Email like guys like chat client

Email like guys like chat client

to the natural scenic area and an exquisite scenery beautiful tourist city, in addition to the magic mountain water, enjoy the taste of the local folk customs outside the handsome, and cultural atmosphere, many people have a germination restless, looking forward to a romantic encounter, encounter, memories to the weary journey more charm and add. When we sending mail, is also full of longing and hope, the face did not meet customers, we try to figure out his mental state, he can look forward to the warm open reading, finally to our surprise, reached a purchase agreement. One of the keys to the success of the two is the "talk skills", may wish to talk about.


1 accurate time

although a beauty could make your eyes bright, but you are determined before hitting, may wish to read before and after Daliang, beauty if frown is very impatient, is not a punching bag, why do you ask for it? If the beauty around wolves do a lot of pink or bestie, unless you are very outstanding, with thick skinned the spirit of perseverance, or hopeless. In the same way, you want to get the best opening rate, you have to understand the customer’s working conditions, habits, in his state of mind when the mood is good enough to reach his mailbox. You can use U-Mail mail platform to send a regular time to do.

2 first impression is very important

obviously, if your dirty clothes, and the image of that wretched careless about dressing, don’t expect at least contact, lest they be shunned. Similarly, bulk mail style should be simple and fresh, intuitive image, not a garish falling cloud in fog; you should try to use those services easily lead to spam filter spam and key words.

3 well begun is half done

you thought about how to attract attention? A shout: "beauty, you dropped something!" or "straight to the point: it’s a pleasure to meet you!" and so on, these might not be objectionable, but the circumstances are old-fashioned, approached I have seen a friend: "tonight the moon is very beautiful, a lot of people to live up to it is not as good as we get to know each other?" at least some new ideas. In the emails, we should pay attention to the use of distinctive, strong, full of temptation to incite evocative language, avoid talking to more rational; perceptual, customers can find points of interest, and invite customers to participate in, create a sense of urgency to act immediately.

4 –

, an antidote against the disease

beauty is a literary youth or queen? Is to see the delicacy is shining eyes or the love of gold and silver jewelry handicrafts? You know only through talking to their favor. Similarly, bulk mail, we need to customer segmentation, according to the different customer groups interested in purchasing power, and other factors to adjust the content, to post an antidote against the disease "to" disease "in addition, a.

5 desalination >

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