Taobao hungry Mody the United States mission take away the Library O2O food in front of where

Taobao hungry Mody the United States mission take away the Library O2O food in front of where

January 18, 2014 afternoon, Haidian District’s 3W coffee, I dark horse takeaway O2O salon held as scheduled.

due to the outbreak of O2O on the eve of the I dark horse salon scene a hot. Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States, said the United States – each industry is about to erupt, Sharon activities will be very hot. U.S. Vice President Wang Huiwen, hungry co-founder Kang Jia, product manager Wang Lei, Amoy little takeaway library founder Meng Chao, four O2O industry pioneer in the I game player, horse salon to share their views for delivery, O2O.

O2O really come, from the big to small entrepreneurs, from the old rivers and lakes to start college students, they have their own views on food and beverage O2O.



, I black horse salon dialogue summary.

U.S. mission: we want to seize the opportunity to take out O2O

(I horse note: as the first group purchase group, at the end of 2013 start into the takeaway O2O field, and was very high-profile)

Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States


began in the United States to do O2O, rather than we do today to buy, do not take into the O2O. Group buying is one of the forms of O2O, takeaway is one of the forms of O2O, can not be completely separated from this thing.

any emerging industry will go through several stages: invisible, do not understand, look down, can not catch up.

Take out

should be at the beginning of 2000, at the South Gate of Tsinghua University have takeaway website, I remember 05 years when we do have a campus network called I love my website made a takeaway website, then they also told us to do a joint activity. But a few years ago, a lot of home to do the business of the dead, of course, there are many reasons for the death of a variety of reasons, there are several reasons: the timing is not right, the practice is not right, the resources are not in place.

with the Group buy, WeChat, mobile Internet, round round, consumers and businesses in the Internet and mobile Internet to solve the needs of their lives, the growing awareness. Businesses are increasingly strong sense of the use of mobile Internet, so there are a lot of home began to try.

takeaway this thing to the United States mission, time can not say very mature, it should be said that the time is pressing, the previous example, classified information, group purchase, these big development trend, if you miss a point in time did not play it back to become more and more difficult to approach.

So we discuss the internal

, takeaway industry is big enough, consumers use frequency is high enough, businesses are also catering services businesses, so with us before the original group purchase business is very complementary. So there is a feeling of Time will not wait for me. over the years, the actual.

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