Taobao disabled outside the chain picture third party service providers more than half

Taobao disabled outside the chain picture third party service providers more than half

news July 17th, the day before, there are many sellers to billion state power network broke the news that the Taobao store chain image can not be normal, suspected Taobao intentionally blocked provide third party service providers.

Taobao officially banned service providers outside the chain picture?

Taobao pictures space official announcement

, there are a few friends in Taobao to do the decoration, the main business is to do some promotional posters Taobao shop. July 1st onwards, they found that those who use the new Taobao shop professional version of the template of the user, the original promotional posters to customers can not be displayed." A Taobao seller to billion state power network pointed out that the problem may be due to do these posters, pictures are caused by the third party album.

the seller reflects that these pictures in the storage of the third party album can be displayed; at the same time, the image stored in Taobao official picture space is not affected. Therefore, the seller believes that Taobao may prohibit the third party of the chain.

there are more than and 30 customers confirmed that if the shop is used to shop professional version, and bought a template, home decoration with the image of the third party album can not be displayed." Seller said.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the so-called chain, refers to the seller will upload pictures to third party service providers to provide the pictures, and then claimed that the backend system link into Taobao store, thus completing the external image into Taobao, and display.

Taobao chain message is not prohibited outside the first message. Last August, the state power grid had also received Taobao sellers complaint, outside the chain of images using the Taobao has been repeatedly reminded the exception, in the case did not disclose the specific reasons, require the seller to "move back" Taobao official album.

coincidentally, according to another seller, Taobao for a given recently blocked the external graphic links reason is to protect business data security, enhance the user experience of buyers.

sellers believe that Taobao’s so-called data security, is suspected of third party pictures implanted code, steal store related operating data. On the other hand, about the security of the use of pictures, Taobao also concerns a lot. Previously, the phenomenon of Taobao sellers stolen repeatedly banned, but behind it is the chain image can be easily copied.

is in charge of yesterday, Taobao vice president of Alibaba Yu Yan pointed out that the security map as one of the important strategic initiatives from 2013 to 2014, fully reflects the protection of original intellectual property. Specific measures, Taobao said it would set up a picture password in the background, as long as the complaint after the stolen figure, that is able to monitor the stolen figure and stolen sellers.

it is worth noting that the seller in the recently received Taobao announcement shows that since July 15th, the external domain name image link will not be able to edit the use of. Taobao will be a key move

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