Taobao teamed up to ban more than 2 thousand phishing sites

Taobao teamed up to ban more than 2 thousand phishing sites


technology news March 12th morning news, announced today that the protection of online shopping transaction security first collaboration with the national public security departments, network security and success together blocked more than 2 thousand of phishing sites that endanger the safety of transactions.

at the same time, announced today: Firefox browser roam, joined Taobao security alliance, became the first anti phishing browser security. According to the agreement, they will be the first time sharing of network security information, dynamic ban into the blacklist of phishing sites; using the two browser consumers, will automatically receive "phishing" ability, enjoy the security of online shopping experience.

in the government departments and many socially responsible enterprises to guard against, the fight against fraud, the likelihood of fraud through the transaction process is getting smaller and smaller. According to the survey, online shopping fraud gradually turned to the use of phishing sites to cheat the user account password or bank card password, becoming the largest online shopping risk.

remind the public security organs: the consumer group purchase through the Internet, we should enhance the awareness of risk prevention, in recognition of the counterparty honesty, do not pay to the other payment, deposit money. Pay attention to the prevention of such traps in the Internet, to protect their bank card number and password, in order to avoid loss of property.

exposure: phishing

four tricks

public security, network security department jointly Taobao survey found that scammers lure users to phishing sites mainly through the following four methods:

, a direct seller sent by want to imitate language, click to enter the

induced member;

two, the promise of lower than the market price of a larger discount, the premise is to allow members to pay the deposit phishing sites rarely, usually 0.01 yuan or 0.1 yuan, when members of the fishing site enter your card number and password to pay when the relevant information has been stolen;

three, in the recharge card transactions, sending false recharge page, lured buyers to fill in the account and password phishing sites;

four, through the station letter issued false Taobao official event winning information, trick users click on Phishing sites.

expert: 5 strokes anti phishing techniques to protect online shopping security

public security, network security department and Taobao network security experts through research, recommend to consumers 5 strokes to prevent phishing sites phishing methods:

first, keep in mind the official website

two, web site comparison method. When you receive a more familiar Web site (such as a bank or shopping site), before you enter the information you can re – know the spelling of the site to compare.

, for example, when you open the site to others to give you (, do not enter any information, but the other party will be sent to their own web site and their own web site

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