Taobao’s website Amoy website latest web site included rules

Taobao’s website Amoy website latest web site included rules

    the latest news, Amoy website recently finally "time and again starting out", released a series of rules included. According to Amoy website official said, the rules will be in the future development, according to user needs to improve and optimize.

will now receive the latest release of the official rules of the Amoy Amoy website excerpts are as follows:

A. application format is not correct

B. Alexa ranked 200 thousand in the world, PR> =4 (except the characteristics of the site)

C., as well as open chain link speed is too slow is not included in

D. yellow, reactionary website does not include

E. has not included

pop-up ads

F. is not compatible with the mainstream browser does not include

From the above criteria included

from, the web site is not high in Amoy included the quantization threshold soon, but for the requirements of the user experience than similar site navigation station demanding. However, this is for the majority of users of the site navigation station, is indeed a good benefits for small and medium site webmasters, but it is not a small challenge.

site navigation station in emerging today, users need a real extreme daily site and consider their own tailor-made, which is a network of commercial products too rampant today, benign webmaster needed for their own thinking.


according to careful friends to understand, scouring the site since July after the late on the line. Always moves frequently, function updates fast, such as mailbox login, favorites function, and adjust the updated many pages, such as insurance, lottery tickets, cars, stocks, real estate, music, video, movies, games, and even added some other site navigation station are not the innovation category, to make it more humanization.

Taobao through scouring the site of the chain of life in this way, on the one hand can promote their own services, increase traffic entrance, on the other hand can also get good advertising revenue.

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