2016 the nternet giant will affect the industry

2016 the nternet giant will affect the industry


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recent years, mergers between Internet Co, emerge in an endless stream of marriage and the investment case review, China commercial Internet development in twenty years, never a year like this so intense and volatile. And behind this surge are directly or indirectly related to the Internet giant three. Then, in 2016, the Internet giants and how it will affect the development of the industry? East may wish to read:


first, the Internet giant has been the largest industry investors, the future may focus on global

first thing to say is that Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants to replace the venture capital institutions to become the most important investor in the Internet industry. Since 1996, Zhang Zhaoyang got from the first $225 thousand venture capital investment risk, domestic Internet Co began to rely on venture capital to grow the path listed, from the Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other four major portals, and then to the Alibaba, Jingdong, most Internet Co can realize the rapid development of large-scale, from on foreign venture capital institutions behind the push.

, however, in the past one or two years, the main driving force behind the domestic Internet startups are from venture capital institutions into the Internet giant. The Internet giant need for business layout and strategic defense, a large number of investment and acquisition of Internet startups, especially in some billions of dollars of financing case, the Internet giant figure appeared more frequently. Some media statistics, in the past few years, the big three invested a total of 30 listed companies and hundreds of unlisted companies, the Internet Chinese unlisted venture valuation of the company’s top 30 companies, 80% behind the figure of BAT.

in 2016, with the domestic Internet market cake carved up, in order to continue to explore and expand and push up the market, BAT three giants are likely by the main investment in the domestic Internet startups to global investment outstanding Internet startups. In fact, BAT began early in 2014 a large number of overseas investment outstanding Internet start-up companies, such as Ali investment of transnational online education company TutorGroup, America Tango, the instant messaging application Lyft taxi software and so on, the Tencent in 2013 to 2014 years invested in a series of overseas game companies, Baidu has invested in a taxi software originator Uber, Taboola, recommended foreign engine manufacturers Indoor Atlas content of indoor positioning, also acquired a mobile phone security company TrustGo Mobile and so on.

second, multi compete for the new giants, melee perhaps just started

BAT has been popular this year, a representative of the Internet giant’s industry terminology popular, and has even been known as the general public, such as taxi drivers

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