The draft strictly limit the third party payment Alipay bank account transfer to others

The draft strictly limit the third party payment Alipay bank account transfer to others

[Abstract] draft of the third party payment account opening, consumption limits, transfers and other aspects have made strict restrictions.


Tencent science and technology news (Wang Pan) August 28th news, non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach (Draft), the official end of the public comment today. This draft at the end of the month by the central bank in its official website.

this is called the history of the most stringent new rules for the payment of the network to open the third party payment account, consumption limits, transfers, as well as financial management has made strict restrictions.

draft for the first time will be divided into two categories of payment accounts: comprehensive account and consumer accounts". Comprehensive account "refers to the payment account balance can be used for consumption, transfer and the purchase of investment products or services" refers to the "consumer account account, payment account balance can only be used for consumption and transfers to the customer name bank account".

draft for the user to register a virtual account to provide the number of proof of identity, the difference between the security level of the account. The draft requires a comprehensive account to face to face verification identity, or the use of more than 5 kinds of verification methods for cross validation; consumer accounts needed more than 3 way cross validation. This will improve the access threshold to a large extent, increase the cost of user access.

draft article seventeenth: "the payment mechanism for customers to the bank account to account transfer payment, transfer accounts should be limited to the payment account name bank debit account; payment account to the bank debit account transfer handling, transferred to the account shall be limited to the customer designated one of my namesake bank debit account."

this means that once the execution, after the user will not be able to through the Alipay and three party payment account to another bank account transfer.

Analysys think tank analyst Hao Zhujing said that the draft clear positioning of the third party payment functions, namely "payment channel". The third party payment institution is not a bank, the other bank account transfer business is the ownership of the bank, the clear provisions of the third party payment institutions can not do bank transfers business between bank accounts and payment account transfers only my namesake bank debit card.

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