Baidu DNS said rising analytical record tampering

Baidu DNS said rising analytical record tampering

January 12th morning news, Baidu today for large-scale unable to access the message, security company rising analysis said that the attack hackers use DNS record tampering. Prior to the famous micro-blog ( site Twitter had been attacked, but also the use of such a way.

it is understood that this is since Baidu has established, the duration of the longest, suffered the most severe impact of hackers, Internet users access to Baidu, will be redirected to a IP address in Holland, Baidu’s all are unable to access the subdomain.

other users reflect, the page shows a large green, white flag, the page has Persian text, and write IRANIAN CYBER ARMY (Iran army).

, experts believe that the root cause of the attack, is currently the Internet domain name DNS server security management has not received due attention. At present, the vast majority of domain names have similar security risks, making DNS there are many security risks. In this incident, hackers bypass Baidu’s own security, and attacked the DNS management server, resulting in serious consequences of the attack.

, experts said, the Twitter website in December 18, 2009, has been almost the same hacker attack. Its home page was tampered with, claiming to be from a network of troops in Iran. The attack method and the inaccessible phenomenon are completely consistent with this attack.

, experts remind each large network company and related domain management institutions, should take the following measures to prevent: the domain name DNS server management, safe and reliable use of their own, and pay attention to follow up DNS related vulnerability information, update the latest patch server consolidation. Protect their own important confidential information security, to avoid the domain name management rights are stolen.

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