E commerce entrepreneurship will solve millions of jobs

E commerce entrepreneurship will solve millions of jobs


a few years ago, the real estate and stock market fiery, so that the whole people into the crazy state. No matter is the ordinary people to buy a house, or a billionaire, and the stock market, has become the first choice of investment. However, the financial crisis, the housing market and the stock market bubble burst immediately, many people will firmly die. Some people go bankrupt overnight, some people from the night between the richest change led by negative.

think about why the housing market and the stock market will be so hot, there is only one reason, that is, China’s poor investment and entrepreneurship environment. For example, the investment one million do business, may be able to recover the investment in ten years to eight years. And into the stock market and the housing market in less than a year, there may be multiple profits. Although the risk of investment in the housing market and the stock market is huge, but there is a risk of investment industry, because the entrepreneurial environment is bad. So, many people are not willing to engage in speculative business, rush into danger.

however, this environment must be changed. Especially after the financial crisis, China’s market economy will become more mature. With the maturity of the market economy, China’s investment and entrepreneurship environment has also been improved. Improvement of the investment environment is bound to promote the climax of entrepreneurship. Just imagine, if can get comfortable earn money, who are willing to take the risk to the game? After all, the venture capital market is far greater than the industrial investment, but also not controllable.

in 2008, this situation has changed with the boom of e-commerce business. Last year, the entire online shopping market turnover reached 3 trillion, an increase of nearly 40%. Many people are actively involved in e-commerce business, and achieved good results. According to the professional shop provider "Shanghai Business School" data show that in 2008 the company set up shop software ShopEx electronic mall entrepreneurs over the past several times. Up to now, there have been more than 400 thousand loyal users.

I think, ShopEx each user is an e-commerce platform, and the operation of a platform, at least need to have 4 people. A person in charge of the operation of a person in charge of procurement, a person in charge of finance, a person in charge of warehouse logistics. This is one of the most micro e-commerce platform, the need for 4 people. And in accordance with the lowest proportion, ShopEx 400 thousand users, will be able to solve the employment of 1 million 600 thousand people. Coupled with a steady stream of entrepreneurs, jobs will also increase.

we all know that the employment situation is very grim. Two months later, black July will come, the pressure of employment will continue to rise. How to solve the employment problem? I think it is a very feasible measure to stimulate employment. Just like e-commerce business, a business, at least 3 jobs can be pulled. Moreover, the business environment has been improved, e-commerce has become the first choice for entrepreneurship.

is like before, Ma said Taobao can help the country to solve the employment of hundreds of thousands of people, and the way to solve the problem of employment is to promote the

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