Zhu Weilian put down the burden of national software Lei Jun

Zhu Weilian put down the burden of national software Lei Jun

      China software industry as a curtain, the game circle is a pool of water. Lei Jun led Jinshan from yilianyoumeng moved to a pool of water. 19 years of Jinshan, 15 years of service, around 8 years, Lei Jun finally airness, walked the long road listed hard.

      Jinshan listed not only for its many years of hard work and dedication of the old employees a shot in the arm, but also so many people in the industry and even the people who Public opinions are divergent., showing that the former Miss "hold high the banner of national software kingsoft. In fact, people are worrying about. In front of the software and entertainment, our consumers apparently more interested in entertainment for pay, but also if Jinshan die carrying what software banner would have put up the shutters. Survival is the last word. Lei Jun has apparently firmly realized that rely on WPS, Duba, has been unable to carry the development of Kingsoft PowerWord, in a breakthrough field games has undoubtedly become the choice of jinshan.

      Jinshan chairman Qiu Baijun is one of the most outstanding programmers in China, some people have seen him in 5 minutes with C language to write a small game, can be played without BUG. Lei Jun was asked to do a good game in China, what kind of skills. Lei answer is able to write 10000 lines of code on the line. Lei graduated from the computer department of Wuhan University, is a programmer who co wrote a "DOS programming" and "deep deep Windows programming" and other books. Moreover, there is no development of online games to rocket science realm, plus many gaming giant company executives also said only write code are not Lei opponent.

      in the past two years, online games provide a guarantee for continued progress. Jinshan in the first quarter of 2007 income is nearly 10 times the 2004 annual income, so the rapid growth that Lei tasted the sweetness. Now some people say Jinshan quick or how embarrassing it, these are very unable to conceal the fact that: Jinshan in Lei Jun’s leadership, the use of online to buy time, to honor the commitment, will form a new power and the impact on the future development of the road.

      the Jinshan in Hongkong IPO’s share price and market capitalization are unable to compete with other companies listed on the Nasdaq, review a few years ago in the grand capital market of the worst of the most bloody listing can be called listed tears. Lei Jun and Jinshan should be moved to 99 times oversubscribed tears, behind it reflects the perception and expectation of the capital market of jinshan. As for Mr Zhang, one of the founders of the golden hill, who complained that the stock price was too low, it was just a public relations language, and he would not be surprised if it was possible to change the price of the stock.


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