nventory out of the 27 companies from the grand nnovation nstitute valuation over 30 billion

nventory out of the 27 companies from the grand nnovation nstitute valuation over 30 billion

Abstract: This paper has a significant inventory of the 27 major venture with the founding of the venture capital companies, covering tools, games, e-commerce, business services and other areas, the overall valuation of more than 30 billion. These companies constitute a huge innovation as the main body of the main body of the company outside the system of special entrepreneurial groups.


right now, BAT seems to have become the representative of the current giants, together with their investment in mergers and acquisitions launched a huge layout, the formation of a unique Chinese characteristics of the Internet arena. However, there is an important pole is on the rise, it is the grand innovation department.

maybe a lot of people on the grand impression still stays in the game, transformation and other aspects, such as games, brilliant literature which have created has become the number one conversation. The company left the industry not only led to many fields to accelerate progress, more importantly, it also worked with the industry-leading operating concept created by accelerating technological innovation and development of grand innovation hospital, which is the foundation of business groups and expansion of the grand line.

innovation department from behind the stage

2008, Shanda online business peaked, management hopes to expand to other areas, thus creating a grand innovation institute. Chen Tianqiao’s brother, who is also the founder of Shanda Shanda Chen served as president of the Institute of innovation, thus promoting Shanda in various Internet and mobile Internet based and forward-looking technology research and development.

hunting cloud network from some innovation Institute old staff learned that although Chen Danian had long retired brother behind, leading technology is full of innovative school and major decision-making. One of the employees of the Institute of innovation in the grand innovation of the past, a point of view, he in the spirit of innovation, vision, taste, openness and understanding of the technology are described in the forefront of the industry. To this end, it is in charge of the grand Innovation Institute, to provide a relaxed environment for the project team and an arbitrary gallop stage.

Each member of the

Innovation Institute can choose to do their own love of the project, to complete the process of the project and the core team formed in the Innovation Institute, completing the process of planning, development, trial operation in the hospital, after the mature by institutions and stripped into an independent subsidiary, project members get bonuses, profit sharing, including stock option return. Innovation inside the house using extremely flat management model, Chen Danian personally open the project review weekly.

and company business line set strict examination of different members of the grand innovation hospital, give full trust, allow the 100% time to develop their own products; for internal projects, to provide adequate resources and support, the implementation of "not only award a penalty for independent innovation project". How to attract and stimulate, outstanding technical talents all over the country and stampede in with the leading domestic and quickly, the strength in the cloud storage, voice recognition and other direction. For example, cloud known sound founder Huang Wei and Shanghai yuan interest founder Wu Yijian served as Dean of the school of speech, swim close technology founder Bai Ning, "

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