Luxury shame supply

Luxury shame supply

luxury electric business website are frequent fakes, no authorized sales has become the luxury business norm. Luxury goods online shopping business bigwigs is a hotly contested spot, but the luxury of "authentic guarantee, stable purchasing channels and other issues has been restricts its development, in order to put their own site goods labeled" authentic guarantee "label, business enterprise is like Wu Yi have been used as much as eighteen.

luxury electricity supplier bigger and stronger is simply the source of goods, only with adequate supply and stable channel of purchase, luxury electricity supplier can get a healthy development. But luxury has a great brand value and high brand premium, luxury brands in order to protect the brand value of its products, brand culture, rarely on the luxury electricity supplier brand authorization. In recent years, including Chanel, Louis Weedon, including more than and 30 luxury brands issued a notice statement, there is no domestic Internet site for brand licensing.


since many luxury brands did not authorize the sale of the domestic Internet, the country’s many luxury electricity supplier goods come from?

channel one: overseas purchasing

some time ago, overseas purchasing luxury airline stewardess jailed for 11 years, "the news we should have the impression. Yes, overseas purchasing is the main channel for more than 9 domestic luxury electricity supplier. The most common way is through the luxury business hire foreign buyers buy a large quantity, then the goods imported into the country for sale through customs. At the same time, many foreign luxury brands, the general will be the season of goods through outlets such as low sales, discounts can reach 70 percent off of the average sales price or even lower. Luxury electricity supplier made the luxury of cabbage price, the profit is very impressive.


through overseas purchasing on the quality of products can be guaranteed, but customer service service has become a problem, because the domestic luxury agents only provide customer service service to sell their own goods, and many domestic consumers to buy luxury goods, but should not enjoy some customer service service, for luxury, the purchase value includes the customer service service.

channel two: access to luxury goods authorized by the third party merchant

luxury domestic electricity providers in the mode of development to the platform, has authorized third party merchants in the luxury luxury site through to the application, the product can be sold by the luxury site. However, many third party businesses in order to reap greater benefits, will cause the adulteration of sales, which is currently the domestic luxury online shopping fakes and defective flood.

channel three: few brand licensing

also has very few luxury brands to its own brand image, some formal, good reputation of the luxury brand licensing, such as Ferragamo official authorized network serves a full range of commodity sales. I believe that the brand licensing for luxury electricity supplier and consumer

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