Mobile electricity supplier has become the focus of the electricity supplier market giants

Mobile electricity supplier has become the focus of the electricity supplier market giants

recently, Eric released the report pointed out that the first quarter of 2012 has exceeded the mobile providers of mobile value-added services, has become the largest domestic mobile Internet industry segments, accounting for 42% of the total size of the domestic mobile internet. IResearch data show that in the first quarter of 2012, the scale of mobile e-commerce transactions reached 6 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of up to 530.1%, the rapid development of mobile TV has exceeded people’s imagination. In GMIC2012, the old customer orders that mobile providers in May last year reached 8000, is expected in May this year, the amount of orders has reached 31000, an increase of nearly 3 times a year. Mobile electricity supplier market brings new vitality to the entire electricity supplier market.

electricity supplier giants have to compete for mobile electricity supplier market

recent business giants launched a price war in the history of the largest electricity supplier, and the supplier in the field of Mobile has been simmering. Jingdong mall mobile client installed capacity has exceeded 10 million, while in April 22nd, Tmall on-line Phone client within the next 4 days, the amount of downloads has reached up to 210 thousand passengers. Not only that, because the mobile provider market future is full of imagination, Dangdang, and VANCL, B2C giants have launched mobile APP, mobile landing campaign has begun, the current mobile phone client is the most effective means of development of mobile providers.

actually in the mobile electricity supplier market, has not only the presence of mobile B2C, many traditional electricity supplier companies have tentacles extend to the field of mobile electricity supplier. Group purchase beauty group, Wowo, Juhuasuan, O2O 58, go to the market, public comment, Baidu side has launched a mobile APP, as long as the mobile providers can extend the place, the client has been everywhere.

development of mobile providers need to seize the mobile payment market

With the development of

business is similar to that of the development of mobile providers need to have the support of mobile payment, mobile payment market competition is fierce, because of the importance of payment instruments has been valued by various interest groups, so the emerging mobile payment market has become the Internet electric business department, between banks, telecom operators for important battlefield payment right. Because Alipay has a dominant role in the traditional electricity market, so it has good advantage to transfer to the mobile payment market. IResearch data show that Taobao mobile phone market share accounted for 72% of the overall market of mobile providers, it can be said that Taobao and Alipay has the same initiative in the mobile payment market, Alipay has become the key to the growth of mobile providers.

and holiday Jingdong in the mobile market and the embarrassing situation of Taobao, the Jingdong does not support Alipay to pay, so the mobile client Jingdong mall can only be used for the display of goods, or completed the purchase of high cost goods to the payment, this method can not meet the demand to buy lottery tickets, prepaid recharge. Mobile software + Alipay security payment mode has become the industry standard, Taobao, Dangdang, Le Amoy, beauty group and several mobile providers have.

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