CYTS only 100 thousand bought its abbreviation English domain name cyts com

CYTS only 100 thousand bought its abbreviation English domain name cyts com

recently, as the first domestic A shares listed on the travel agency business, CYTS Chinese million net price of second-hand through the domain name trading platform, cost less than 100 thousand yuan and his company successfully purchased English abbreviation (CYTS) completely, the domain name

When talking about why the existing domain name in the

case, and through the network purchased, general manager of CYTS travel network division assistant Liao Weiyong said: "the purchase of CYTS CYTS domain name, one is for brand protection considerations, CYTS is the abbreviation of English CYTS Cmi Holdings Ltd, is highly correlated with the brand, we do not want the domain name the use of other companies so as to cause confusion in consumers’ brand awareness. On the other hand, we will also take the name jump travel network ( in the form of the familiar CYTS CYTS familiar with the brand, users focus on travel network." It is understood that the travel network is a tourist resort professional website CYTS, based on the Internet information platform, to build a new form of future oriented CYTS business environment and technology environment of long-term sustainable development.

in the past, the domain name is usually used in the auction, bargaining, commissioned purchase and other forms of transactions. I believe we can remember the incident before the purchase of sina, Jianghu rumors Sina to 8 million yuan astronomical buy the domain name. Although it is a rumor, but according to Sina a responsible person said, "but the price must be in the million! And by Zhejiang a textile enterprise acquisition".

we with large enterprises power and also feel the importance of appropriate domain name for the development of an enterprise. "So, can be very convenient to help customers get the required secondary domain name is China civilink vigorously into the secondary domain name market intention." Vice President Song Yingqiao said Chinese civilink.

in the auction, bargaining, commissioned by the purchase of the form to seek the secondary domain name of the process, the enterprise often because of its high price and lack of trade protection. Speaking of which, I must mention the case of genuine happy net, the entrepreneurs for domain name in the hands of others, and the other price too high, so the second enabled, and later the Thousand Oaks group to seize the opportunity to spend lots of money to buy and create a similar site, to get the user and a lot of traffic, caused huge losses to the

from the above two cases we can see that the vast majority of enterprises in order to obtain the appropriate domain name, or to pay big bucks to buy, otherwise you can only watch their hard hit down the results by others. In fact, a suitable secondary domain name is really "a hard to find"? In fact, through normal channels and processes, many enterprises still can like CYTS safe and fast, cost-effective purchase second-hand domain.


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