Speaking from the 4399CEO alleged insider trading who talk about the nternet circle

Speaking from the 4399CEO alleged insider trading who talk about the nternet circle

the face of temptation, many people even do not satisfy "the concept of speculation story", they are often called "insider news," in droves. It is a red line of insider trading, and all those who defy the law, finally escape "lose the wife of another soldier".

although it has been a week since the announcement of the privatization of 360, this does not prevent the news about this once again become a hot topic. But this is not the 360 "kill" benevolence, "benevolence but because 360 died". In June 24th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against 4399 of CEO Luo Haijian on insider trading and froze his securities account in the United states.

360 4399CEO was privatized,



it is understood that Luo on Monday, that is, before the announcement of the privatization of 360 to start a very coincidental to buy a large number of options to buy, with the stock price rose 360, he earned more than $1 million. This strange behavior quickly sparked concern in the SEC, they observed that Luo Haijian had to shift the signs of profit, the official launch of the lawsuit.

problem is the so-called insider trading, refers to the use of insider information to buy or sell securities to other people’s proposal to buy and sell securities. Luo Haijian as 4399 CEO, apparently unable to get the exact details of the privatization of the first time in the 360. So he’s hedeheneng, can money in stocks MicroHand


insider trading if he is true, then there must be a side of the 360 informants, and must be from the top. Can be 4399 and even though both are a member of the digital family, one in Beijing in Xiamen / Guangzhou, a safe one to do the game, there is no intersection look like. But you don’t worry, the small still found some traces.

first, 4399 and the fact that there are still 360 intersection, and it is in the field of page tour. From 2010 onwards, the annual summit of almost every session of the Webpage Game field, the two companies as the industry leaders will jointly attend the. And, in 2011, Zhou Hongyi also had a face-to-face contact with. Coincidentally, the summit did not last long, the 360 software Housekeeper on the selection of the year for the installation of the necessary game software.

in the subsequent page tour industry activities, although Zhou Hongyi no longer attend, but also sent the 360 game center responsible person in charge of Guo Haibin. And this is the circle of Guo Haibin famous "little game master", and he must have been very happy with the intersection of Luo Haijian. In 360 held its own star 360· game Festival, Luo Haijian also invited to attend the vip. Although Guo beach has now left the venture, he recommended that Luo Haijian 360 contacts but still strong.

short, if Luo sea Jianque the existence of insider trading, he is undoubtedly benefit "

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