Who is the chance of survival in the crevice of Taobao

Who is the chance of survival in the crevice of Taobao

Who is

the next Taobao? Perhaps there is a saying The climate does not suit one..

eBay global business leader in Taobao (taobao.com) did not appear before China is also a leader in.

maybe because Ma is Chinese, so a better understanding of Chinese habits, or Ma on Mao Zedong’s military theory — rural areas surrounding the city understand more thoroughly, only two strokes to beat eBay (station by station, three years free), become China e-commerce new overlord.

2007 Taobao’s parent company, Alibaba listed is detonated throughout the entire e-commerce market, North homeopathic Baidu high-profile announcement to enter the field of e-commerce C2C, southern pat (paipai.com) plus a eBay (eachnet.com), so that the director recently extremely popular "four battle".

no money worth several dominant party go to war? All the signs indicate that the electronic commerce is a piece of fat meat, is worth the money.

suanlaisuanqu, if we want to make a small station in the electronic commerce, it seems a bit difficult, no financial backing, no two technical support. It really is just " "

; Yang sigh?In fact,

, in my opinion, China’s e-commerce market is very broad, plus two Taobao market will not be saturated, but… We do not have the previous two points: capital and technology.

this thing I have studied for a long time, want to e-commerce in this big cake in a soup, there must be innovation and breakthrough. We want to be innovative to the electronic commerce, need to dig from two aspects, one is the transaction model, a transaction is content. Want to break through, make money, nothing more than start from the two.

said the transaction model, Taobao has become a model, the latter want innovation, requires a lot of manpower and material resources, it is difficult to have a greater breakthrough. However, the transaction content is different, the three dominant e-commerce market are the focus in the real, involving virtual goods trading platform, but only minor. If the prophecy is the next Taobao birth where virtual goods this piece will be re.

on Baidu search a bit, it is said that NetEase (www.wy.la), is committed to the sale of virtual goods, and strive to build the first platform for virtual goods trading network. Ha ha, good domain name, the name of the website is also good, NetEase, Internet trading, trading website.. good. But… The significance of doing is better than saying, this site is the initial development, can become the climate, but also the future development.

also has a few more concerned about the virtual commodity trading sites, such as:.

(bbs.admin5.com), etc.

is just another kind

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