Trump’s efforts to undermine U.S. democracy make the news around the world

first_img– Advertisement – Germany’s Der Spiegel wrote that Trump was like a “late Roman emperor” who has “set a historic standard for voter contempt.””One can feel the anxiety for potential chaos seeing metal fences and security being hastily installed around the White House,” an editorial from a Hong Kong newspaper controlled by the Chinese government said. “The American election has became a global joke.”- Advertisement – And in Russia, a spokesman said President Vladimir Putin would hold “an international telephone conversation” on Thursday, but no further details were offered. last_img read more

COLUMN: The Coliseum has lost its edge

first_imgOhio State. Alabama. Florida State. They all have one thing in common: It’s almost impossible to beat them at their home stadiums. In fact, these teams are a combined 72-3 at home since the 2012 season.The fact that these teams are so dominant at home should come as no surprise. Over the past four years, Ohio State, Alabama and Florida State have been some of the most consistent teams. In fact, these three teams are the past three NCAA champions.USC used to be this dominant at home. Teams hated to make the trek to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. However, times have changed.Last Thursday, the Trojans dropped their second consecutive home game, a feat that hasn’t happened since 2001 — Pete Carroll’s first year in charge.  In fact, since Carroll’s departure after the 2009 season, the Trojans have struggled mightily at home.During Carroll’s nine-year tenure from 2001-09, the Trojans lost a combined five home games. As noted above, two of those came in his first year as head coach and another two came during his last season in 2009. The only other loss was a 24-23 stunner to Jim Harbaugh’s Stanford in 2007.To put it straight, the Trojans were basically invincible at home from 2002-08 going 41-1 and at one point having an impressive 32 home game winning streak. The Coliseum was the holy grail of stadiums. The crowd, the media and the players all knew the Trojans were going to win every home game.Everything changed after the 2008 season. In 2009, the Stanford Cardinal handed the Trojans their worst home defeat in ages — a whopping 55-21 loss. You have to go back to 1966 when the Fighting Irish shut out the Trojans 51-0 at the Coliseum.The aura of the Coliseum faded after that Stanford game and seemingly never recovered. After only suffering five home defeats during the Carroll era, the Trojans have lost five games in the past three years, and 11 games since Carroll bolted for the NFL in 2009.Under Kiffin and Sarkisian, the Trojans lost six games against unranked opponents and boast only one win over a top 10 ranked team — 2013 against No. 4 Stanford. Even more insinuating is the fact that the Trojans only have one home win each over UCLA and Notre Dame since Carroll’s departure.The Coliseum is simply no longer feared.Teams like Washington State, Arizona State and Washington would have never dreamed of  beating USC at home before. Most of this is a result of the coaching. Kiffin and Sarkisian were sub-par head coaches at best, but some of the blame falls on the shoulders of the fans as well.Growing up, I had the privilege of watching the Trojans during their impressive 32 home game winning  streak. Every time I went to the Coliseum, the stadium would be rocking. Oftentimes, it was so loud you could barely hold a conversation with the person next to you if you weren’t screaming.Last Thursday, the attendance at the Coliseum was pathetic.I remember gazing around the Coliseum and thinking to myself, “Wow, I haven’t seen this place so quiet in years.”The Coliseum was half empty, the student section didn’t fill up until mid-way through the second quarter and the only time there was life was when the Trojans needed a stop late in the fourth quarter.As fans, we have to do better. Ohio State consistently ranks in the top three of attendance with an average of 105,000 fans per game. The Trojans, who have one of the largest seating capacities at 90,000, have had an average attendance of just 73,000 over the past five years.Heck, even Michigan, who went 5-7 last season, had an average attendance of 104,000 people. Sure the stadium holds 109,900, but almost selling out every game when your team is that awful is pretty impressive.The Coliseum can get back to its glory days, but it starts with the fans. Every game during the Carroll era was basically a sell out. The Trojans haven’t sniffed anywhere near 90,000 fans since 2008.The Trojans will reach greatness again, but I think it has to start with winning home games. Losses to 17-point under dogs at home can’t be tolerated any longer.The Coliseum needs to be feared once again.Nick Barbarino is a senior majoring in business administration. His column, “Beyond the Arc,” runs Thursdays.last_img read more

Jagdeo urges supporters to fight injustices lawfully

first_img…confident about a PPP win at 2020 elections…Harmon insists coalition will govern past 2020By Michael YoungeIn two years, Guyanese will once again have the opportunity to exercise their franchise and either maintain the status quo or create a new political situation in the country when the 2020 General and Regional Elections are constitutionally due.But Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is maintaining that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will emerge victorious at those polls once its leadership remains focused on addressing the concerns of the Guyanese public while fighting the increasing levels of injustices committed against hard-working and ordinary Guyanese citizens by the ruling A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance ForOpposition Leader Bharrat JagdeoChange Government.Protecting the working classJagdeo, addressing a gathering at a meeting in La Bonne Intention (LBI), East Coast of Demerara on Thursday said the PPP was a strong and patient party. He said it understood the importance of struggle and perseverance in politics, especially when those who are wielding executive authority are abusing their power and engaging in unconstitutional and illegal acts which place the future of the country on a whole at risk.The Opposition Leader explained that the PPP fought against the dictatorship ofMinister of State Joseph Harmonformer Prime Minister and President Forbes Burnham during the tenure of the People’s National Congress and it was successful despite attempts to silence the party and divide it during its early years. He said the PPP was ready to struggle again to protect the rights of all of the working-class people of this country, even though the times are different. Jagdeo told the gathering that his party only required that they remain focused and united over the next two years.“For many years, we thought that we had struggled enough and the freedoms we enjoyed would always be there forever but we have to get back to the struggle… and if we fought 28 years of dictatorship, we can fight dictatorship again and we will win,” he said to loud applause from the attentive crowd.Get registeredThe PPP General Secretary then urged all those present to get themselves organised, either individually or in groups over the coming weeks in order toA section of the gathering at LBIensure that their names were on the National Voters List (NVL). He said they must also play a role in ensuring that every member of their family, who met the eligibility for registration, according to the laws and rules outlined by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), got registered.Jagdeo said it was important that those who faced issues at the last General Elections ironed out whatever problems they had now whether it was securing transfers or effecting changes to their misspelt names.“There is no room for complacency. We must help our brothers and sisters get registered and remain on the Voters List. We must also ensure that we work as a community to resist any illegality or threat our rights. No one will walk over us. We must defend the gains we have made over these last 23 years at the local level,” the PPP General Secretary said.He also underscored the importance of the community and others along the sugar belt supporting those workers who were dismissed or made redundant by Government and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).“Get them on the Voters List. Let them go and sort out their issues now. Make sure they are all registered to vote. We all need to work together and quietly because the next election is important,” he remarked.Jagdeo believed that his party’s multi-ethnic composition and multi-ethnic approach to politics would see it being re-elected to Government. He insisted that the PPP’s track record in almost every area of Government outshines the coalition Government’s performance to date.He maintained that the country was going under and backwards because of the lack of vision on the part of the David Granger led-Administration and their love for corruption and extravagance.“Ordinary citizens matter. Democracy belongs to them. But the APNU believes that they alone have a right to sovereignty. The ballots of citizens matter and they will learn this. They may have succeeded in fooling people once but now no longer is fooled now and we are seeing their true colours”, he said passionately.APNU winBut Minister of State and APNU General Secretary Joseph Harmon in an invited comment shared a different view about who may win the next General and Regional Elections. “Based on how we see things and the way in which the population is now responding, we will be here beyond 2020.” He was asked about the plans for expending the monies that would from the oil and gas sectors at the beginning of 2020. Again, he touted the coalition securing of the “good life” for the people through a number of projects which he did not name or describe specifically.last_img read more