Things to buy in March

March is an unusual time for retailers. The shift between seasons, and just getting over Christmas, Valentine’s Day and March Break means certain items are in abundance and on sale.With March Break wrapping up, retailers want to get rid of winter apparel, and bring in their spring fashion.RedFlagDeals.Com ‘s James Astor says now the time to buy jeans, winter coats and boots, if you can still find them in your size.According to Astor, “Retailers are looking to get rid of their pant selection to make way for shorts. Its pretty obvious, but that’s why they have deep discounts on jeans.”He goes on to say, “February is probably the prime time for winter items, but if you can find winter items they are usually at a pretty deep discount”The only trouble with buying winter items on the brink of spring is that by the time you can actually wear them, you may not feel the same about your purchase.The number one best deal to find in March is something that won’t go out of style very easily, its luggage.“Consumers can find great deals, upwards of 65% and at some retailers almost 80% off of luggage.. as retailers try to close out some of their luggage from Christmas or march break”Astor says some other great deals this time of year are spring cleaning items such as mops, vacuums, and cleaning products which despite being in high demand are available everywhere.

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