Baidu open platform for shaping in March next year the adoption of personal involvement in the game

Baidu open platform for shaping in March next year the adoption of personal involvement in the game

September 3rd morning news, Baidu open platform application in March next year will be open to individuals and small team developers, then this open platform is considered to be the final shape. Currently, Baidu open application platform is roughly divided into the proportion of 37 to open, the future will be more deeply involved in the consumption of gaming applications.

Baidu World 2010 conference held in Beijing yesterday, Baidu application open platform is also officially launched on the same day. With this platform developers can directly display or sell their products and services in Baidu search results. The search engine company’s innovative efforts to win strong concern outside. At the same time, all kinds of worries come in a throng.

however, it is worth noting that, despite the Robin Li sina science and technology, said a year ago began to prepare for the application of open platform, but now we see, is still not the final form of this platform.

publicly available information, there are currently including Jinshan, 7K7K, PPTV and other companies to join Baidu application open platform. The first batch of on-line applications have more than 500. Baidu will be judged by the quality of content, relevance, number of comments, star rating and first come, first served, etc., to recommend these products and applications.

but this is just the beginning, Baidu does not seem to want to become the only platform for the application of an open platform to dominate. Baidu chief designer Sun Yunfeng said that the greater significance of this platform is to provide a low threshold of energy space for the individual, and between the possibility of user needs and interests of the original knot find a turnaround.

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, next March, Baidu open platform will be open to individuals and small team developers. This also means that after six months in order to eventually be able to shape the platform.


open platform application provides payment, donations, advertising and other three kinds of realization ways, at present in roughly 37 the percentage, but for the application of advertising profits, Baidu temporarily not to intervene.

however, Baidu product architect Tian Xiaomeng told Sina, the next Baidu planning further involved in the game application, through the implantation of the corresponding code system, to participate into consumption during the game.

apple App Store to see the creativity of Chinese developers, through the processing of the request is 30% with the game, entertainment and other related applications search trends, Baidu has begun to try to change. Data show that the network to play more games with Baidu open platform application cooperation, with the help of the Lich King service on the occasion, Baidu to bring traffic increased by 150%.

Baidu can change smoothly? Only time to answer. Baidu CFO from the sound of Li Xinzhe pointed out that the current impact of this change is mainly user product level, not the level of commercial products. (Meng Hong)


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