The destruction of chinahr com operation failure mode into a dilemma

The destruction of chinahr com operation failure mode into a dilemma

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Sohu has not been sold, 200 employees have demanded layoffs, even at the expense of containment for the executives, the parent company of Monster, is not only the surface light, is also a foreign China do not understand the case. More profound is that the traditional recruitment website for many years no innovation, by various segments of social networking sites are eroded.


operation failed: foreign holdings bring suicide revision

from 2005 to 2008, the recruitment website giant Monster through continuous injection, obtain all shares, investment amounted to $243 million, highest valuation of $316 million.

in up to now 7 years, has been at a loss share has been in decline. IResearch data show that as of the third quarter of 2012, revenue is only 14% of the defendants.

even more surprising is that, in July last year, suddenly revision without notice, the use of American style website style, from the interface to navigation is not in line with the China netizens "fool habits at a glance", led to the loss of a large number of users. This revision also affects the enterprise release position system, an enterprise HR responsible person also revealed that, after the revision of posting costs increased significantly, and the company no longer renewal.

it is hard to imagine, under the failures in a foreign enterprise at China, can have such a violation of customary localization decision.

model dilemma: traditional recruitment companies into advertising website

three open recruitment website, qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin and, can be found in the first screen position by the enterprise to occupy the picture.

the positions of these companies are not necessarily empty but perennial hanging, in fact, is to advertise rather than recruiters. The recruitment site in the product for many years did not see innovation, job seekers in the low sea investment, HR batch elimination resume model has continued to date. Even the job information is abused, the insurance company often receives telephone harassment such uninvited.

On the surface of

recruitment website is to build a bridge between the enterprise and job seekers, but to some extent, is a flow of the sale of the site, will be sold to a large number of users of the enterprise, the company sells advertising.

: come to a standstill is subdivided social recruitment website eroded

from the point of view of the classification of the types of people, there are three types of recruitment sites: the public category of the 1, such as the traditional recruitment of the top three web sites (business professionals). 2 classified information website, such as 58 city Ganji (lower end talent, such as bricklaying, driver etc.). 3 social networking sites (sub category).

three recruitment website service object, should

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