How to better promote their own website

How to better promote their own website

website promotion focus on long-term adherence, in accordance with the development of the plan to promote the cycle, not a day off. There are a lot of Web sites to promote the article, written very professional is worth learning from. However, according to the requirements of different industries, promotion methods also have different choices, the key is to promote each kind of website monitoring, analysis of web browsing to see which kind of promotion the fastest and most effective.

website promotion will make the basic construction of the site itself, the search engine spider crawling, the main guiding ideology is to make the site as simple as small as possible, "capacity, discarding the Flash dynamic language is not practical, and make the relevant page summary and web pages that can modify the site from the following steps:

1 according to the requirements of the company to modify the website art, and to supplement the company’s introduction, product information, etc..

2 in the website to increase customer interaction module, not only can attract customers to increase site traffic, and strive to improve the site rankings.

According to the

3 web content and search engine new design requirements with page titles ", mainly from the key considerations, and pay attention to the different search engines, key words arranged in a different pattern.

4 according to the requirements of the search engine optimization network product information content.

5 according to the website content requirements, modify the link between the web site, do not have to do in the website of the Unicom between the pages.

6 to modify the site and web page code, so that the code and the content of the page is simple and lightweight for search engine requirements.

7 do not have to update or add a website content related to the web page, in order to keep the site updated in time.

8 will be published on the website of all search engines, and select the appropriate search engine to carry out the relevant bedding (including the establishment of blog, published questions and answers, etc.).

will be released by the website after a variety of means to attract visitors to enter the site to earn traffic can be considered from the following aspects:

1 paid by way of cooperation with search engines, but this is not a high risk and can not be paid directly proportional to the time, and to monitor to prevent malicious clicks.

2 through advertising links, advertising and other ways to promote, but to monitor.

3 in the major web portals and automotive related websites such as the establishment of blog posts and other ways to attract visitors to these sites, but can not be rigid advertising stickers.

4 pairs of end customers to promote point of view, using a variety of different software for different groups of mass advertising.

5 can post questions in the search engine module, and will ask the label first appears in the search ranking of.

6 hot event

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