Taobao music curve on line analysis of the major domestic electricity supplier digital music develop

Taobao music curve on line analysis of the major domestic electricity supplier digital music develop

July 18th news, Taobao music formally launched, has been able to find links to music channels on the home page, but also the theme of the market recommended. Look carefully, go shopping some shame, channel name is "small shrimp music". Open link is Taobao’s domain name, listen or download links will jump to the small shrimp net, give a person with "halfcooked" feeling.

Taobao official is so introduced this music channel:

1) small shrimp music category at


2) landing Taobao account, select the collection you love / album / artist, click the "play" button to play immediately, collection collection / album / artist can according to your preferences on personal recommendation and recommendation list;

3) collection: a paragraph of text + a few songs + a short note on each song =AM. This is my mood album, arbitrary, exclusive and unique, to share our music, music and music.

4) album / Artist / list: the most complete library information

from the official presentation of view, small shrimp music still not integrated into the Taobao family, and Taobao music is not really launched, perhaps just to test the water? All have to wait until the moment of dense willow trees and bright flowers.


event dates back to the end of last year, small shrimp net has been acquired by Taobao. In 2013 April, Taobao will also work with the small shrimp account accounts opened, users can use Taobao account login small shrimp. At the beginning of July 2013, small shrimp net explosive will launch the "launch of small shrimp music platform, to create a Taobao music platform. Comprehensive news July 18th, Taobao music is only small shrimp music on the road open, Taobao occupy the market in curve. From here we can see that the acquisition of Taobao electricity supplier do share small shrimp, is a shortcut to occupy the market.

and another B2C chiefs: Jingdong mall, has already been acquired before the layout of the small shrimp. As early as last November, Jingdong digital music has been testing the water, in the end how, it seems that Jingdong has not come out a way to. Jingdong Music Network – China’s largest digital music store – Jingdong digital music". The above is the introduction, Jingdong is the main "digital" + "classic" two cards, perhaps the last card is classical music.

maybe later, everyone to channel more digital music store, maybe there will be music, Amazon Dangdang music, pat music, and you think of the music, but can really shake free online music website and client? Now, this guy is just the layout, is also not much action, and our consumers will wait and see.

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