From A&F to Vitoria’s Secret sexy why not sell it

From A&F to Vitoria’s Secret sexy why not sell it

Abercrombie& Fitch (A& F) bad news still seems to have no intention of stopping.

the company’s third quarter earnings report released in mid November, as of October 29th, within the next 3 months, the group’s sales fell by 14%, recorded the largest decline in recent years. Not surprisingly, it has not been able to get rid of the continuing decline in sales of the curse, which is already Abercrombie&, Fitch 15 consecutive quarters of the theme of the.

is worse, if you go to see the "net profit" a word, is also a digital terror — an $41 million 900 thousand last year, the third quarter of this year net profit of only $7 million 900 thousand, down 81%. This, most likely to be attributed to the main brand Abercrombie&, Fitch’s failure, there are reports that this once again as a result of the decline in the performance of the brand brand failure marks.

more recent news is that due to poor operation, A&, F will close the brand in Hongkong, the only one store, even if this means that the need to pay 124 million Hong Kong dollars in breach of contract.

three years ago, A& F can be a very good appearance, with a higher rent than the former tenants, the lease price of the sky, the rent of HK $7 million, the central street in the store. The shop at the beginning, was a sensational event, I heard that at the time, every day there are people gathered outside the shop, has been from Pedder street to Queen’s road, the peak, there are at least 2000 people waiting to enter the store. Now, the peak time, the store is only 200 people, not to mention the long row.

see this spot, ask, A& F; why not, some struggle but now dying awkward appearance of


Michael Jeffries to create the sexy A& F

as speaking of "Vitoria’s Secret", the first reaction is "Victoria’s Secret Angels" sweet smile… And… Aerobics slender devil figure, A& in a very long period of time, F; and "sexy" two characters tied together.

If the "

‘s" sold on the women "good body" fantasy, the A& F had eight pack is usually small meat are. And all this, with a person’s efforts can not be separated, that is A& F’s former CEO Michael Jeffries.

Mike Jeffries was added in 1992, A&, F, CEO. At that time, A& F, already from the outdoor sports goods company in 1892 to operate high-end outdoor clothing retail companies, experienced sales

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