Month: May 2017

How entrepreneurial orientation planning in 13th Five Year


13th Five-Year" is coming, in the new five year development plan, we should put the students should be placed in a what kind of position? This is a matter of concern for everyone to think about the topic.

the difficult employment of college students is not difficult? Is it all right for college students to start a business? What is innovation? Entrepreneurial innovation where the problem?

12 5, in Chinese youth talent committee first session of the second Executive Council and the "13th Five-Year" planning with young talent strategy seminar, Beijing Youth Politics College, Dean of Beijing Youth League president, vice president of research Chinese talents of young talents of the green beam will throw out a problem of qi. She thinks, to study the "13th Five-Year" development plan with young talent strategy, first of all to answer the above questions. read more

What are the tricks placed by the master

is also a street vendor, there are people doing business is hot, while others are constantly losing money, so, it also requires us to master the trick, a lot of stalls master the business is hot, naturally has a trick as to rely on. So, what are the tricks of the host?

night market, there are two to sell Wenzhou stock shoes. The same is Wenzhou shoes, many manufacturers are almost the same, there are a lot of products, sell basic price is almost the same, even selling audio, and the two is estimated as like as two peas, brother to go. read more

Join the cake house Ella awesome simple business headquarter to support entrepreneurship

is now the market trend is getting better and better, people’s economic level is constantly improved, so now many young people have joined the ranks of entrepreneurs, select the appropriate project what kind of investment? Follow the small series to understand this project to join the cake house Ella: always adhere to the innovation for the development of business philosophy, Ella house launched the cake every product in the choice of ingredients is very strict, each one carefully selected ingredients, high-quality cheese to make the cake by the praise of the market. Ella cake house to join, low investment cost, high profit. read more

mportance of location in Entrepreneurship

opportune have, then you will succeed in business, the location is very important in the business, good location can bring you opportunities to Everfount. Running a little leisure time more than a year, from the original to the dismal gradually pick up, the owner Ms. Zhao said, the shop location is very important, not only by his own subjective judgment and the landlord’s enthusiastic recommendation, otherwise the business better also restricted the congenitally deficient. Ms. Zhao has the idea of their own business, the effectiveness of the unit is not very good, but also strengthened her determination to start their own business. After their own investigation and friends of the proposal, she chose to open a small leisure bar. read more

How to do the clothing business

In fact,

do a clothing business. There are also some "cheats" can be found, although not absolute, but summed up in practice, we will certainly help the clothing business.

you know online business prospects, but really do not know when to cut. In the past that online business, lack of mutual understanding and trust, payment is difficult, there is no intuitive understanding of the product, it is difficult to do business. But did not expect that, after some of the basic conditions of Ali, the rapid pace of development will be so amazing. This may also be regarded as a kind of Chinese characteristics. Regardless of small factories, foreign enterprises, Chinese enterprises, the real equality of treatment to do business, it is an ideal state! I think there will be a greater development in the future, who is not prepared who will suffer. read more

How to keep customers in the curtain shop

a store business can get better operation, although it is associated with a lot of skills, but in fact played a decisive role in nature or customers. Only the customer more trust, will form a bigger deal, will let the shop business became prosperous. So, how to keep the curtain shop customers? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

many bosses encountered some problems such as sales management how to seize back the curtain curtain curtain is every operator must do, the curtain operator know supply important, service is also important, because there are a lot of people may be because of your excellent and cheap goods to you to buy something, and you attract service, then. Repeat it more. Therefore, it is essential to retain customers to make money in the curtain shop. So, how can the curtain shop to retain customers? read more

How to open the precise positioning of pregnant baby supplies store

today, there are many different pregnant baby brands in the market and people are very high for this type of product requirements. It is because of high standards, but also a lot of brand development encountered numerous tests. Then, a pregnant baby stores need to locate? The following are some of the methods provided by small.


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Northeast plate scraper circle of friends you have eaten of

This is going to be

in the hot dog days silly, most people make a fetish of hot weather is not beer, not tea, not weeks black duck, but a name of ice cream is simple and crude, rough packaging low-key — "northeast plate".

this year to start selling ice cream, in this completely occupied the capital, Shanghai and heaven. At the beginning of May, northeast board Baidu index all the way up, two months for over five times. In Hangzhou, northeast board on sales of 20 thousand, while wall’s, Yili and other traditional brands, but on pin two thousand or three thousand; in Hefei, day sales reached 80 thousand; in Shanghai, the netizen established public comment page for the Northeast board, where the exchange sold. read more

What are the places of bedding chain stores

when we tired one day back home to do most things should be good to sleep, with the improvement of people’s living quality, the bedding are also required to improve, but also by a large number of entrepreneurs of all ages, and have the choice of the project business. However, for the bedding chain entrepreneurs, as long as it is in the operation of this project, the industry needs to know the content of the understanding is conducive to the development of the industry. Next, we will analyze the contents of the bedding store chain. read more

To join the East Valley

what is the most common Ramen restaurant in our life? Is nothing more than two or three tables, a few benches, raise a small window, first pull the first Hand-Pulled Noodle museum. The traditional nature can only meet the basic consumer demand, but now people’s living consumption concept changes, the traditional consumption model has been unable to meet a large number of consumers. Want to invest in Ramen Museum, choose a creative join the brand, is the beginning of your successful entrepreneurial road. read more

Haidian Zhongguancun Park Qinhuangdao branch fruitful

resource sharing, complementary advantages, to create a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, which is the Zhongguancun Haidian Park in Qinhuangdao in May last year to set up the main purpose of Branch Park, Zhongguancun Haidian Park since May last year in the country to set up the first park located in Hebei Qinhuangdao, Zhongguancun Haidian Park Qinhuangdao Branch (hereinafter referred to as the "Qinhuangdao branch garden") has been fruitful.

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How much is the whole of jiamengfei Hot pot

hot pot market, has been a very hot market. For those who want to join the business venture, is a very powerful choice. So, open a brand of their own hot pot to join the project is how much?

With the arrival of the

in twenty-first Century, hot pot restaurants in the market become more and more common, especially in the hot pot and self-service supermarkets, like the sudden appearance. To bring great joy to everyone, what to eat, are fixed, no matter how delicious, but now different. The emergence of self-help chafing dish. According to their own preferences, to decide what tastes really good. So, how much do you need to open a self-service hot pot store? Small series to a hot pot for you to make the following introduction: read more

A new way for college students Rural Entrepreneurship

The number of

college is now more and more, and have tried to the middle of the city crowded, not only so that they can not find a good job, but in the vast rural areas after the cultivation of countless people, also without the aid of technology, so the students in rural entrepreneurship, both to give their own business opportunities, but also drives the development of rural areas.

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