Not optimistic about Robin Li PK Ma Yun

Not optimistic about Robin Li PK Ma Yun

      recently About Baidu March C2C news in the Internet community is very optimistic about a lot of people raise a Babel of criticism of, Baidu to enter the C2C market, there are some people who think that Baidu will face many challenges, including me, why I am not optimistic about Robin Li PK Ma, here I mention a few views:

      1 treat employees, Robin Li is no better than Ma Yunqiang. Especially last year lightning layoffs is showing Baidu’s short-sighted. I think that a company has three God, one of your employees, one is your customer, you are a investor, you must also deal with these three aspects to win in the battle, and the three links in the staff and employees is the company’s most valuable asset.

      then Ma is how to do it? We put aside the lightning layoffs at Baidu, the proportion of shares of Ma and Robin Li accounts for less than 5% in the company, Ma personal stake, he will be more shares to employees, and employees to share the benefits of the development of the company. This time the listing may have thousands of millionaires, while Robin Li is holding more than 20%, which is the difference.

      2 Ma Yun that only allow network operators to earn money Alibaba can earn money, it seems from the actual behavior of and Alibaba website at present, indeed confirms Ma Yun said. Of course, an enterprise must have fetched hundreds of millions of profits, Alibaba each year, but Ma money in different way, let them earn a lot of money and in part from the provided, this is a manifestation of circuitous strategy.

      Robin Li Baidu seems to be not so, Baidu phone marketing is very famous, many individual owners had not "give" (buy PPC keyword) and suffered a ban or warning, but last year Baidu keyword click click fraud, unilaterally raise prices reflect it in this short-sighted that will directly defeated Ma’s "soft palm".

      the third is that the 3 Alibaba do e-commerce has a number of years, while Baidu is just a novice, this is an objective factor, here is not started, I believe we all know.

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