A shares PO speed in November nearly a hundred institutions to get out

A shares PO speed in November nearly a hundred institutions to get out

According to

‘s private equity group data show that in November 2016 a total of 43 Chinese companies to complete the IPO, IPO number increased by an increase of 59.26%, an increase of 330%. In IPO, the total financing amounted to $5 billion 970 million, the amount of financing a decrease of 17.38%, an increase of 157.75%. This month IPO enterprise involves 16 primary industry, landing 4 trading market, the average rate of IPO financing amounted to $139 million, the highest single financing amount of $1 billion 638 million, the minimum amount of $11 million 281 thousand and 200 financing. 43 IPO companies in 30 companies have VC/PE support, accounting for 69.77%. This month the largest amount of three IPO cases: the listing of Bank of Shanghai ($1 billion 638 million), step pharmaceutical listed ($599 million), Haixing electric power market ($339 million). In addition, in November 1, 2016, yum Chinese (Stock Code: YUMC) from Yum! Brands (Stock Code: YUM) is split, formal independence traded on the NYSE, not included in the statistics of this month.


in November the Commission conducted a total of four IPO approval: the first Friday the Commission announced the approval of the first application of the first 9 companies; the approval of the second Friday of the 15 week approved by the 14 companies in the first half of the first approved by the 14. November Commission issued 52 new shares issued, the frequency of the issue has increased significantly, the highest number of new single issue since the issuance of this year. IPO speed is not only conducive to the recovery of the capital market financing function in order to help the development of enterprises, but also allows investors to invest in the company after the listing to seek the appropriate capital exit. November, a total of 43 Chinese companies to complete the IPO, of which A shares listed on the 33, a total of nearly one hundred institutions get IPO exit.

Bank of Shanghai (601229.SH) and Bank of Wujiang (603323.SH) listed on the Shanghai stock exchange this month, officially joined the A commercial banking group. Fruit and vegetable food: COFCO (01610.HK) carnivorous and Zhou Heiya (01458.HK) on the main board of the Hongkong IPO; Honghui fruits and vegetables (603336.SH) and the Tianjin eighteen street Guifa Xiang twist (002820.SZ) A shares listed. The health sector: Beida Pharmaceutical (300558.SZ), music (300562.SZ), Kai Laiying Medical Center (002821.SZ) listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; step Pharmaceutical (603858.SH) and Kangdelai (603987.SH) landed the Shanghai; Hong Wah medical (03689.HK) listed on the main board of Hongkong. In addition, data center and IT infrastructure services provider data (Stock Code: GDS) listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange this month, raising $193 million.



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