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Talking about some experience of making an unpopular station

has been a station for more than 8 months, and really do not stand for less than 3 months, because of a variety of personal problems, the middle no big updates on the site.

because of personal preferences, I made a study of Polygonum multiflorum website, was prepared to make an encyclopedia, suffer from on such article particularly rare, because this kind of subject matter gets really less, when I do, soon be able to take my stand to sit. Of course, when one of the words in my Baidu mid May update to now (November 21st 09) has been in the home, intermediate fluctuations, but are small in the range of the adjustment inside the home. read more

Phoenix layoffs seek transformation the four major problems to be solved

Abstract: the move by Phoenix does not know what impact it will have on the future of phoenix. Nirvana, to create a new Phoenix, or continue to sink, repeat the "sorry" day,


, after a very satisfactory earnings report, Phoenix finally responded in action. But this response is not much new, a month ago, Sohu, is still downsizing.

yesterday (September 1st), released internal e-mail, announced layoffs and restructuring matters, the message that the recent stock suffered great pressure estimation, a complete departure from the true value, being oversold. read more

Small and medium owners to win in China three must not seek instant success

with the rapid development of the network, the competition between the webmaster is becoming more and more white hot. It is becoming more and more difficult to win a new career in china. Time is money, Time will not wait for me., has become synonymous with the era particularly prominent. As a result, many small and medium-sized webmaster in the website is small, when it can not stand the temptation of interest, eager for too much haste to seek immediate benefits, resulting in irreparable losses. Practice, observation of those walking in front of successful people, not difficult to summarize a truth: Wenzhongqiusheng to avoid quick success. So, how to avoid quick success, the most essential way is to change ideas. The following are discussed in this paper: read more

The key point of analyzing the profit model of local portals is value chain

One of the key problems of

local portal is the design of profit model, in the overwhelming media, e-commerce, community, etc. The term vertical bombing, with countless webmasters dizzy. I’m sure most of them are the same mentality as the onlookers in the emperor’s new clothes: "I don’t understand, but I don’t dare to say – what is media? What is e-commerce?"

must point out, the core of profit mode does not lie in what "change", "change" it is the foundation of profit mode — operation technology. The key point of profit model is the analysis and design of value chain. That is: who gave you money, when to receive money, where to collect money, in which links can receive more money, what node in the money, safe and reliable. read more

Network winter Adsense trading pace can not stop dig deep market concentrate on doing fine

today saw an article about Alipay’s article: Alipay: in a test run. Describes the achievements and is now Alipay and will face the situation. It can be said that the 09 years of Alipay ushered in the highest point since the birth, but also decided the future fate of the turning point. The daily turnover exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan to mark the end of 09 years of Alipay, as the largest of the third party payment platform, draw the blueprint for the development of more ambitious projects are in 2010. Alipay five years of success, is accompanied by the traditional financial business gradually to domestic Internet services, relying on e-commerce online shopping development and come. It solves the problem of trade credit from a Taobao internal department now developed into a Alibaba subsidiary, its bottom is registered users sellers, hundreds of thousands of 46 thousands of businesses, more than 200 million of the external market, and bring infinite air travel, payment of public utilities and other applications in the field of seven. The daily turnover of over 2 billion will be achieved this year." Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng said. Yes, as a development company in the stream in the stream of time to go on tour brave salmon, only the torrent, try to not give up, to reach the destination, have handed down. Behind this truth, especially as the third party payment platform of the earliest prospectors, Alipay know. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, only to climb high, meet the challenge to catch up, super competitors can survive the third party payment "in a hail of bullets.". read more

Sorry ‘m leaving

space can not access more than 48 hours, Ali mom’s advertising revenue has remained at 0. I have not been eager to contact IDC to understand the situation, maybe I began to tired, tired of such webmaster life, after two days of consideration, I chose to give up. Here are some of my personal experience, I hope to help new students and students:

in the past year, I’ve changed three spaces, and this has happened many times, though not for the same reasons. The first time I remember most clearly, CC attack! Really shame, a dumpster some people attack what strength? Three days can not access, just like yourself without a soul. Later, the hacker went away and the website continued. It wasn’t long before my community was so harmonious that my blog was told that I could not accept the comment. IDC told me I could wait for a month to open. I naively believed. At the beginning of the station, I did not know what a month means for a website, and I don’t know if Baidu can bring me a huge amount of traffic. A month after the results that I was forced to move in space, space is not of course before the refund to me, give me a few months time delay. Later in the Beijing Fibrlink IDC, I bought the 1G space, because it is the four line of the host IDC offer to 800, as a student in this price is a little high, see his official website of the artists do not, so I try mentality and talk to him: I’ll help you to do a website designer well, I’m sure your space is bought. The price we don’t say first, after I help you finish, you see how? Finally, I spent 300 yuan to buy the space (1G MYSQL, flow limit 10 sub directory). With a steady space, I’m the real station. With my understanding of HTML and the use of PS, my station quickly made a good breakthrough on the interface. Do website, I finally made the first step of the Great Wall. read more

Helpless Webmaster the same name user site can not be filed

was chatting in the QQ group this morning, and A told me that his name could not be filed. Submit that the registrant repeats and cannot submit. To check the record system, has been found and A your name the same person on record, Mr. A is very helpless. Everyone is helpless, this filing system is really unreasonable, many many…

as far as I know: a user can only prepare a web site, if the site has not passed the examination, can not be submitted; the organization can not record the same name; can not delete the registered domain name, or else the error… read more

Enterprise transformation the nternet will encounter what pits platform articles

enterprise transformation, the Internet has become a necessity, guardian Yuan Kun in front of many articles mentioned the Internet marketing operations of various problems, the reasons for the failure, enterprises should take measures. There is a problem has not talked about, because involving the interests of certain institutions, but saw many companies spent money and had to talk about.

We do not deny that there are

related service providers did well, but most of the marketing services operator is really to make outrageous things, the serious damage to the interests of the enterprise, it is disrupting the normal Internet marketing. Let’s see what pits are there. read more

A small webmaster site construction process and experience

at the end of 2009 is the Internet several turbulent month, many owners get hard, oh, I also like children, their own website, see no achievement also reluctant to give up, this is probably a complex, I said the following course.

started just for fun, the original content of the website is really no time to do, but to do a collection station, although the station was collected a lot of successful webmaster disdain, but I think it is because the collection station, the Internet will be free to leave N years ago. ^_^! I think I also contributed an own strength for this effect, I was doing a secretarial nets. You check my data, compared to you can see, my website is still a non successful rookie class website. read more

Baidu file should laugh or cry

first statement, I am a high school student, not much to do standing experience, more rely on A5 and several good webmaster together to discuss, learning knowledge. Thank you A5 here, thank you, my friend. I really learned a lot these days. This article I just suddenly feeling something written, well written, I hope everyone.

made a game site a few days ago. Baidu just gave me included, ranking directly to me hit the first page (I choose is unpopular keywords). Subsequently, Baidu has done a lot of keywords ranking adjustment, my station all day keywords ranking jump, jump, very unstable, from the first page to the tenth page. It’s really a headache. 3 days ago, Baidu went crazy again. I didn’t know why. I was standing K straight away. read more

do stand for 3 years there are words for novice webmaster said

I love writing by division. Here, also according to write. Write a few write several.. look down, could not stand even.


1.06 years began to engage in technical station site, the name was not out, is shameful, do FOOSUN station, many netizens support. One is mixed into administrator (is the beginning of a forum, the construction site is then I toss, related to the network security station.) mixed network mix for a long time, the first blind person know convenient, bullshit, the bubble is also convenient. Engage site, to meet women, it can talk to. read more

How smart technology updates how to deal with search engines

since twenty-first Century, human scientific research is more and more developed, technology changes with each passing day. Whether it is software or hardware, all changes are taking place every day, this change is mostly a significant progress on the development of the society, and promote the role, he brought a faster pace, making people’s life become more abundant, a lot of things more convenient and simple to operate and easy to understand, so people have become more lazy behind this, intelligent hidden secrets will gradually surfaced. read more

A wish for ten year old stationmaster in 2010

or in the "tragic history of a ten year old webmaster" as a way to open this article, now is the late 23:40, underestimate the few articles on the A5, I also do not intend to write text, of course, I have a lot of sites you want to promote, since I wrote the article in the forum soft Wen wrote no promotion of what use, we should make our stand well, can find some similar stand do friendship cooperation. The article caused a lot of friends of the concern and support, first of all I would like to thank you, thank the friends of Shanghai securities, thanks to Asia Weekly reporter "Ai ink" concern for those of us living in the bottom of the webmaster. read more

Lao Zhao to make a website have a plan have executive power

1, foreword

The power of

execution: I’ve been told that there are 200 websites for webmasters, which surprised me, you think, he earns $1 per site per day, $200 a day. A month is 6000 dollars, equal to 3, 40 thousand yuan. It’s very simple, but how can you do that? It takes a lot of execution, and as long as you have a plan, everyone has a strong executive power. It’s easy to think about one thing with your brain. It’s not really simple, but it’s really simple to do it. So we have to look for ways to do it. read more

360 the front end of the web site the public library has stopped service

recently found that some of the webmaster has opened the site has been parked in the loading, was originally the 360 site guardian CDN accelerated font service, but now has stopped service

But Google’s

service has been able to use the font, in fact, as early as 15 Google in Beijing set up a ping server, can also be found, IP is, the address is Beijing Telecom Haidian District, much faster than the 360 mirror, so all the replacement fonts, all plug-ins can be removed. read more

have done some experience and summary of the past 7 years

also has 7 years of history as a station. Although the codes are not written very well, most of them are designed by technology and artists according to my planning concept. There are no technical experience, Hou Qinglong will share some of the previous mixed stand thing, hope to help some novice webmaster. Here are some of the things I’ve been through. Sincerely thank those good webmaster and bad webmaster let me from the learning of a lot of reasons.

one, space quotient

in 05 years to do a local portal, with the shared space, forget what to call, the server just started to use well, and then the network speed is very slow, but at least contact customer service, service attitude is very good. Bought two 81idc space in 06-07 years, the server business sucks, buy when the customer service attitude is very good, then it is poor, and some unidentified website was shut, affect my clients, customers often call urging us, to reduce the company’s credibility and consequences very serious, remember not to buy 81idc, can be found in the search engines to find a lot of Posts and scold their content, Facts speak louder than words. How they did not close down, with two sets are not good, server fraud. read more

Local portals exploit the profitability of the voting system


voting system, properly used, is also a stable point of profit when it brings huge traffic quickly.

activity type:

organization training classes for children’s schools internal network evaluation

collaboration objects:

children’s English training (oral performance), children’s dance training, children’s art training, etc.

activity merchant Revenue:

1, to show the results of teaching to parents of students, to enhance the recognition of parents for teaching read more

From the 8848 domain name owners do not stand on the quick

is currently the most controversial, hot line: 8848 website domain name owners directed at the problem of Taobao fiery. About 8848 domain name is easy one, some people think that 8848 of the domain name has expired, was registered by others.

it is understood that the "8848 online shopping mall" founded by Beijing Everest e-commerce network service Co., Ltd. is one of the first websites specializing in online shopping in china. The site attracts large numbers of consumers at a low price by issuing merchandise information, but is then triggered by improper management. Its founder Wang Juntao was called "China first" electronic commerce, but also unable to turn the tide, several ups and downs, and Wang Juntao led the former founder of read more

Loss of hundreds of thousands of tragic experience eight reasons Tmall can not do it

No matter

or C Taobao mall stores, Taobao sellers do together may have tens of millions, but Taobao operating collapse are often only a fatal blow, especially those without strong financial support, and constantly go to trial and error, and trial and error not immediately summary, and fantasy "the best performance in the next month" the seller.

deficit is a deficit, loss of ten thousand is also a loss, loss of more than ten thousand is also a loss. The so-called heavy losses, behind the number, about 1 million 400 thousand of sales, gross margin of 30%. There are countless successful teaching experiences in the jar, that no one talks about the lessons of failure. Therefore, the landlord for himself over a year to see and hear the experience of the glorious history, summed up one by one. The successful experience may not be able to learn, or "my success can be replicated" after the society has sold numerous Tang Jun. The failures they can try to avoid the previous, stepped on shit, odor flying, the man behind the saw, not to step on it, unless you are a head of pig which is the personal independence of conduct, for the purpose of writing this article is. read more

Analysis dragnet how to rank enter 7000

              generation as the first free online photo site, I pull a net ( is familiar to more and more small owners, it is a model of small and medium-sized sites, for example, six months after the establishment, has well-known Ali and her mother, and Taobao, Tencent Comsenz Baise, mall and other large enterprises to cooperate, after one year, the PR value of 6, membership number exceeded 200 thousand, more than 5 million 100 thousand images generated, Alexa ranking reached 7664, the focus of a freeze on it.
read more