Chongqing introduction of new regulations on the impact of the electricity supplier industry

Chongqing introduction of new regulations on the impact of the electricity supplier industry

Chongqing recently issued the "draft" postal regulations, "draft" regulations, courier companies to provide courier services, courier services follow the national standard should be: in the nationwide city courier services should be delivered within 24 hours, domestic express services should be delivered within 72 hours. Courier companies in violation of national express service standards, will be fined 5000~30000 yuan. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification. This "draft" has aroused strong discussion in the society, many consumers are optimistic about the support, think this is the pioneer in China’s service industry, the courier industry more standardized and the system of law; but some consumers are worried about this system in the implementation process, which brings certain difficulty in the implementation of the system will or, whether by courier industry boycott


speaking of China’s express industry, has been criticized by the majority of consumers. Not long ago, on the double eleven electricity supplier promotional activities in the latter part of the service has been the majority of consumers Tucao, the main Tucao or courier speed is too slow, and some even more than ten days to receive goods. In the electricity supplier fiery today, the development of the courier industry is to follow, but also the focus of attention has been. Then the introduction of the new regulations in Chongqing, late on the electricity supplier business will have what kind of impact, the electricity supplier and how the strategic adjustment?.

a large electricity supplier promotional activities need to consider the courier industry to bear the maximum value of

electricity supplier industry prosperity, to a certain extent, relying on the development of the courier industry. Now every time, the electricity supplier will set off a series of shopping frenzy. But the tide after the late delivery of express logistics are under great pressure. If the courier too many orders, by courier service providers appeared warehouse explosion case, according to the new regulations, courier companies will be fine, even the highest fines of up to 30 thousand, which is fatal to the express company. Therefore, there will be a choice of courier companies and electricity supplier business cooperation, or promotion period, do not accept orders for a home appliance business, so that the electricity supplier companies are unfavorable. Now the electricity supplier in the China logistics, most of them are outsourced, if the electricity supplier promotional period logistics delivery problems can not keep up, consumers do not buy the. As a result, the electricity supplier in the promotion of passive. Therefore, when the electricity supplier in the off shopping spree, we must consider the late delivery courier industry pressure to make timely adjustments to their sales strategy, to avoid unnecessary losses.

two, the courier industry pains caused the electricity industry as a warning for the future

Chongqing new regulations, whether the consignee is himself or agent, has the right to sign after inspection. This industry expressly provides the new regulations, consumer rights is a good protection. Avoid secretly open user goods courier industry, even the switch and a series of bad operation. This requires each courier companies thorough investigation of introspection, uncovered an evil member of the herd team inside. For the development of our courier industry and services to enhance the meaning of great benefits. But the new rules

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