How to put ads on the nternet

How to put ads on the nternet

said in the advertising before, we must understand what is the Internet advertising, Internet advertising suggests that advertising on the network, he has high performance price ratio, spread wide and forms of diverse objects, interactive, precision higher significant characteristics by more and more enterprises pay attention. The mainstream of network billing advertising has CPC, CPM, CPS, CPA, etc.. So how do we use these on the right way to promote our products, and should adopt what kind of way to the promotion, the stars can tell you from five aspects to consider advertising, it is also a process of advertising. Try to get the most benefit with the least money.

one, to determine the purpose of online advertising (expected target)

to make clear what the results of this ad will be achieved, to achieve a goal, and he will be able to achieve our desired goals. If we do not reach the desired goal, then we put this ad is a failure, not successful. Therefore, it is very important to set up the target before putting in the advertisement.

two, to make the cost of advertising budget.

this is actually on the need to spend much money advertising (advertising), if you have done similar advertising, you can roughly estimate of the cost of, or according to the relevant data to estimate, such as the popularity of keywords, popularity ah, keywords commercial value etc.. There are some web site owners can provide advertising trial, which can also be completed after the test; to determine the cost of advertising.

three, the choice of advertising advertising

this is also a very important part, if you need to put the site to determine the advertising, it is necessary to select a good advertising. This can be considered from four points to consider: 1 Analysis of the flow of the page, this can be used to view the mainstream ALEXA tools, can be specific to find out the weight of each channel page and traffic. 2 Analysis of the contents of the page where the ad, this must be selected, the choice of the content of the ad page and we must put the contents of the ads close. 3 Analysis of ad clicks. The more general by advertising on the click rate is high, the more to the left of the advertisement click rate is high. Can be considered in these locations. 4 Analysis of the user’s comments to see if this page is welcomed by users, there is no advertising value.

four, the production of advertising images to be creative and shocking

we advertise the final purpose is to let the user can through this advertising come to our website to buy our products, so we in the production of advertising pictures or Flash must have the best ideas, allowing users to see the impulse to click, allowing users to memorable is good. Specific points can be divided into: 1 advertising should have enough impact, to attract users

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