Month: February 2017

Suning to promote employee stock ownership plan


technology news September 4th evening news, Su ningyun today evening announcement, announced a new round of ESOP, there are no more than 1200 people participated in this time, the total amount of funds not more than 550 million yuan, the underlying number of shares involved approximately 71 million 614 thousand and 600 shares. At the same time, the controlling shareholder of the bank to provide support for the employee stock ownership plan.

the employee stock ownership plan can be implemented after the approval of the general meeting of shareholders. At the same time, Su ningyun announced that its shares will resume trading in September 5th. Its application to the individual shares of the pledge financing, to provide support for the employee stock ownership plan. read more

You robbed my domain name don’t say wronged you

      domain users "fivexing" received an interesting letter to share:

maybe you are elated, but I deeply despise you!
I at the end of September "a lot of domain name query, some are not timely registration. When
today I am ready to sign up, but found a lot of the domain name you have been registered in a few days before the query again.
these are your registered domain name, some good, some very rare and even ungrammatical, obviously, this is not a coincidence.
you must be in some illegal means from the background to see my query results. read more

The six room CEO to disclose 6 cn domain name inside

      August 6th morning news, video sharing website six room CEO Liu Yan last night told Sina Technology, six rooms, a new domain name will be officially opened today, and also disclosed a tortuous course for and

at 4 p.m. on August 3rd, a piece of news broke the calm of the six rooms. A media reported that the six rooms have been the price of 5 million yuan to buy a single digital domain name At this time, the domain name has been changed to contact the six room of the company’s vice president Zhu Xiaoming, domain names for all companies "Beijing Sun Zhuang Technology Co., Ltd.", but the domain name has not yet pointed to the home of the six rooms. read more

Less than two times a year sued Because of the connivance and selling luxury brand by Alibaba sued

Abstract: Alibaba for conniving at Friday when selling, by French Open Cloud group and a number of luxury brands in the United States litigation claims, mainly around the Alibaba intentionally counterfeiters selling its products to create the possibility in the world.

[Changle] titanium Media Editor / song according to Reuters, Alibaba because of connivance and selling on Friday when he was attacked by the French Open, a number of luxury brands cloud under the group litigation in the United States, claims mainly around the Alibaba intentionally for the counterfeiters in the world to sell its products to create a possibility. read more

Royal Anber amber micro business is not to say that you can do to do to understand the micro busines

is a mobile phone, you can micro business, this is a monthly income of tens of thousands of micro business people? Is playing under the banner, the myth can be turned into MLM micro business.

era of mobile Internet, the mobile terminal is realized with the electricity supplier, is definitely a big fish any Internet entrepreneurs are reluctant to let go, and as the maximum flow and active mobile social of WeChat, has become the largest electricity supplier in the realization of the platform, people explore, in advertising, in marketing, some people make money money has changed a few luxury cars, people have tasted, feeling "dream plump, reality is always naked", some people have cheated over Ling injury, injured all over the body…… read more

Alibaba reported B2B e commerce market continues to improve

Abstract: B2B is a leading global e-commerce company — Alibaba limited company of network 6 announced the first quarter earnings growth in the 19% quarter of Alibaba company revenue, according to the B2B e-commerce market under the background of international financial crisis continues to improve. B2B is a leading global e-commerce company — Alibaba limited company of network 6 announced the first quarter earnings growth in the 19% quarter of Alibaba company revenue, according to the B2B e-commerce market under the background of international financial crisis continues to improve. read more

Jingdong announced the 6 18 Lao special buy raiders Climax

today is the twelfth anniversary of the Jingdong, "618" promotion has entered the climax stage last – Lao special has been extended from June 17th to June 20th.

promotion this year continues the theme of "PARTY ON" last year, bringing the six themes of "global direct supply, intelligent life, financial networks, mobile social networking, popular entertainment and convenient" Carnival Party for users to create a shopping, social networking and entertainment in one of the carnival shopping festival. read more

CANN next year to open the domain name domain name will be banned

ICANN "(hereinafter referred to as" ICANN ") to discuss open more top-level domain name has now entered the closing stages, discuss the increase of new top-level domain has lasted nearly four years.

according to foreign media reports, ICANN president and CEO Paul Twomey said that in the third quarter of next year may be approved by more applicants have Internet top-level domain name. "The policy making process has lasted more than three years, and now finally to the implementation of the time, meeting last month in Cairo, we have announced a specific implementation plan and draft the contract, is expected next year will begin to accept applications for registration." read more

A hundred responses to a single call honeycomb plans to recruit 300 agent

search engine competition changes in the emergence of new change constantly like cloud and wave angle of new strength, Google to catch up with Baidu at the world’s only in Chinese genuine music for free, the performance of Li Kaifu "to further understand the intentions of Chinese". Baidu phoenix nest also plans to spend a lot of energy eager to make its end customers new experience. And understand "more opportunities than Baidu’s B2B search business in a hundred responses to a single call" lightning "plan, the completion of the upgrading of products, aiming at the important hub of product promotion channel agents, staged a" honeycomb "plan of action with vigour and vitality. read more

How to get rich in the era of mobile electricity supplier control micro relationship

This is a

everyone is reluctant to leave the network, to leave the social platform era, with the increasingly popularity of intelligent terminals, mobile phone, mobile phone convenient online shopping has become a way of life — the era of mobile providers on arrival. For some accustomed to the traditional sales model of SMEs, how to seize the initiative in the era of mobile electricity supplier


is committed to providing all-round, multi-level power enterprises overall information technology solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in November 6th and 20 in the Northeast four to carry out the theme of "new marketing" new pattern of business enterprise China mobile business leaders summit, providing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in transition. read more

Enhance the conversion of your store turnover key link

on the Taobao platform, most of the Taobao shop owners are not so familiar with the operation of the shop, there is a lack of, such as Taobao shop baby classification, Taobao shop baby classification is very important. Baby how to indicate the classification setting affects their stores and PV transaction conversion rate, will affect the customer can buy many products, although Taobao store baby category is such an important link, but most of the owners have not set up on Taobao, or is set to imitate blindly, the reason do not understand why this setting is not clear, different products need to be classified attributes of different settings. read more

The black five online shopping sales growth of 20% the traditional online shopping day in


technology news Beijing time on December 1st morning news, a number of industry research data show that the "black Friday" on the day of the online shopping sales grew by 20%, that the traditional line shopping day also gradually become online shopping Carnival day.

Adobe, ChannelAdvisor and Custora data show that this year’s black Friday, the amount of online shopping compared to 2013 growth of 20.6% to between 24%. The amount of orders completed by tablet PCs and mobile phones accounted for 27% to 30%. read more

Manufacturers can not afford to hurt the gun draft comments on 11 years of the most talked about the

electricity supplier software vendors to promote their products, understandable, we open the shop, but also willing to try different software services. But through the "bangdakuan" mode of their products and a high market share, and compare products has been very mature, faint praise, raise their own, some "insult" our "IQ". Originally did not want to pipe in such business, really see some content too much, so inevitably pull a few circulation of false reports.

recently came across an article entitled "11 years of the most talked about the shopping system review: Hishop and Shopex" article (hereinafter referred to as "the most talked about in the past 11 years") (). At the beginning of the title to see more admire, using analogy method, very clever to let a market share is not high software and a mainstream software has become the "most popular", ha ha. read more

Comments network business is now back to the alleged illegal

– Hou Kun

online shopping goods evaluation is an important basis for consumers to buy goods for the network business is good now, the behavior of poor behavior is also a common complaint. However, these inducements consumers praise behavior but the merchant has violated the relevant laws and regulations in china. In August 25th, the Guangdong Provincial Council according to consumer complaints, a formal letter urged to Taobao, require Alibaba to strengthen supervision, and resolutely correct these improper behavior of businesses, and improve the construction of credit evaluation system, to provide safe and secure online shopping environment for consumers (August 26th "Guangzhou daily"). read more

Ministry of Commerce expects 2015 electricity supplier turnover is expected to reach 12 trillion

said the Ministry of Commerce and information technology division deputy inspector Nie Linhai 29 held in Chengdu, 2011APEC SME summit, e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development in the "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" period will usher in a faster development period.

according to the Ministry of commerce is expected, the next five years, e-commerce transactions will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, in 2015 will reach $12 trillion.

electricity supplier industry rapid growth read more

Two dimensional code is the company to enter the O2O market stronghold

recently, the news about the Internet giant Tencent have begun to get involved in the field of living at present, WeChat launched the electronic membership card, membership card printed two-dimensional code, by scanning the two-dimensional code according to the membership card, the mobile phone card package. Tencent WeChat membership card project leader Geng Zhijun said in an interview, "WeChat membership card is a new focus on the life of electronic commerce and O2O (Online To Offline) solutions, to enable more offline and online users to enjoy mobile Internet, obtain life benefits and privileges." Tencent is marking the tool through WeChat, the use of two-dimensional code to achieve the purpose of entering the O2O market, two-dimensional code has become an entrance to the O2O market. Prior to the September 24th news, Sina announced that micro-blog officially launched a two-dimensional code function, micro-blog two-dimensional code will provide a variety of functions with service, users can easily share exclusive two-dimensional code in a variety of scenarios to promote their use of micro-blog or micro-blog client scan two-dimensional code. Sina micro-blog Tencent step WeChat’s footsteps, to seize the entrance of two-dimensional code. I think Sina micro-blog this copy of two-dimensional code is not successful, the first two-dimensional code after scanning is connected, unlike WeChat as the start of WeChat, Sina can be two-dimensional code to locate the micro-blog home page or micro-blog page. With the giants into the two-dimensional code propaganda and construction, the two-dimensional code is again attention is the common voice that behoove, two-dimensional code is entrance O2O market model, the author think that really is like this, is based on the following aspects: read more

Direct mail Chinese wind a wave of American fashion business hit

The rapid development of

sea Amoy industry, not only reflects the strong demand for domestic consumers of foreign products, but also to the industry outside the country to see the situation of foreign retailers coveted the Chinese market. Direct mail Chinese overseas more and more electricity supplier, one can quickly occupy the pit, another convenient transport links allow consumers to avoid shopping more convenient. Light from the United States, general merchandise, fashion apparel, health care, maternal and child class, luxury goods, many businesses have started to get involved in the Chinese market, a direct mail China tide. read more

April 2007 02 domain name deletion list


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone< br /> / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Sogou Pinyin made search war caused the flow of electricity supplier entrance

billion state power network March 6th news, learned billion state power network, Sogou input method and update the latest version, one of the new "heart" function, can according to user input content to provide search services. This action is interpreted as the industry to intercept search engine stray, indirect search for market share of the practice. Because the function is also included on the website of the search results, analysts pointed out that, at the same time, Sogou input method in the spoiler "3B" war, but also spread to the electricity supplier website traffic sources. read more

Online money is a full time investment or only part time participation

participate in full-time or part-time to participate in the network to make money, we can not come to a conclusion, because there is no exact answer. We first analyze the authenticity, allow all doubt to make money online, because there are a lot of people earn millions, tens of millions, or even billions, but whether in reality or the network, there are people who can make money, some people can’t earn money, or even lose money. Why is there such a phenomenon?

in fact, even if 3 people for the same business, one of the people to make more money, a person to make less money, the rest of a loss, this is a very normal thing. Because people are different from each other, each person’s ability is different, coupled with practical experience, many factors determine a person’s success or not. Similarly, the network, the network is a virtual world, also can reflect the very image of the real world, a person’s ability to determine his future development, can not the same network than reality, because everything on the network is virtual, we are invisible to the naked eye, in a virtual environment this, more need to have the ability to have wisdom, this network world read more