Mobile nternet blowout of small and medium sites how to follow up

Mobile nternet blowout of small and medium sites how to follow up


growing number of mobile phone users, the rapid popularity of smart phones, are indicative of the mobile Internet industry has entered a rapid development of the channel. For small and medium-sized website, do not enter the mobile Internet, will miss the boat! So, how do the webmaster


Internet users demand surge

in the current environment, the urgent need to solve the huge demand for 300 million mobile phone users. Now more and more Internet users are accustomed to the use of mobile Internet surfing, whether at home, travel, travel, you can use the phone instead of PC to send and receive mail, browse news and document processing. A large number of these users are also community forum users, they will encounter difficulties when using the phone to visit the forum. On the one hand, the use of mobile phones to browse the forum will make the page variant, affecting the user experience, on the other hand, browse the web version of the more expensive traffic, will significantly increase the cost of calls.

part of the webmaster have seen huge potential demand for mobile phone users and mobile Internet, they have launched a website or mobile phone version of the mobile client, to meet the needs of mobile phone users access. But a large part of the owners are faced with the high cost of development, the technical difficulty of the threshold, can not successfully transition to the mobile internet.

to a local site in Jiangsu and Zhejiang coastal area as an example, the mobile Internet began recruiting talents and engineer them early in the end of 2011, hope to adapt to the development of mobile phone reading version of the website, and more suitable for mobile phone users. But the problem is that the mobile Internet engineers are not good, some of the experience of the development of engineers or join the big companies, or choose to go to the North Canton venture, and these engineers pay high requirements. After six months, in the recruitment failed at the local site or give up the mobile Internet plan.

for the cost and technical problems faced by the webmaster, a number of community software providers are considering generic solutions. Discuz! For example, they understand a lot in stationmaster needs, has launched the WAP version and handheld forum, respectively to ordinary mobile phone users with intelligent mobile phone users access to the forum, to better meet the needs of the mobile phone users to access the forum, help small website to enter the mobile internet.

retain mobile phone users

According to the

Chinese Internet Network Information Center released the "China Mobile Internet development report" shows that as of the end of December 2011, Chinese users reached 513 million, growth of 55 million 800 thousand compared to the end of 2010. Among them, the size of mobile phone users has reached 356 million people, accounting for the total Internet users of the annual growth rate of up to 17.5%, up to 69.4%.

China more than 300 million mobile phone users, the majority of mobile phone users are still accustomed to using the browser direct access to community forums. The market has been known as a mobile browser up to more than 100 kinds, WAP version must be as much as possible compatible with these browsers, >

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