Beauty dish network the refined direct mining source start fresh Global Times

Beauty dish network the refined direct mining source start fresh Global Times


in the highly sought after fresh electricity supplier in the field, many fresh electricity providers scrambling to get buried with the time race. In this marathon, the United States Food Network as the industry’s premier B2B electronic business platform, in addition to lay a solid foundation, there is a new strategic direction in the near future, for its strategic layout in the upper reaches of the well prepared.

recently, as the food industry, the largest industry B2B electronic business platform and the United States and Shandong, a vegetable development company reached a strategic cooperation in Zibo. It is reported that the company has agricultural standardized production base of 150000 acres, professional cultivation management mode in the domestic leading position, with the guidance of experts, planting mechanical spraying, aircraft air operations and other advantages, and nearly ten large-scale supermarket group has established direct supply, direct relationship with Wumart group cooperation is China chain operation the first Association awarded the "agriculture super docking demonstration project". This base for direct supply of products, including Qingzhou cucumber, Linzi, more than 20 varieties of tomatoes, with an annual average of more than 300 tons, the annual supply of more than 10 tons.

I believe that the United States and the United States so much emphasis on the deepening of the source of the direct acquisition of the layout strategy once again for its favorable situation. This view come from? In the industry insiders know that the fresh food in the moment to leave the land, fresh degree in decreasing with the passage of time, when the ingredients to reach the hands of customers, the quality will be greatly reduced, so the maximum retention of new product freshness is particularly important. If you can manage from the food "the second fruits fall off when ripe", the fresh degree can be started from the field keep scientific and professional way, make a strong guarantee for the quality of the ingredients.

is in the hands of customers of products, there are two main factors affecting the quality, quality first, quality, their quality of fresh food production second, loss of fresh food in the transportation sector, and the source of agricultural direct mining can solve these two problems.

is the source of direct mining direct docking by fresh electricity supplier and producer, maintain long-term stable strategic cooperative relations, make the business enterprise in the origin of the goods strictly, starting from the source, the product has quality, uniform maturity, higher quality appropriate freshness on the bonus items, at the same time, the product itself has a certain the price advantage, so that the high cost advantages highlighted. Not only that, the direct recovery mode over the multi-level wholesalers, avoid layers increases, the product directly from the field to the table, cut the number of intermediate links, to simplify, reduce the cost and time of product loss, optimize the circulation, unified all products by the professional staff responsible for the final straight restaurant. To improve the service quality and the effect of the user experience. From the enterprise management point of view, the source of direct mining also allows enterprises to grasp more initiative, so that the entire supply chain more controllable.

American vegetable network not only blindly seeking the source of direct mining, agricultural production also has a strict selection criteria, according to the different properties of the product, the difference in climate, >

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