have launched an extensive manhunt in the country’s capital after a lone gunman opened fire in the lobby of a French newspaper injuring a photographer.Left-wing paper Liberation say that man entered their Paris offices at around 9.15am Irish time and fired two shots before escaping.A 27-year-old photographer, who the newspaper said had arrived for his first day of freelance work, suffered buckshot wounds to the chest and stomach.He was taken to hospital in a critical condition. The newspaper later said that he underwent surgery and was being kept in intensive care.Two hours later, a man fired shots outside the headquarters of banking giants Societé Generale.Reports say that the man may be in the Champs-Elysées area of the city and that a manhunt has begun after a man took a motorist hostage and demanded to be brought there.There have been unconfirmed reports that the man was armed with grenades as well as the shotgun but these have not been verified. The motive for the shootings is not known.Staff traumatisedOn Friday an armed man broke into the Paris offices of news channel BFMTV, but didn’t fire any shots. It is not clear if the incidents are linked, though reports say that the weapons used are similar, if not the same.The gunman is described as being in his 40s and wearing a khaki coat, a beret or a cap and is armed with a shotgun and possibly grenades.Liberation’s deputy editor Fabrice Tassel said that the injured man is fighting for his life and was a freelance photographer’s assistant who had just arrived to help on a fashion photoshoot.The paper’s executive Nicolas Demorand said the shooting in the paper’s entrance hall left staff traumatised.“When you have someone with a shotgun coming into a newspaper’s offices in a democracy, it is very, very serious, whatever the mental state of the person,” Demorand told AFP. “If papers and other media have to become bunkers, something has gone wrong in our society.”Police have sealed the area around the paper off and are now stationed at all major media outlets.French President Francois Hollande, speaking during a trip to Jerusalem, warned of the danger the gunman presented.He “could still kill tomorrow or at any time,” Hollande said.- additional reporting from AFPFirst published 1.11pmRead: Taliban using violence and threatening letters to control rural communitiesRead: John F Kennedy assassination: the conspiracy theorieslast_img read more

This Robot Connects You with Faraway Places Picks Up Baked Goods

first_imgThe Anybot was created as a way to give people who were unable to go outside, like the disabled or incapacitated, the ability to send a robotic representation of themselves that can attend classes, go to the office when they’re stuck in bed, or serve as a way to be present at an event in a far-away place even if they can’t be. If you want one, you’ll have to wait a bit – they’re not in mass production, and one unit would set you back around $15,000 anyway. Still, that didn’t stop one owner (reportedly a Google engineer) who’s been using one to test its telepresence capabilities from sending this Anybot on a quick run down to a coffee shop in Red Rock, California – near Google’s Mountain View headquarters – to pick up a scone for him. All dressed up in a little bow tie with a satchel tied around the robot’s neck, the Anybot wheeled down to the coffee shop, and with the help of a friend who was there to record the action on his cell phone, surveyed the coffee shop’s baked goods counter, decided on a delicious looking berry scone, and placed his order. The barista was kind enough to drop the scone in the robots satchel, and the bot was off and away, headed back to home base to deliver the treat to the user who was behind the virtual wheel the whole time. Hit the jump to see the full video. AdChoices广告last_img read more

Google Glass is basically built from spare Motorola smartphone parts

first_imgYou probably already know a thing or two about what Google Glass is and how it works, but you probably don’t know what’s inside that makes the magic happen. It turns out that Google’s upcoming face computer is built using parts that are very similar to the ones in the Motorola Droid Bionic.It all starts with the SoC: a dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4430. It’s nowhere near top-of-the-line by today’s smartphone standards, but it’s still a very capable mobile chip. Chrome OS hacker extraordinaire Liam McLoughlin (perhaps better known as Hexxeh), who did some digging to identify the Glass internals, wasn’t able to determine what speed the chip was clocked at.TI’s specs note that it’s capable of running up to 1.2GHz, but it’s very likely that Google has clocked it down to squeeze extra life out of Glass’ diminutive battery.The system also reports 682MB of RAM, though it’s safe to assume that there’s really 768MB or 1GB (like the Bionic) inside and that it’s partially reserved.As for the software, Google Glass leans on the slightly-outdated Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Again, not cutting edge, but plenty good enough to power the Glass experience in its present incarnation.And for those of you who love the thought of hacking Google Glass, know this: it’s apparently pretty easy to root. According to McLoughlin, all it takes is a quick flip of the debug mode switch and reboot-bootloader command. Cydia’s Saurik has also rooted his Google Glass.So what do two of the most well-known firmware hackers on the planet have in mind for Google’s wearables? Time will tell, but one things for sure: it’s going to be fun to see where their adventures take them.last_img read more

Mark Bouris A new path out of interest rates

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The heat from the banks’ extra mortgage rate rises doesn’t seem to have cooled in the space of a week. People are still angry and hurt: I guess having come through the pain of the Global Financial Crisis, only to have the banks lifting home loan rates higher than the Reserve Bank is raising them, is tough.People are still angry and hurt: I guess having come through the pain of the Global Financial Crisis, only to have the banks lifting home loan rates higher than the Reserve Bank is raising them, is tough. My response is to avoid the hysteria surrounding this issue and do what you can do: and that means taking action. I have spoken about this before, but I can now add an extra step to my four-point action plan. The first step is to become an expert on the current rate you’re paying – get the real figure. Secondly, become an expert on the home loan market. Find the best rate in the market and find out exactly what your exit fee will be. Then – thirdly – it’s time to negotiate with your current lender: ask if they can match the new offer. Four: time to act. If your lender doesn’t want to compete for your business, and it’s beneficial to borrow from another lender, then it’s time to move. The fifth step is an investment in yourself. It involves you taking the money you save on securing a cheaper home loan and investing it in your superannuation. Before you wave that away as being unexciting, remember, self-funded retirement is now our personal responsibility. So the more you can put into a super fund now, the more you can take out later. Let’s say you can save $100 a month by going to a cheaper home loan lender. I propose you put that into your super. It doesn’t seem a lot but that’s $1200 a year and if you’re in a fund that’s returning an average 6.5 per cent over the long term, the compound effect is going to turn that money into something big over twenty or thirty years. Have a look at an online super calculator – see what happens when you earn interest on the interest.  Super shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance. It is heavily regulated by Canberra so its rules are very clear; it also has significant tax advantages that mean the savings can accumulate faster and the lump sum will be tax-free under certain conditions. And when you take it out, it can be rolled into an income product that pays you a monthly amount while the capital continues to work. When you include the cost-effective life insurance options, and the extraordinary choice of investments that most super funds offer, it’s a good way to save for retirement. Lastly, super is compulsory. So if you have to be in it anyway, why not give it a boost… from the money you’re not paying to the bank?last_img read more

Runner Begins His Journey From The Kenai Peninsula To Key West Florida

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享An ultra marathon runner began his journey from the Kenai Peninsula to Key West, Florida. Pete Kostelnick departed just after 5am., from Anchor Point, on July 31. Kostelnick kicked off day three this morning and left Cooper Landing for what he says will be the longest stretch of Ke2Key. Kostelnick ran from Soldotna to Cooper Landing yesterday for day two of the “KetoKey” for a total of 49.5 miles: “Well, it was a rough landing into Coopers Landing indeed, but the views of the Kenai River kept me overwhelmingly calm.”Self supported means not accepting aid from others, and resupplying along the route all on his own. There are a few variations of how this is defined, but his hope is to stay as true to “self supported” as possible. Kostelnick will be pushing all of his gear in a stroller along the entirety of his journey. Kostelnick is the first person to ever attempt to run self supported from Anchor Point on the Kenai Peninsula to Key West, Florida. The total miles will be roughly 5,300, averaging approximately 50 miles per day. center_img Kostelnick holds the record for fastest run from San Francisco to NYC, in 42 days averaging 72 miles/day. You can track him and see his upcoming route by live tracking on – you may need to tap the “i” and “view desktop version” to see the intended route in red. He will also be updating daily on Facebook and Instagram along his journey.last_img read more

Syndicate Bank CEO launches softwares at APGB

first_imgKadapa: Syndicate Bank MD and CEO Mritunjaya Mahapatra and general manager K Rama Naik visited Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank (APGB) head office here on Sunday. APGB chairman A Venkat Reddy and general managers welcomed them. Mritunjaya Mahapatra inaugurated internet banking 2.0 version, HRMS and e-thic softwares and appreciated the bank staff and representatives of various unions for their services to customers.last_img

TCS reveals Rs 220 crore donation to electoral trust Benefactor political parties

first_imgLogos of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are displayed at the venue of the annual general meeting of the software services provider in Mumbai, June 29, 2012.ReutersTata Consultancy Services (TCS) revealed that it gave Rs 220 crore to an electoral trust from January to March of this year. However, it is not clear which political parties benefitted from the money.This is said to be one of the biggest donations the IT company has ever made. Tata is known to have donated to the Progressive Electoral Trust in 2013, a trust which was set up by Tata. Times of India reports that Tata has set up many electoral trusts between the years 2013 and 2016 and that Congress has been a major benefactor followed by Biju Janata Dal.The Progressive Electoral Trust mentioned in its annual filings this year that there has been no contribution to any political party during the year 2017-18 and it actually had a deficit of Rs 54,844.An electoral trust is a bridge between political parties and people who want to donate to them. Prudent Electoral Trust is one of the biggest electoral trust in the country and this trust’s biggest contributors are Bharti Group and DLF, earning more than Rs 160 crore. Bharatiya Janata Party received Rs 144 crore of the Rs 169 crore it earned in 2017-18 from Prudent Electoral Trust.This news comes at a time when the Supreme Court on April 12, Friday, ordered all the political parties contesting in the elections to disclose every donation which was made to them through electoral bonds till May 15.The political parties are required to submit all details to the top court including the amount they received, the name of the donor, and the bank details of the donors. The information should be given to the Supreme Court in sealed envelopes by May 31.last_img read more

Bustruck collision kills 1

first_imgA man was killed and seven other were injured in a collision between bus and truck in Pakulla area on Dhaka-Tangail highway in Mizapur upazila of Tangail district on Tuesday morning.The deceased is Lablu Mia, 48, a resident of Pabna.Police said a bus of Shyamoli Paribahan slammed on to a Tangail-bound truck in the area around 4:00am, leaving bus’s supervisor Lablu Mia dead on the spot and injuring the others.The injured were rushed to Mirzapur Kumudini Hospital.Mirzapur Gorai highway police sub-inspector Golam Kibria confirmed the incident to Prothom Alo.last_img read more

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