Baidu to link the webmaster some guide

Baidu to link the webmaster some guide

      1, my website home page has been included, but the name of the search site is not ranked first, how to do?

      answer: links, it is important that the network are interlinked through the link, sorting algorithm is very complex. Our goal is to improve the algorithm, so that the user with minimal cost, to search for the required information. There will be a variety of different places in the process. We would like you to give us your feedback and questions. Our engineers will be able to track and analyze every problem in order to solve the problem. Baidu search results page below the search box on the right side, there is a dialogue with Baidu link, where you can submit your questions to help us improve.
      we have been improved search algorithm, so that Baidu search results more in line with the user’s search needs.

      2, search for a keyword, my web page in Baidu search results in the short term, the change is dramatic, this normal?

      A. normally, this is a normal change. Generally speaking, there are three reasons: the change of
  A. specific keywords to your web page;    
  B. "other specific keywords involved;     occur the change of

sorting algorithm C. Baidu

      3, search for a keyword, my web page in Baidu ranking position, and in other search engine ranking position, the difference is very large, this normal?

      A. normally, this is a normal phenomenon. Because different search engine algorithms are different.

      4, I ask some "SEO" for my website or web page optimization, what will happen?

      answer: reasonable search engine optimization, see Baidu’s webmaster guide".
      many outside under the banner name of SEO company or individual, may bring short-term revenue ranking, but for your site, it will make you face a greater risk of loss. After the website resources entrusted to others in you, a lot of SE>

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