Under the ambition of the capital of the anime BT site was clean but the two dimension in addition t

Under the ambition of the capital of the anime BT site was clean but the two dimension in addition t


wrote in the front: IP adaptation PA screen throughout 2015, said that there is a criticism of it, but had to admit, in the promotion of genuine cultural industry content development, IP hot is still a little bit of use. IP original concept to attract capital, this year, many companies have introduced foreign animation genuine resources, to create their own two dimensional platform to attract young people. The past two days, light of the country shut down, the relevant personnel were arrested, and two BT roaming animation garden site closed, recalling the 2015, have to say, "IP hot" in the promotion of the domestic animation industry is gradually moving towards a "genuine" era. In this paper, the two dimensional experience record series of the second, continue to explore ways to break the wall.

this Christmas is a bit cold for the two dimensional natives.

December 23rd, the person in charge of the domestic large-scale light novel content platform of the land of light and light was arrested, then website announced officially closed, the message "the end of an era, a new era will begin".

December 24th, roaming BT announced permanently closed, message Everthing has a beginning, has an ending". Another domestic animation BT resources website, although not announced the closure of the garden, but all of the resources can not be opened.

a time, a piece of some.

IP hot push genuine content under the introduction of


and IP in recent years the concept of the hot. IP to change the game writers and derivatives fire, not only exposed the lack of the original content of the market, but also allow the capital market began to focus on the two dimensional field. The introduction of animation, comics and light fiction, have shown that some companies want to take the lead in the capture of the animation market, while the existing content into a film and television drama works to achieve rapid realization.

in the animation industry, animation plays the most important role, the audience, light novels and comics, at the source of the industrial chain, there are a lot of hot animation are derived from light novels every year, "the melancholy of" and "durarara" and "Fate Zero" etc., are adapted from existing light novels.

It is not surprising that the

light state and the closure of the library of light.

in October 19th this year, the Tencent light novel on-line channels, July and Guangzhou day Wen Kadokawa animation cooperation based on the platform are "working! Devil", "magic", "index expurgatorius shakugan no Shana" and "durarara" and other popular works.

and the light of the country as the largest light novel forum, over the years the accumulation of resources and popularity, is bound to become a barrier to the light of the novel channel. According to the West China Metropolis Daily reported that in October this year, Guangzhou days to hear the horn Animation Co., Ltd.

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