Amoy brand is dead Analysis on the misunderstanding opportunity and breakthrough direction of Amoy

Amoy brand is dead Analysis on the misunderstanding opportunity and breakthrough direction of Amoy

rumors about the sinking of Amoy brand, into the 2013 intensified. From the beginning of the Liebo merger city of angels, to the year 2 billion yuan acquisition of Semir GXG. One is scouring brand mergers and acquisitions Amoy brand, one is the traditional brand mergers and acquisitions Amoy brand. Half a year, two mergers and acquisitions. Discussion on the development prospect of the Amoy brand also Everfount, mouthing the pessimistic and even dished out the "There are plenty of people who, the Amoy brand is dead argument, on this argument, the Amoy brand stand out countered:" never lie to make money, "is the precipitation rather than sinking"……

we cannot predict how much the future can cross the Amoy brand called "shengsixian", it is expected that the next few years, the Amoy brand will continue to shock and reshuffle, some growth stagnation, some continue to move forward.



" both sharp tongued, mouthing the Amoy brand irrefutable evidence: the Tmall women’s field, traditional brands have equal shares with the Amoy brand, sales of the top 10 in each accounted for 5 seats. Men’s Amoy brand is collapsing, Tmall 2012 sales of the top ten, only three of the Amoy brand, the rest are traditional brand. But the counter attack can also be found: such as puppy appliances, Taobao settled in 2007, 2008 in Tmall, with subdivision positioning and single product focus, the whole network has been ranked Tmall vacuum cleaner sales champion; nuts of the Amoy brand three squirrels, the second half of 2012 on the line, it achieved sales of about 60000000 yuan. This year is expected to exceed 200 million yuan.

is on the side of the Amoy brand clothing squeezed traditional brand, while the other sub categories of the Amoy brand talent shows itself. The same is the Amoy brand, why the situation is so different? Amoy brand in the end how?

Amoy brand misunderstanding: fast food culture

"Most of the women’s

C (Note: C refers to Taobao’s individual sellers, the mode of operation of the grassroots, large individual sellers annual sales in more than one million yuan) rely on old customer support, because spend money now to catch the new customers, efficiency is much lower". In the case of a number of C stores clothing Amoy brand survival situation, an anonymous investor told us.

for the clothing brand of the big C, the dilemma is obvious and easy to see. The passage of time, the external environment has changed. When there is no Tmall, a C shop every day is 150 thousand UV, Tmall came in, UV fell to 100 thousand. In the case of constant conversion rate, the order is bound to decline." When it comes to Amoy brand living environment, the investor believes that the emergence of Tmall, squeezing the survival of the C store. In the absence of the introduction of the traditional brand Tmall, there is not so much competition, traffic also lost to the C shop. So, the impact of traditional brands on Amoy brand in the end how much?

"you used to compete with 100 brands, and now you’re competing with the 500 brands, and there are 400"

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