The nternet today 20 years ago Bill Gates golden laws and precious rules has been predicted

The nternet today 20 years ago Bill Gates golden laws and precious rules has been predicted

Beijing on January 4th news, according to technology website TechInsider reported that many people do not know, the Internet industry is now regarded as the golden laws and precious rules "content is king" theory, Bill · Gates as early as 20 years ago mentioned. In 1996, the Internet industry and is now in a world of difference. At that time, whether it is Internet users or sites are very scarce, slow to painful, like YouTube and Facebook that modern site has not yet appeared, and specifically for digital media service is almost unheard of.


even though the Internet is so poor, but Gates sees it as a kaleidoscope of prosperous future. In January 3, 1996, Gates published a "content is king" article, made a bold prediction on the future development of the Internet industry, for example, he said the user generated content will rise, and the print media will die out. Looking back 20 years later, many of Gates’s predictions have come true:


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1, Internet content will be the same as the TV industry to make money

I think the future of the Internet will really make money content, just like in the television industry, Gates wrote in the article.

in 1996 when the Internet content is scarce, because then slow speed, Internet access, the number of Internet users is only about 10 million people.

but Gates said, with the development of time, more and better content will appear, there will be more and more people want to browse these content, and content providers will make a lot of money through digital advertising.

Internet is now the same as the TV industry to make money yet, but advertising spending is gradually tilted to the digital.

, according to the New York Times, will spend about 38% of its advertising spending on television this year, and by 2017, the number will exceed that of TV commercials.


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2, user generated content site will occupy the Internet

the most exciting thing about the Internet is that as long as there are PC and mouse you can publish any content. In a sense, the Internet is like a copier, it can copy content at very low cost, no matter how large the amount of users."

Gates doesn’t use the term "user generated content", but that’s exactly what he describes. At that time, a small number of companies contributed most of the content, people who want to sound only to find local newspapers.

but young Internet is like a democratic Kingdom, Gates believes that this will allow people.

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