The face of the electricity supplier step by step shop business has invested heavily in the Jedi

The face of the electricity supplier step by step shop business has invested heavily in the Jedi

face business step by step away line off this year, traditional retailers are finally willing to spend money to accelerate the online shopping. At the beginning of this year, from the local Wanda Group, Wangfujing department store, to the "foreign" WAL-MART, Watsons have started the counterattack against electricity supplier, or hired personnel electricity supplier, or generous investment online mall, or product line……

insiders said last year, traditional retailers either sales or profits up most of flat or declining, the past by the risk of opening new stores to drive sales growth is more and more big, speed up the layout of the online channel to seek new growth point of consensus. In 2013, traditional retailers will be catching up the operation on the course, a "store" and "electricity" battle broke.

phenomenon has been involved in the traditional department store electricity supplier

days ago, Wangfujing released 2012 annual report, said last year in the electronic commerce project investment amounted to 32 million yuan, so the project has invested 100 million yuan for two years. In addition, in February this year, the acquisition of 39% stake in the Wangfujing department stores in the spring, the news will be on the SciTech outlets network business platform under the banner of the spring department store to merge, or become a China retail online mall with the first case of cross group. The reporter learned that, not long ago, the Wangfujing department store issued a total of about 2 billion 200 million yuan of corporate bonds. Although it did not disclose the specific use of blood transfusion 2 billion 200 million yuan, but in the industry view, which will be closely related to the online business platform during the year. In addition, Wangfujing at the expense of the huge amount of money to attract talent in the electricity supplier circle, it is reported that nearly a hundred Wangfujing independent electricity supplier team in the operation of the group, IT, responsible for the operation of the Department from the traditional electricity supplier.


and the world’s largest retailer WAL-MART 51% stake in the acquisition of online supermarket shop No. 1, the day before the senior emergency announced the 2013 e-commerce sales target of $9 billion, and puts forward three strategic business development: the construction of the core market expansion, new technology platform, and perfect service system. Holley, executive vice president of WAL-MART, said that this year will increase the development of electronic business platform in China, or will be served on the day of testing in china.

in addition, following the end of last year Watsons launched handheld shop, its official website mall announced on March officially launched in the country at the same time, stores and mall official website officially launched the product line strategy, resulting in the completion of Watsons Tmall flagship store, palm cross three business platform on the official website of the mall and shop layout fusion. While Grandbuy shares set up e-commerce company is completely independent from the department store in the last year, and the online shopping mall named "100 100 100 purchase network, using this year to increase the 100 brand and line rich network resources, to create" online shopping + service platform. Prior to this, including intime, Parkson, Xujiahui business district and a number of traditional retail speculators have been net success.

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