Sharing economic hot who is idle in the field of trade the big winner

Sharing economic hot who is idle in the field of trade the big winner


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2016, the hottest areas of entrepreneurship in addition to live video, what else, of course, is based on shared economic model of the idle market. First financial business data center previously published 2016 share economic development report shows that in 2016 China is expected to reach the size of the market is expected to reach $400 billion conservative. Correspondingly, Alibaba, 58 city has launched a free fish and turn around, in addition to a large number of start-up companies to enter them, such as hunting fun, such as air fox. So, why idle trading will usher in a large outbreak in 2016? So many idle trading APP, who will be the final winner? East may wish to read:


idle market in 2016 ushered in the outbreak of


first, due to the current mobile Internet has entered a mature period, in particular, mobile payment users in the country has been widely popular, which makes mobile electricity supplier platform ushered in the outbreak. The upgrading of consumption era, before the Taobao Jingdong such as shopping site has not been able to meet the increasing demand for personalized shopping, especially in the secondhand goods and unused commodity trading, users urgently need more professional platform to provide services, which had been suppressed in the domestic market idle finally turn over.

the second field of this wave of idle transaction business boom was able to rise, another important reason is that by Uber, Airbnb and a series of sharing platform appearance effects, especially the popular Uber software such as taxi drops, in the domestic, but also makes people generally accept shared economic model, and idle trading as a shared the economy will become the logical user to chase the trend. For example, in the second-hand car, second-hand digital products such as buying and selling unused items on the birth of a large number of entrepreneurs, idle search in the mobile market, trading up to dozens of idle App, which is almost the only line in nearly a year.

of course, the outbreak of a market naturally inseparable from the industry leader in the lead role. Idle fish, turn around, hunting interest in these three currently idle transactions to download the top three brands, unprecedented competition. And recently, the leading idle trading platform is started online and offline all operational activities, hoping to get the leading position, such as idle fish recently frequent market cooperation activities, held around a large conference and hunting fun recently orchestrated red net sellers live activities, which is completely detonated idle market.

, busy fish around, hunting fun rush, who can have the last laugh?

on the other hand, from the Internet industry twenty years of development history, each hot vertical field of entrepreneurship, there will be a large number of participants, but after a fierce competition, may eventually only three or four survive in.

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