Google acquisition of consumer electronics comparison shopping network Sparkbuy

Google acquisition of consumer electronics comparison shopping network Sparkbuy

Beijing on May 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Google has acquired a consumer electronics shopping site in Seattle Sparkbuy.

the two sides did not disclose the acquisition agreement.

Google spokesman said in a statement, "we of Sparkbuy will be integrated into the company feel excited, it developed the admirable comparison shopping site, not only simple design, and very powerful functions for consumers. Sparkbuy will be integrated into our organization in Kirk."

Sparkbuy in March released a web site, similar to the travel site, because it allows users to search for products by nature. For example, if a user wants to buy a laptop, you can choose to search by price, speed and weight characteristics, other features include the big screen, suitable for playing games, suitable for running Photoshop, etc..

Sparkbuy has raised $1 million in funding, plans to add other hardware products, such as televisions and tablets.


was acquired by Google Sparkbuy, the site has been closed, the founder of Dan · Shapiro (Dan Shapiro) an announcement on the website said, "I am pleased to announce that the company has been acquired by Google, even we do not believe this is true. After the release of the site, we found that we are faced with a large number of ‘very difficult’ search problem, we need to meet the needs of the user alone may take several years. So when Google suggests that we can work together, we think it’s an opportunity to be missed." (

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