Month: September 2017

Love Shanghai mobile search cancel referer flow and keyword tool upgrade imminent

is a major upgrade of the

some owners may also feel doubt, love and love Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform statistical key words are the tools, but why statistical data is not the same as the results? The reason is statistical in very different ways, different application scenarios, if the owners pay attention to Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform keyword tools provide more data for the right. Webmaster Platform statistical principle is the analysis of Shanghai love their log analysis of love Shanghai’s own data, the data are first hand data source from Shanghai, love themselves, their own statistics is what we usually say, resulting in a higher level of reference value of Shanghai dragon. In contrast, love is the need to deploy the Shanghai statistics statistical code to the web site, there may exist the website code is installed correctly, the same user cookie changes, the same user access time interval and many other factors, so the accuracy of the data will have a certain fluctuation. read more

Three skills Shanghai dragon must be exposed personnel job

what we can let people accept our recruitment, we employ. This is also related to innovative ideas, we all know that the Internet is now an era of change, if you do not know how innovative ideas, so people will think we in recruitment. For example, you are ready to apply for the post of Shanghai dragon optimization post, then you have to say what you think we do website optimization, if the face of love.


in fact Shanghai Longfeng this line is not likely to be eliminated, but with the change of the search engine of Shanghai dragon is also a lot more changes, if you are not able to grasp these changes in the construction site so this road may not have good results, with more and more Shanghai Longfeng job, want to get a job we must show more skills, this is the need for enterprises and the Shanghai dragon staff, the author detailed talk about Shanghai Longfeng job must show staff what skills. read more

Love Shanghai weight lifting station outside the station and operation experience

      D, outside the station operation: quiz

      the inner chain reflects a proper layout of the site within the chain, outstanding stationmaster clear and reasonable, the user that has a good user experience, but also a focus of love Shanghai assessment, bold anchor text links of the appropriate join 2-3, column links between related articles the.

        Web site weight is love Shanghai retrieval mainly based on the ranking of the data in the database, it plays an important role, directly influence your home page and the inside pages of the rankings, you get the influence of the quality and quantity of customers from love Shanghai, as the new station to hand effectively enhance website in Shanghai love weight? read more

How to learn Shanghai dragon quick start network marketing business

two, Shanghai dragon training. Learning is the most difficult way of learning, we need to spend a lot of time, but did not learn Shanghai dragon optimization system, the key is to solve the problem can not be the fastest, to participate in training is a good choice. Recommended only search outside education here, I believe that the vast majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are recognized. Of course, other institutions including me can, you can choose.


Shanghai dragon as the foundation of network marketing there is no doubt that, in the case of relatively less investment and we hope that through Shanghai Longfeng optimal way to do network marketing, so how does the enterprise self Shanghai Longfeng quick start network marketing? Guard Yuan Kun according to the experience of years of everyone gives the following suggestions. read more

The new Shanghai Dragon technology to improve the user experience

the beginning of the title of the article is to improve the user experience and the new method of association of Shanghai Dragon technology, but feel that this is not in line with the title written content, it changed the title now.

how can let users stay for a long while not directly off the page, here we have to mention ways to improve the user experience. (the following is the author’s experience and practice, but because of the different industries are different, does not guarantee that all 100% effective, but it is absolutely no harm) read more

No longer right down and confused original

4, confirm that it is right to be reduced.

now to say Shanghai is the care of new sites, in the webmaster forum posts link with their own, not 3 days will be included. But some Adsense is depressed, my site is new sites why half a month not included? Are you sure is new? Advising you to love Shanghai domain: add your own domain name. Check to know the date of the chain is not this year, or is this a few months. The domain name is not a new domain name is certainly not new, love Shanghai put it as the old station to look at, not be reduced right, don’t worry, adhere to the article, not 20 days must be included, the premise of your domain name is not K. read more

Notice Website Optimization Website Link optimization techniques


is the second optimization techniques within the site chain and the chain. The optimization techniques within the chain site map (all within the chain that their websites together on one page) and submit it to the search engine optimization; site navigation website (a section of not more than 6, and the column level to three level within the more suitable; use less FLASH or images for navigation site navigation, try to use text format); link text (updated information, suitable for keywords to add a hyperlink, the anchor text must be associated with the content link, not too rampant, generally not more than 2); the optimization of the whole structure of the whole website (website PR transfer should be very uniform, the highest. Column page >. read more

Links exchange method and the matters needing attention a

and colleagues exchange Links, can bring to the site a good user experience, their website does not have content, to guide users to access from other websites, can effectively enhance the user experience of the site, which is why the exchange of the same industry website Links to enhance the weight of one of the reasons. However, may indirectly enhance your bounce rate.

QQ group exchange links

to enhance the popularity of the website is the individual case, if the Sohu, NetEase, Sina, etc. such large website ifeng贵族宝贝 do your website Links, is a great help to enhance the visibility of your site. read more

Lu Cong value effect on the domain name itself

said first of all types of domain names? Said yesterday blog message. Zigong Shanghai dragon gave me the message, let me return. I found Zigong blogger.Tk is the domain name domain name. I am also very interesting in the blog article below message bloggers use the TK domain name will not be affected? In my mind TK domain is free. Also included is not good, so I went to check the situation under the name. The situation appeared, love Shanghai chain has a point, but not be included. Google included is normal. This illustrates a truth. TK relative to the other kinds of domain name value is very low, we all know that com, CN domain universality is very good, let’s see, the COM domain for one year is 60 yuan, while the TK domain is free. From the long-term benefits of view, if your site has a good traffic and visibility, available TK domain benefits a lot will be more than 60. The TK is not included, benefit from where? So don’t pick up a sesame lost watermelon. read more

n the user experience on Shanghai Longfeng depth of mining value

you see the drop-down box it is: Shanghai dragon optimization, what is Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon inquiry, Shanghai dragon tutorial, if the user is a just learning, do not understand the Shanghai dragon, that he might be the first choice of the second drop-down options, if users want to check their site in Shanghai Longfeng situation it may be third, if he was a new Shanghai dragon who want to learn how to optimize the drop-down box, May Fourth options is the most appropriate.

When the user clicks the read more

The access control system of the company website internal optimization a little experience

low quality product page in figure

There are a lot of low quality pages in the website,

2. Low quality page mainly concentrated on the website of the product details page, the specific performance of the product details only by one or more images, no other relevant text, pictures also did not use the ALT tag. Because the website product detail page and text content, so it is not possible to use the robots file to shield the spider crawling, can only add some text and optimize the ALT label. read more

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon logo design optimization of three skills

many people will put a lot of links on the site the article make the conversion, in fact this is not desirable. Professionals are aware of, although the keywords ranking and the chain are closely related, but not directly linked to the chain and the number of.

more accessible: Shenzhen logo design: 贵族宝贝szlogow贵族宝贝 please indicate, thank you.

of the three Shanghai dragon optimization is high in Shenzhen dry cargo, once after the foundation of many years of work summary, I believe there will be a great help to beginners, here also suggest to try and do more to summarize their own rules. read more

Since the high quality of the chain from the user to forward this three methods you stick with it

site content is not wrong, if one is thinking of sending out the link, some people think a website to have the order reversed, always filling enough articles, to do the chain! This time, some owners will stand up and say, these are the original, this is a a

chain for most web sites, is compulsory for every day. The "master" for the master site, do the chain, if not holding 180 website account, all feel shy to say that they do promotion! But a lot of the account, it is easy to "trapped", because the individual ability is limited, only allowing users to "sleep" to help you release the chain, so very easy to let the search engine to the site and increase website weight, bring traffic to the site of the three standard read more

Talk about love in Shanghai on Meta label attitude

, search for "a ranking of the word Weikang care solution" the first site of TItle, and does not contain the keywords, but appear in the description, but its ranking than some of the website which contains the title keywords. This also means doing the Meta keyword in the label stack still has certain effect.

and Meta have much impact on the keyword ranking, Meta tag end still not to do, I want to express the view is that if your site is a normal weight site, you have no intention to optimize the practice of black hat, but the label we should go. Because no matter what Shanghai is to love the label now attitude, the label itself is to analyze pages for search engines can better inform us, roughly content spider web page, that is to say it is the starting point to the search engine, so as long as we do in this idea is to make the label spiders better index to the content of the page, then it must be the label can bring positive effect, but this is not we should pay attention to when doing the optimization of the details of what. read more

Shanghai dragon Er dare say the content of your website layout is designed according to user experie

but the current situation is a lot of websites from birth to now and in the future will be the original face, this is a very terrible thing. We can not be compared with large sites, such as some big website every year to change a version. Get some nice style, various aspects of the structure will be adjusted, we didn’t do these small and medium-sized enterprise site, but we must adjust the content of the exhibition "change according to user needs

now affect the ranking of a website is the most important user experience, content is king popular a few years ago, the chain for the emperor that the true saying now basically disappeared. Experience is king of the era, but how to do it is in line with the user experience and user needs? The analysis from the perspective of the user needs no elaboration here. Today is about the content of the page layout of how to do the most in line with the needs of users, allowing users to own content to long in the shortest time. Because it is very important, if a user to your site took a long time and did not find their own content, and ultimately disappointed, believe a not let users satisfied, you have a lifetime to lose this user. Because of the age of the Internet time cost is the biggest cost of closing a time to click on the page to another page of time a few seconds. read more

The five part of the powerful Shanghai dragon team essential

this part is relatively simple, is a completely technology type, do not need to have good eloquence, also do not need to involve the management, but for ASP, PHP and other procedures must be well known, by analogy, can quickly respond to in charge of the task after.

this part of the work needs of employees with strong executive ability and tenacity. Because objectively speaking, this part of the work is boring, even more mechanical work, but in today’s increasingly competitive, simply rely on the chain does not rely on mental physical work has been difficult to obtain good results, so the chain Commissioner should think more about the direction of work, if the wrong direction, do more work is wasted. read more

See how micro blog marketing and site optimization of resonance


first, micro-blog generally requires the release of information is illustrated with video content, but also have the right information label and topic, for Internet users to search for and attention, as in the webmaster site requirements, the content of the website is the most important to the user’s browsing experience, although the construction of video content on the site is not selected, but convenient for users to search, focusing on the nature of the user’s sensory experience requirements are the same. Second, micro-blog as a social platform, communication functions prominent, so the positive interaction is very important for the Internet marketing, information forwarding and comments, held some interesting activities are micro-blog marketing needs, and website promotion also stressed that the user’s activity, strengthen the communication between users and improve participation, attract more the fans closer, build user loyalty to the website. read more

Shanghai love Baidu in bikinis are bright blind your eyes

webmaster love Shanghai version of the home page, change is very good, hope love Shanghai to continue to strengthen the search function, can bring more benefits to the webmaster. Love hope Shanghai can develop more conducive to the webmaster tools. Only love Shanghai so it can be the first Chinese search market, this is cannot do without a grassroots webmaster, hope love like 360 Shanghai can develop more conducive to the webmaster tools. A search once out of the grassroots army, only a dead end". To grass root who in the world read more

Shanghai dragon Er old driver who knows life

as the Shanghai dragon Er, not like the others said, in front of the computer will do nothing, only know that one day to find someone to talk to brag, a month easily led the wages. The one hand does not run to the clients pull single sales, on the other hand not to do a website customer service company to solve customer problems and disputes or to allow customers to buy goods.

day is not a simple articles, update the site information, is not like the others said sitting in front of the computer do nothing, a month also took so little salary. As Shanghai dragon Er, every day, the content of information incomplete, there are a lot of data like a report every day, waiting for the meal abuse, how are you doing, how long a website traffic is still not improved, this month’s performance so much. What time do you read more

Repair site for more than a month not included the reason analysis

" I this enterprise Chengdu appliance repair station, the line has a month, at least one of original articles every day, love Shanghai or not included, do not know how to do? "

ZAC mentioned in the "Shanghai dragon combat code" website, low rate of Shanghai dragon ER personnel need to adjust the structure of the site and increase the construction of the external links. The website structure refers to the spider into the site, can be more smooth grab web content of each page. The website chain is to provide the spiders crawl the site entrance. read more