The Google malware warning arbiter StopBadware org

The Google malware warning arbiter StopBadware org

Beijing on February 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, last Saturday, Google search engine appeared large-scale malware misinformation. Provide malware warning service to Google non profit website has therefore been pushed in the teeth of the storm.


site traffic increased significantly

on Saturday, when the Google malware incident occurred, StopBadware site traffic in a short period of time to reach 670 million, the daily level of 13 times. Site visitors can only see the tip of the denial of service, and the site was forced to close in nearly 1.5 hours.

after the accident, Google initially said the problem was caused by StopBadware. However, Google subsequently retracted this statement, and admitted that the problem is on the search engine. At the same time, StopBadware received 150 applications from the site manager, asked StopBadware to re analyze whether these sites really contain malicious software.

StopBadware manager Maxim Weinstein said in an interview on Monday: "this is an unfortunate incident, but prompted us to understand the real problem."


how to determine malware

StopBadware was originally a group of 5 people on the campus of Harvard University. The organization plays the role of a moderator, to determine whether the presence of malicious software in the website. In the era of e-commerce, if it is labeled "potentially malicious software," the label, then the site will therefore lose a large number of users and revenue.

Weinstein said, can get 1000 to 3000 from around the world for the site owner for the organization each month, these applications are called Google error themselves on the Internet "may contain malicious software" label.

to contain spyware, adware, or other computer users can achieve the control of the software’s website, Google will search results are given below the warning: "this site may harm your computer." If the user to click on the link, then the Google will be given second warnings by the window, and the user is encouraged to try other search. If you want to enter this kind of website, users need to directly enter the web address in the browser address bar.

appeals to the owner of the site, Google uses an automated way to evaluate, while StopBadware uses an artificial approach. Weinstein said, in addition to last week’s accident, Google rarely appear such mistakes. Most be

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