Online travel ambitious twenty million investment Bai Cheng travel Alibaba

Online travel ambitious twenty million investment Bai Cheng travel Alibaba


yesterday, Alibaba announced a new $twenty million joint investment, broadband capital investment Bai Cheng travel, this is the poor travel network, on the road after another online travel industry investment.

today, the Alibaba’s Taobao travel network announced the launch of 100 million yuan consumer protection fund, the advertisements in tourism consumers heart. As we all know, the most terrible travel online shopping service is not guaranteed. School of scheming, Ali this move is to capture user online travel market.

before this, Alibaba and Ctrip scandal intensified, Ctrip’s share price has soared. If the two sides to finalize strategic cooperation, Ali online travel market dominance will undoubtedly be further consolidated. On the other hand, Ctrip as a typical example of O2O, improve the layout of the local life service Ali, Ma Yun also added that the cloud service to one end.

tourism as one of the few trillion market, money king vast. At present, OTA (online travel agency), travel vertical search where, mobile travel market share of APP is very small. Therefore, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba three force is beyond doubt.

we may wish to sort out the layout of Alibaba in the online travel industry.

past: learn from Taobao and Tmall traffic grew rapidly

Ali’s Taobao travel is a very low-key business line. But in recent years, the rate of expansion is very alarming, the effect of this catfish has been fermented in the OTA industry.

May 2010, Alibaba launched Taobao travel platform. After three years of development, in January 2013, Ali group split into the division of the year when the air travel business has also been split up to set up the air travel division of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce and industry, the Ministry of aviation and Tourism Division of the Ministry of aviation and tourism industry in 25. This also means that Ali group’s emphasis on air travel.

during this period, Taobao travel very smart of self positioning, staggered Ctrip business travel, the main free, free to provide a one-stop platform for consumers. In Taobao and Tmall traffic driven by the rapid development of Taobao travel, in 2011 the annual turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching RMB 10 billion 900 million yuan. The time of the year Ctrip revenue of 3 billion 500 million yuan.

November 2012, OTA giant Ctrip to Tmall flagship store opened. In other words, Ctrip also saw the Tmall platform. Because the flow and brand, is a favorable channel for themselves.

last year, Taobao began to expand outward travel. In May, the strategic investment in mobile APP "on the road", July investment in poor travel network. At the same time, Ali’s Amoy search products to enter the field of vertical travel search, where the signs of alignment.

July 4, 2013, Taobao travel in the middle of the year to promote the day of the mobile phone client ticket volume exceeded 30 thousand, while the hotel

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