Stationmaster net broadcast YAHOO a year 19 acquisitions in Shanghai and a disinformation case 380

Stationmaster net broadcast YAHOO a year 19 acquisitions in Shanghai and a disinformation case 380

1.Google’s "20% innovation time" policy has been in

‘s so-called "20% innovation time" refers to the Google allows employees to work out a day of work each week, to do their own work outside of the project. An unnamed former Google engineer to Quartz website revealed that the policy has been in. The news was also mentioned on the Quora.

for many Google employees, from the daily work time to do independent projects have been too difficult. In the end what happened, so that the Google had let other companies to emulate the famous policy changes?

Google this action may reflect a strategic change in the interior, that is focused on making the company more competitive, even if the management has never officially said that this policy has been canceled. Google did not respond to requests for comment on the Quartz website.

2 Shanghai punished rumor case 380 "network big ballad" Fu Xuesheng jingfangxingju

public security authorities to concentrate on combating organized manufacturing network spread rumors and other illegal crime special action deeply, to vent their anger revenge, slander others, in an online hand manufacturing spread "mistress’ report, deputy head of the Secretary of public security" and "Sinopec" African cowboy door "and other rumors suspect Fu Xuesheng, by the Shanghai municipal public security authorities detained in accordance with the law.

3 from the knowledge of the "elite" knowledge community opportunities and future

"grass root to the world", which seems to be the only rule of Internet China.

"grass root who in the world, and not all products follow the guidelines. It is known as a "elite" knowledge question answering community, which has consistently emphasized the production of "high quality" content. What is the value of this alternative community, and what direction should it be in the future?

4 online education: potential pitfalls and possible opportunities

in 2012, the total size of China’s education industry IT investment reached 43 billion 910 million yuan, the rapid expansion of the scale of education information market led to the development of online education. This year, traditional education and training institutions and the Internet giants into the online education market, so that online education is the way to win the favor of the capital a stride forward singing militant songs. But the development of online education Chinese like a raging fire at the same time, but few excellent patterns emerge, many alien species also highlights the trend of The climate does not suit one. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to make a deep analysis of the development of online education in China, to clarify the advantages and disadvantages, and find the way out.

Thinking of billions of

5 Valuation: why millet boasts Internet Co


A5 web review: for millet company crown on the Internet.

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