Jeffrey Hollender forced out of Seventh Generation

first_imgSeventh Generation,Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation, has been removed as director of the company and his employment has been terminated, according to a spokesperson for the company. The story was first reported by www.greenbiz.com(link is external).Chrystie Heimert told Vermont Business Magazine that the board of directors announced the decision regarding Hollender on October 26. The closely held company is employee owned. Heimert said Hollander and his wife, Sheila, who will remain as an employee and on the board, are still major shareholders in company. Hollender had helped start the company 20 years ago, took it public, then engineered a plan to return it to a private, employee-owned company.Greenbiz.com released an email it said was sent from Hollender to a friend that said, in part, that he was removed from the board and terminated ‘without cause.’ He also said he could not discuss ‘the unpleasant circumstances that led to this.’Fortune Magazine writer, author and Hollender friend Marc Gunther posted the board’s letter and Hollender’s email on his Web site. Heimert said Hollender was removed from the company because there was an issue of leadership. Chuck Maniscalco was Hollender’s hand picked successor, but she said the board did not feel it was “clear and unambiguous” as to who was leading the company.The board’s letter says that Maniscalco tendered his resignation in September, but that the board persuaded him to stay on. The letter also said that Hollender was put on a leave of absence in September. The letter and email are pasted below.Heimert confirmed that when Hollender turned over leadership of Seventh Generation in June 2009 to Maniscalco that a separation agreement between Hollender and the company was put in place and then exercised in October. She also confirmed that Hollender was put on a leave of absence in September. She said she could not release the board letter, but referred Vermont Business Magazine to Gunther’s blog.Maniscalco, she said, will remain as CEO of the company until a new CEO is chosen. Heimert said Maniscalco is now in the process of deciding whether he wants to continue in that role and apply for the job he is currently holding. Seventh Generation, based in Burlington, markets environmentally safe household and personal-care products. www.seventhgeneration.com(link is external)Heimert told Vermont Business Magazine that Seventh Generation employs about 80 in Vermont and a little over 100 system wide; it reported revenues to VBM of $138 million in 2008. Gunther’s blog cited 2009 sales of $150 million.Hollender Email: More than two decades ago, I founded Seventh Generation with the idea of creating a different way of doing business.  Since then, the company has established new benchmarks for ethical and sustainable corporate behavior, grounded in the principles of employee ownership, pay equity, environmental responsibility and transparency.  At the same time, Seventh Generation is a recognized pioneer in its category and a successful business enterprise.On Monday, October 25th, the Seventh Generation Board announced to it’s shareholders and employees that they have ‘decided to end the company’s employment relationship’ with me ‘. . .without cause’.   Though I cannot discuss the circumstances that led to this, I wanted you to hear this news directly from me. [I have also attached the letter that was sent out by the Company.]Over the past twenty years, I have had the privilege to work with an extraordinary group of committed, talented people ‘ and I thank them all and wish them the best. I plan to remain fully engaged in the work of creating a new paradigm for justice, equity and corporate responsibility through my new book, Planet Home that will be published by Random House in January 2011; my work on the boards of Greenpeace and Veritee; and in my role as the co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council.I greatly appreciate your support and friendship over the years.Board letter:October 26, 2010Dear Friends and Shareholders of Seventh Generation,In the life of every company, there comes a time when the most difficult of decisions must be made. These moments are rarely deliberately sought but instead thrust upon us by unexpected circumstance and by events, which demand that hard choices be made.Recently, the Board of Directors of Seventh Generation faced such a decision and was forced to act in what we firmly believe to be the best interests of both our company and you, its shareholders. First, I want to offer you some context. In mid September, Chuck Maniscalco, our CEO since June 2009, resigned after a very difficult period. Following lengthy discussion the Board convinced Chuck to stay to lead the company at least through a transition while the Board immediately commenced a search for a new CEO. Chuck is personally committed to and focused on leading our company through this transition period, and is considering applying for the job of leading Seventh Generation as part of our search process. We are all committed to having the best leadership we can for our company.With that as background, I want to share with you that, following our September meeting, the Board of Directors reluctantly voted to put Seventh Generation co-founder Jeffrey Hollender on a leave of absence from the company and to remove him from the Board pending further discussions about his future role. Since that time, and after further deliberation, the Board has decided to end the company’s employment relationship with Jeffrey. Importantly, when Jeffrey stepped down as CEO, he negotiated an agreement with the company that allowed for the termination of his employment and provides him with generous severance and other benefits were his employment to end. We have honored that agreement to date, and we intend to honor that agreement going forward. And, I want to assure you that the board, in making these decisions, did so with the best interests of the company, as well as fairness to Jeffrey in mind.All of this was difficult, and I must emphasize that these decisions were not taken lightly. As the leader of the company since its very earliest days and its philosophical guiding light for over two decades, Jeffrey has been an integral part of our brand and an obvious lynch pin of our success, our unique corporate spirit, and our much acclaimed emphasis on equity and justice in the way we conduct our business. It is no overstatement to say that without his unwavering dedication to our cause and his tireless efforts on our company’s behalf, we would not be the company we are today, and indeed might not be here at all. His is a legacy worthy of the highest respect and admiration, and nothing in our recent decision should dim that in any way.Nevertheless, recent events have forced us to choose between divergent paths. We have elected to set the company on the one we strongly feel has the very best chance of fulfilling the commitment we’ve made to all our stakeholders to achieve the greatest possible lasting success, financially but especially in terms of making our world a better, safer place for our children and the following seven generations.To a large extent, present circumstances mirror those at many other companies whose founders have made the decision to turn over the reins to someone else. As organizations grow, so do their managerial requirements. Eventually these increasing layers of complexity demand the recruitment of experienced professional leadership whose abilities and experiences are required to move forward. This is the crossroads at which Seventh Generation now stands.And that is an important point that must be made: Though our leadership has changed, our aspirations have not. It remains our objective to continue to grow Seventh Generation while staying true to the strategies we’ve previously shared with you over the years. We believe deeply in our business and its model, and will continue to do all that is within our power to drive our business, our social mission, and our global imperatives forward.Despite this period of executive transition, the Board remains confident in the company’s ability to continue to grow its business and social mission for long-term success. Our accomplishments over the past year are numerous, and each reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility and to growth. These important milestones include:‘Achieving three consecutive quarters of growth despite an extraordinarily challenging economic and competitive landscape. Year-to-date, our sales have grown at a double-digit pace, which would be the envy of many of our competitors during this extraordinarily challenging economic landscape.‘Successfully introducing the first ever EPA-registered botanical disinfectant cleaner.‘Launching our first-ever national advertising campaign, which more than doubled awareness of toxic cleaning product issues as well as our brand itself.‘Expanding our already extensive distribution base to include Safeway and also Wal-Mart, a partnership that accelerated our commitment to make green products affordably accessible to more consumers.‘Increasing our involvement with Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES) in order to more effectively address our economic equity concerns.‘Marshalling public support for reform of the badly outdated Toxic Substances Control Act.‘Engineering the first cleaning product packaging made from 90% post-consumer recycled content.‘Successfully completing a $30 million equity capital raise with a group of investors aligned with existing shareholders as responsible, long-term stewards of the Seventh Generation brand.Change is always difficult, and this particular evolutionary moment has certainly been more challenging than most. What matters, however, is not what has happened but what will happen. On this count, the Board is confident that it has taken the steps necessary to ensure that Seventh Generation’s untapped growth potential is fully realized in the years ahead. As we move into that promising future, we continue to express our thanks for everything Jeffrey has done for us and for the company he has built. That company has a rewarding road ahead of it indeed, but this success cannot and does not depend on any one individual. Instead it springs from the unique synergy that comes when many act together to realize a singular ideal. That’s the task before us now, and with your continued help and support, I’m certain we’ll achieve it.Respectfully,Peter GrahamChairmanRELATED:Marc Gunther Blog with letter to employees and Hollender email:http://www.marcgunther.com/2010/11/01/seventh-generation-sweeps-out-its-…(link is external) Greenbiz.com Story:http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2010/11/01/seventh-generation-fires-chief-i…(link is external) Burlington Free Press story:http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20101102/NEWS01/101102022/Sev…(link is external)center_img 2003 Vermont Business Magazine Profile of Jeffrey Hollender and Seventh Generation:http://vermontbiz.com/article/june/jeffrey-hollender-and-seventh-generationlast_img read more

OA Hosts Incoming Freshman Scholarship Banquet

first_imgOldenburg, In. — Oldenburg Academy honored the Class of 2022 Freshman Scholarship Recipients on Wednesday, April 11, in the OA Gym.  OA President, Diane H. Laake welcomed the 26 recipients, their families, and distinguished benefactors to the ceremony and assisted with the presentations of the scholarships.Sr. Marjorie Jeanne Niemer, OSF, presented the Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Scholarship to Logan Sydzyik for achieving the highest score on the OA Placement Test.  Logan attends Sunman-Dearborn Middle School and is the son of Don Sydzyik and Laurie Sydzyik.  Logan also received the Herb and June Moenter Music Scholarship presented by Mr. Keith Moenter and Mrs. Brenda Moenter- Moorman.Ms. Brenda Meyer presented the Connie Prickel Metz ’51 Scholarship to Eli Lamping.  Eli attends Batesville Middle School and is the son of Amanda Lamping and Josh Lamping.Mr. Dale Werner and Philip Werner presented the Becky Orschell Werner Scholarship to Augustus Harlow.  Augustus attends St. Mary School in Greensburg and is the son of Tracey Harlow and Rex Harlow.  Augustus also received a Presidential Scholarship.Mrs. Dottie Hoff presented the Cleophas William and Mary Elizabeth Moll Tebbe Scholarship, on behalf of Rev. Francis S. Tebbe, O.F.M., to Griffin Pitzer and Spencer Mack.  Griffin attends St. John the Baptist School in Harrison, OH and is the son of Greg and Melissa Pitzer.  Spencer attends St. Louis School in Batesville and is the son of Pete and Deb Mack.Mr. Jim Bruns presented the Holly Ann Bruns ’74 Memorial Scholarship to Lillian Eldridge, Greg Kline, Frank Moorman, and Jenna Kohrman.  Lillian attends North Decatur Junior High School in Greensburg and is the daughter of Matt and Penny Eldridge.  Greg attends St. Nicholas School in Sunman and is the son of Bryan and Marie Kline.  Frank attends Batesville Middle School and is the son of Dale and Tara Moorman. Jenna attends St. Mary School in Greensburg and is the daughter of Rick and Deb Kohrman.Ms. Diane H. Laake presented the following memorial scholarships on behalf of their families and benefactors.The Maria Duerr DeJaco ’48 Scholarship was presented to Emma Back of St. Michael School in Brookville. Emma is the daughter of David and Melanie Back.The Brenda S. Vogelsang ’84 Academic Achievement in Science Scholarship was presented to Isabelle Hornbach of Sunman-Dearborn Middle School.  Isabelle is the daughter of Doug and Bridget Hornbach.The Mildred J. Hillenbrand Scholarship was presented to Brett Wagner of Batesville Middle School.  Brett is the son of Andrea Ferkinhoff and William Wagner.The Judith Heinlein Class of 1958 Scholarship was presented to Annalise Hudepohl of St. Nicholas School in Sunman. Annalise is the daughter Andrew and Angela Hudepohl.The William A. and Martha H. Hillenbrand Scholarship was presented to Joseph Suttmann and Elizabeth Gigrich.  Joseph and Elizabeth attend St. Louis School.  Joseph is the son of Michael and Anne Suttmann. Elizabeth is the daughter of Todd and Susan Gigrich.The James E. Fritsch Scholarship was presented to Abe Streator.  Abe attends St. Louis School and is the son of Randy and Amy Streator.  Abe also received a Presidential Scholarship.Mr. Brian McFee, OA Principal, presented the following academic achievement scholarships to the Class of 2022.  These scholarships were based on the students scores on the OA Placement Test and achievements the subject areas.The Academic Achievement High School Placement Test Scholarships were presented to Elijah Waggoner of St. Michael School in Brookville and Kathryn Voegele of St. Louis School.  Eli is the son of Jeff and Brenda-Wilhelm Waggoner.  Kathryn is the daughter of Robert and Angela Voegele.Presidential Scholarships were presented to the following students.  Amelia Austin attends St. Louis School and is the daughter of Dr. Trent and Carla Austin. Elizabeth Cornett attends St. Louis School and is the daughter of Kevin and Tanner Cornett.  Kate Walke attends Batesville Middle School and is the daughter of James Walke and Tara Walke.The Academic Achievement in Math was presented to Joshua Newman of Greendale Middle School.  Josh also received a Presidential Scholarships.  He is the son of Kipp and Cindy Newman.The Academic Achievement in English was presented to Caleb Lehman of St. Louis School.  Caleb also received a Presidential Scholarship. He is the son of Chris and Jennifer Lehman.The Academic Achievement in Art was presented to Annabelle Kuhlmann of St. Lawrence School in Lawrenceburg.  Annabelle is the daughter Scott and Ashlee Kuhlmann.“OA is very grateful to the many families and individuals who have established and continue to support named scholarships that honor the life and legacy of someone who has been positively impacted by the Academy.  This helps to ensure that these incoming freshmen will all have the same opportunities for academic challenge, creative expression in the fine/performing arts, and a deepening of their faith found here at OA,” commented Ms. Laake.“The Freshman Scholarship ceremony was a great success, providing scholarships to the best and brightest students around!  These opportunities established allow students of all backgrounds to attend the Academy and receive an excellent Catholic education with a rich tradition,” commented Mr. McFee.last_img read more

Stuart Baxter steps down as South Africa’s coach

first_imgHead coach of South Africa, Stuart Baxter has stepped down days after Africa Cup of Nations exploits.The Bafana Bafana coach has confirmed he has resigned although he has three years left on his contract.The Englishman was appointed on a five-year deal to take charge of affairs of the South African men’s football team on May 4, 2017.The 65-year-old qualified the South Africans to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations tournament.He led Bafana Bafana to the quarter-finals of the AFCON where they sensationally beat host nation, Egypt in the round of 16 of the tournament.The one-time AFCON champions, however, were not that impressive in the recently ended AFCON as they scored just one goal in the group stages and only qualified to the round of 16 as one of the best third-placed countries.Their fairytale ended against the Super Eagles of Nigeria who emerged as bronze medalists.The English international called for a press conference to announce his decision to resign from his post as head coach of South Africa.“Someone should continue with this project and therefore I am resigning as Bafana Bafana head coach, Baxter said.“It was my personal decision to step down.”“I feel that I cannot continue to work with the required professionalism and passion as I have done, and to deal with the many issues involved with this programme.“I’ve chosen not to point fingers in the past and will not do that now, and even when it would have been better for me personally to blame others I’ve tried to recognise what I could do to affect the situation and keep a level of integrity.”Stuart Baxter took charge of 21 games with Bafana Bafana where he won just eight times, drawn four and lost nine games in the process.He was previously manager of SuperSports United and Kaizer Chiefs all in South Africa.last_img read more

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest records: Who has eaten the most hot dogs on July 4?

first_imgWhat is the prize for winning Nathan’s hot dog contest?First place in both the men’s and women’s division receive a $10,000 prize. A remaining $20,000 purse is divided among the runners-up in both divisions.While the money is great, the real prestige comes in the awarding of the championship belts. The winner of the men’s division receives a legendary mustard-colored, WWE-style belt, while the women’s champion receives a Pepto-Bismol-colored and sponsored pink belt. Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/28/1e/nathanshotdog062919gettyftr_1l68a41xv51501qx1fl6cn744f.jpg?t=-1536738525&w=500&quality=80 We’ve all been there before. The Fourth of July picnic is almost over and you’re faced with the question of whether you should have that fourth or fifth hot dog. For competitors in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, that would be a mere snack.The annual competition returns for another year to its iconic Coney Island location in New York, where a competitors stuff their faces with dozens of hot dogs and buns in a 10-minute span. MORE: Joey Chestnut net worth and career earningsJoey “Jaws” Chestnut is seeking his 13th Mustard Belt. He won again in 2019 a year after setting a new record in the 2018 contest by eating 74 hot dogs, a full 10 more than the next best competitor. Miki Sudo has won the women’s division six straight years, but has never come closer than four hot dogs short of Sonya Thomas’ women’s record of 45.Chestnut has raised his Nathan’s-Hot-Dog-Eating-Contest best in each of the last three years and inevitably has his eyes — and stomach — set on downing 75 all-beef franks at this year’s event.Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest recordsMatt Stonie is the only competitor in this year’s contest that has come within 12 hot dogs of Joey Chestnut’s world record of 74 hot dogs. The following records only reflect totals since 2008, the first year the allotted time was shortened from 12 minutes to 10.YearContestantHot dogs eaten2018Joey Chestnut742016Joey Chestnut73.5*2017Joey Chestnut722019Joey Chestnut712016Joey Chestnut702013Joey Chestnut692012Joey Chestnut682009Joey Chestnut682008Takeru Kobayashi64.52018Carmen Cincotti642015Matt Stonie62*Chestnut’s 2016 record was set at the Giant National Capital BBQ Battle just nine days before the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating ContestWomen’s Division YearContestantHot dogs eaten2012Sonya Thomas452017Miki Sudo412009Sonya Thomas412011Sonya Thomas402007Sonya Thomas392016Miki Sudo382015Miki Sudo382018Miki Sudo372012Sonya Thomas36.752012Juliet Lee362010Sonya Thomas36How many hot dogs did Joey Chestnut eat in 2019?Joey Chestnut ate 71 hot dogs at the 2019 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, three shy of the world record he set in 2018 by eating 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes in a sweltering 91-degree heat.”I was feeling good today,” Chestnut said minutes after eating nearly 21,000 calories worth of food. “I was happy. I love to eat. I tried to just have fun and was enjoying the food.”Chestnut appeared to have “only” eaten 64 hot dogs when the clock expired, but judges later ruled his official counter had missed an entire plate of 10 hot dogs that he had quickly chowed down. Runner-up Carmen Cincotti’s counter also missed two full plates he had consumed, raising his original total of 44 to 64. Getty Imageslast_img read more