Google is eighteen years old We still love him like that

Google is eighteen years old We still love him like that

Google happy birthday!

September 27, 2016, Google updated his Doodle to celebrate his birthday.


happy birthday


18 years ago, Larry · (Larry Page); page and Sergei brin (Srgey Brin) · set up a small Internet search company in a Silicon Valley garage, and now Google is already the world’s largest search engine. Google was originally named BackRub, in 1997 changed its name to Google. The name Google from googol (100 times to 10) "word spelling errors, unlimited information on behalf of the network, Google is willing to in a constructive manner to organize the information, to help users find the answer to the question.

Google’s birthday has been quite whirling, is based on the domain name registration time, or search engine launch time count, or the first money to count. Think about it for a few days. If the Google as a simple search company, then the Google search engine launched the time is Google’s birthday, that is, the United States in September 27th. But Google has long regarded the whole month of September as a month to celebrate his birthday.

birthday this year than in previous years, Google to treat dull too much, nor is there any egg element in Doodle, Google does not release birthday eggs. Only one wearing a birthday hat letter G the Google Doodle in the celebration will blow up a balloon, a "oogle", with the word "Google", is the balloon with fly on the sky.

last year’s 17 birthday, only Doodle hides a lot of eggs.


17 year old birthday Google Doodle

Google’s first home page, Lego toys, Linux penguin, neon lamp etc..


1998, Google’s first Beta home page

on the fifteen anniversary, when you search for Google in, Google will show you what it was like 15 years ago (though many of the pages are already included)

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